Post Vacation Meal Ideas

It’s summertime and vacation season is here! Whether you’re just getting ready for a vacation, just returning, or planning one a few months out, you know that feeling of returning home and not wanting to plan dinner. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you need to have an idea for when you get home.


With that being said, there are lots of easy post-vacation dinner ideas on this list that will help if you’re stuck in a rut after returning home from vacation. From chicken to pasta to tacos, this list is sure to give you plenty of ideas to whip something up in just a few minutes to satisfy the whole family!

Post Vacation Meal Ideas



Frozen Pizza and veggies.



We always choose fresh when possible but when you are coming home from a vacation and don’t have much in the fridge- steam some frozen broccoli, green beans, vegetable medley, carrots, peas, etc. and round out your meal that way.  You’ll have the entire meal on the table in about 20 minutes start to finish when doing all frozen foods.  If you have any salad fixings, that’s our go-to for pizza meals.




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Burgers, hot dogs, on the grill.


When I buy burger meat, I pre-make my patties and separate them with parchment paper.  That way, I can grab enough for a meal and go, and we always have some on hand for just-in-case.


Just because it’s a burger and hot dog night doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  If you are making your own burgers, mix in some seasonings and add a topping tray to your table.  I’ve been all about gorgonzola on my burgers this summer, with iceburg lettuce as my ‘buns’ and I love it.


If you buy premade burgers- maybe grab some different varieties to have on hand. I’ve found some great bufffalo blue cheese chicken burgers, and some divine black bean and salsa flavored veggie burgers that are just as easy and fast as “traditional” burgers, but change things up a bit. I’ve actually grown to love black bean burgers since my daughter stopped eating meat and often make that for myself in lieu of a regular burger, just for a change of pace.



vegan plantbased lentil taco recipe

Tacos are quick and easy. If you are at my house, and you mention the word tacos, you’ll hear “TACO TUESDAY” for the next hour or so, followed with giggles.  Tacos are a great way to please everyone, and you really can just toss the fillings and toppings into bowls on the table and everyone can make their own. One thing *I* like about tacos is that you can thaw the ground meat while you cook it- super easy to do.  We also use black beans frequently in place of the meat.  It’s a pretty safe meal that most of us enjoy- and takes little time to prep.


We like to get the blue corn taco shells when we see them- with tomatoes and or salsa plus cheese, we call them our red, white and blue tacos. Ending vacation can seem like the end of the fun, especially to kids, so why not have a little fun with the first few days home?

Breakfast for dinner!

sausage quiche with hash brown crust

Almost always a favorite (around here at least), you can do eggs, pancakes, waffles- quiche, omelets… it’s a quick and easy way to get the family fed.


We’ve done sausage stuffed pancakes many times- makes for a fun meal that has enough bulk to it.  Add lots of fruits on the side!

french toast sausage pan

I think my favorite thing to do for breakfast for dinner is plain old eggs and hashbrowns.  I don’t like how LONG it takes to make hashbrowns, so we grab our waffle maker and make the hashbrowns while we cook the eggs.  Sometimes I’m a scrambled girl, others? I’m an over-hard and then cook them for another few minutes girl.


Breakfast sandwiches are another idea for a post vacation meal.  Use what you have- bagel, English muffin, bread, even a pancake.


What are your post vacation meal ideas?


This post is part of a sponsored Ambassadorship with Ristorante.  Opinions are my own.



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  • How creative! The burger looks great, what a great way to change things up!
  • I love that your suggestions here are quick and easy. When school starts back (especially the first few weeks), I am shattered. I don't have the energy to do much except lounge on my bed watching movies.
  • There's really nothing worse than coming home tired from a wonderful vacation and having to cook! Especially when you are spoiled on vacation with someone else doing the cooking! These are perfect suggestions !
  • I never thought of freezing and seperating patties with parchment paper. How did I not think of that?! Lol That would make things so much easier.
  • We love breakfast for dinner! Add bacon, everyone is happy!
  • I like fruits and veggies. Do smoothies also
  • We tend to go for pizza after a vacation, or Chinese food take out. Something really easy, great ideas.
  • Ha! We always seem to end up getting takeout after vacation. Then the next day, I'll go out for fresh groceries and start making real meals again.
  • These are great post-vacation meal ideas! That pizza looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  • My post vacation meal is veggies and fruits! I need the fiber and healthy stuff I dont eat on vacation!
  • IM totally not a fan of cooking after vacation. I need a vacation from my vacation when I get home lol

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