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OK.  We all know about Pinterest and most of us are addicted.  Or at the very least, have lost some time by perusing the site. It’s fun, and its awesome to see all of these wonderful, beautiful ideas….

that others can bring to fruition.


You see,


I’ve tried a lot of things from Pinterest.  I have.  I’ve been so excited, and then….

my results are not exactly…um…



let’s just say it like it is.




I can’t be the only one, can I?

The super cute soap dispensers, filled with neatly suspended legos?  Yea.  Notsomuch.  My legos sank down, the soap was murky, and my kids were all “Moooooooooooooooommmy why did you put my favorite lego blocks in the soap?”

Or the “melt in your mouth chicken” that had been repinned a bajillion times.  I followed that recipe to at “t” and yet… there was no one in my house that wanted to keep that chicken in our mouth.

The super cute wreath that I spent a few hours painstakingly cutting the old nursery curtains into strips for, so it would adorn the front door so adorably?!
Well, it IS hanging on the door.  It does adorn the door.  But adorable?  I don’t think so.  More like “at least you tried”

I love Pinterest, and I love what it offers.  But I have to be the one to say this. I have to admit my shortcomings.  Apparently, Pinterest is one.


In all seriousness, I’ve had GREAT successes with Pinterest, too.  But when I fail, I FAIL.  I guess I just don’t like to be half-failing.


But now I want to know- what do YOU fail at?

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  • Okay I got a good chuckle out of this post... and now I want to see a photo of that wreath! I don't recall anything un-adorable last time I stopped by! :) I mostly DON'T try the stuff I find on Pinterest... but now that you wrote this, I'll have to think back and see! LOL... funny post!!
  • failure pins! yes, great idea!! I never tried making anything I found on pinterest, but I've tried other things/recipes/tutorials I've found on google and have never been successful. Well, I make a decent no-sew tutu, lol.
  • I can not make desserts or cake from scratch! The cake or cinnamon rolls always turns out lumpy and dry! I am going to just stick with store bought items from now on!
  • I had a few successes with decorating tips and homemade Eco friendly household cleaners. I was going to attempt making the ribbon wreath for my daughter's bedroom door but now I won't get my hopes up that it will come out just as nicely.
  • Oh no! This was on my list of pins to try too. I'm so bummed it didn't work! I wonder if it has to do with the kind of soap you use. Some are definitely thinker than others. I have had quite a few Pinterest failures, but they just make the success stories that much sweeter. I actually complete a pin a day on my 366 Days of Pinterest blog so I have had plenty of failures! The DIY Tub Crayons were probably my most upsetting. I was pretty pumped about those and they didn't work at all.
  • "whispering" The secret is that you DON"T try the things you pinned!! As long as they stay there on Pinterest, they are perfect! You silly girl you!
  • Lol, this post made me laugh. Thank you for the reality check. The hidden side of pinterest: most people don't have the time or resources or talent to duplicate the knitted hat, wreath, or amazing DIY purse. Also, remember that a good camera/lens, the right lighting, & a little Photoshop skill can make even the lamest craft look amazing. I still like pinterest, but it will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the next few years as people realize what you have--lot a great ideas, but not always realistic to duplicate & you can end up wasting a lot of time on it.
    • totally agree with you janae! we'll see how it plays out. i'm glad i came "out"
  • Hey, at least you tried! I don't have the energy half the time ;). And I've found a lot of the recipes on there are rather blah ... sadly. But at least it's better than mac and cheese again, right?
    • LOL i'm glad i'm not alone. although i did find great recipes for mac n cheese already...
  • I failed at these mozzarella balls, she made it seem so easy but I was not the only one with the problem lol apparently quite a few people had the same issues. They were suppose to be mozz sticks cut into pcs and then dipped in milk,bread crumbs and baked - they looked amazing. I followed and mine turned to puddles, and the breadcrumbs were raw. Apparently she used fat free cheese which plays a part I guess, and a different kind of oven. idk... I am frying mine next time lol
    • LOL! I saw that recipe too. had wanted to try. hmm.
  • Oh no! I have had my eye on this pin as well and was going to give it a try. I wonder if certain types of soap work better than others. I have had quite a few Pinterest failures as well and it's always so disappointing. They only make the success stories that much sweeter though. :)
  • You know that woman/man could of shaken the bottle then had a still set camera to take that pic so it looked like it was suspended inside. You can never beleave everything you see. I know I'm off topic never tried Pinterest.
    • Ann, its a fun site, its addictive but has great ideas. or great photos of great ideas. i should start a pin board of my failures.

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