Polly Pocket Zipline Adventure Pool to the rescue!

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steri strips on chin

It’s summer, it’s hot, my kids want to swim all day long.  We have a pool here at the house and we’re doing 6 weeks of lessons this year.  For my littlest one, this all came to a screeching halt on Wednesday night- she slipped in the shower and split her chin open on the tub.  She’s healing nicely and will have a thin scar under her chin, but we’re ok with that, really just relieved she didn’t do permanent damage to her jaw, teeth or cheeks (she cut the insides of her mouth up a lot as well).  What ISN’T going well is the “no swimming for 5 days” thing.  My little one adores the water.  She wants to be in it and she’s not really understanding that no swimming for 5 days really means NO swimming for 5 days.

Polly Pocket Zipline Adventure Pool has saved the day, my friends.  My little one  may not be able to swim but a fun new toy with tiny dolls and animal friends that also includes can include water? SCORE.   Polly, a puppy and a monkey can all take turns on the zipline, hanging in the hammock, sliding down the slide into the pool…and more.  Water play with dolls in a pool is a little less upsetting than no swimming at all for my girl, and I’m so thankful for this Zipline Adventure Pool set!

polly pocket zipline adventure pool

Why do we love Polly Pocket toys? They are tiny, they are fun, and several of the sets have little suction cups on the pieces so that  they stay in place.  They are small enough to easily pack for  a trip but big enough that 2-3 kids can play together and not be on top of one another. My kids love having the toys at their level, especially since they don’t seem to be where the cat can get ONTO them and knock them over like she does with everything else in the house.  I like that when we want to move the set or take it down to bring someplace , there won’t be damage to the wall or paint.  Parent friendly, house friendly, and kid friendly for sure! My kids love dramatic play and spend hours creating elaborate stories to act out with one another- often times, the Transformers guys come for lunch at Polly Pockets, and vice versa.  We’re equal opportunity toy players here. 🙂

Not only are these toys fun and make for great gifts, they are also on SALE right now on Amazon- and you can shop right here, without even leaving this page, to grab them from Amazon! 
Polly Pocket Zip ‘N Splash Playset:
Previously: $17.99
Now: $15.95
Polly Pocket Wall Party Tree House Playset:
Previously: $19.99
Now: $11.99
Polly Pocket Wall Party Ultimate All-in-One Playset:
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Now: $47.99

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  • So glad that your little girl is doing better! How scary. Seems like Summer time is the hardest time for these kinds of accidents. I love Polly Pockets and excited for my girl to get a little older to play with them. This looks so cute! I'm sure she is loving it while passing the time.
  • Oh my. I'm glad your little girl is on the mend. It's great to have a fun playset like this when you can't go outside to play.
  • Hope she heals fast! I did the same thing when I was two. Except I was trying to tight rope walk across the side of the bathtub. lol
  • Awwww, poor little thing. I'm glad she's all stitched up and on the mend now though. She'll be back to the water before we know it, and like you said, she's happily distracted with this fun Polly Pocket toy in the meantime.
  • Oh boy, that must have hurt! Glad to see she is feeling better! Now that is the coolest toy set ever! Speaking of ziplining.. I am trying to brave it up to next week! I might end up just playing with Polly Pocket instead and live vicariously through this set instead! Lol!
    • That's my kind of ziplining!
  • Poor thing. I hope she heals fast so she can get into that pool. My daughter used to LOVE Polly Pocket and my niece now wants everything Polly!
  • I am glad that she is healing well. Sorry that she has to wait so long to go swimming. With my 3 year old, I know that *not* swimming when it is hot out is torture. We have to take bribes to the swimming pool with us to get him to leave. If we just try to say "time to go", he'll throw a tantrum. However, if you offer Skittles, it's all good. I'm glad that she had Polly Pocket to play in the meantime!
  • Sorry about your little one! Hope she feels better. At least she has something fun to keep her occupied.
  • Hoping for a speedy recovery and I'm sure Polly Pocket will help her pass time. We love Polly Pocket in our home, too..
  • Brett - All the best to your daughter on her recovery! Those showers/baths with moving kids are scary. I am so glad that she found a toy to make the time pass by a little faster! And...thank you for letting me know about this toy (and the sale!) - it looks like the perfect gift for my niece! Dana
    • Thanks Dana! She's a trooper. She's been a tough cookie all week, with both ER visits. I'm just glad she's finally on the mend and not going back and forth to doctors! AND She's been loving a new toy to play with...what kid doesn't?

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