Sunscreen: Is it too late to help me?

Confession time: I used to worship the sun.  I mean, I was serious.  It wasn’t sunscreen, it was suntan lotion.  The darker, the oilier, the better, and I meant business.  I can remember distinctly one April vacation in New Hampshire laying out on the TOP of our solarium with Crisco slathered all over me- with a few friends- just to get my base tan started.  Yes, Crisco.  If that’s not bad enough- there were dozens of times I made a batch of baby oil with iodine to maximize my bronze-ness.  Oh yea.  No hats, no sleeves, no SPF.  SPF was my ENEMY.  I LOVED THE SUN.

Except suddenly,  I started getting older.  And seeing the effects of the sun on my mom, and my gram.  Suddenly, the tan thing didn’t seem AS fabulous.  Sunscreen didn’t look like so much of an enemy, although I refused to use above an SPF 15. 


Now, of course, I use SPF 30 or higher- on me, the kids, and my husband uses it too.  I wonder if the past 5 years of using sunscreen will help at all to undo the damage I did when I was younger?  I guess it’s too soon to tell.  But better late than never, I supposed.  I do try to stay covered up and not be in the sun during prime hours- where before I used to be SURE to be out from 10-2 daily! was founded by Westlake Dermatology out of Austin, TX, that helps patients with anything from mole removal to liposuction.

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  • Make sure you check your sunscreen on EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database before you put it on your skin. Most commercial sunscreen will damage your skin even more. My motto: big sun hat, sunglasses, and staying in the shade!

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