Supernatural Season Six Surprises

Dean suprises Sam early in on during Supernatural Season Six with a sudden paternal side that emerges when the two brothers investigate a case of missing babies.

I think Sam was surprised- and really impressed by Dean’s paternal side- and I think that was the beginning of an entirely new side of Dean that we see- and perhaps, some new traits evolving from Sam as well.  It’s always fun to find out what our loved ones have for skills and talents that we don’t know about until something happens to bring those talents to the surface- sometimes in a funny way and sometimes in a heroic way!  I think we all have hidden talents and skills that we maybe don’t showcase or maybe don’t even realize ourselves quite yet that we have (as I think Dean did).

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  • My husband and I LOVE supernatural! Its about the only thing we actually make sure we do together!! but with 3 kids and one on the way our money normally can't go to the DVD collections but we'd sure love them!Does Warner Brothers ever do giveaways or anything like that???
    • I don't know, Samantha- I'm not fully sure- I know sometimes they do have giveaways but not since I've been on board. Watch for deals on Amazon is the best I can guess for now?!
  • I've never heard of this show. I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

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