The Children’s Place has GREAT Costumes Available

I’ve got a deep love for The Children’s Place.  Great quality clothing, affordable pricing, so the adults are happy, in comfortable styles and colors that the kids are glad to wear.  This even extends, at this time of year, to Halloween Costumes (although if your kids are like mine, they’ll enjoy costumes all year round and not just Halloween).  This year, both my girls are obsessed with fairies and everything about them.  When I got to see the fairy costume from The Children’s Place, I knew I’d have a hard time not getting it for both girls.

the childrens place halloween costume

The tulle colors on this costume are great.  Not “just” pink and purple- and not just pastels.  Perfect for appealing to both the littler girls, and the bigger girls alike.

the childrens place  fairy costume

We really like how this costume is more a dress with tulle accents- it makes it easier to wear and move around in.  Plus the layers of the tulle make for a very twirly costume.  This is a necessity in my house, of course!

Shapeshifter Yoga

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Of course, once this costume is on, it’s going to be hard to get your child to take it off….

the childrens place fairy costume twirl

I have a feeling these fairy costumes are going to be, as so many other costumes in our house, loved to pieces.  My son’s on his third Spiderman costume – he’s worn two in the past year until they literally just kind of disintegrated.  I’m ok with spending money like this on costumes because I know my kids will wear them for a long long time! I also have a feeling my girls will be wearing these fairy dresses at Disney World when we go this winter!

These costumes are priced at $34.95, and come with the wings shown.  The wings are made with a generous amount of elastic that’s covered with a coordinating fabric so the wings are the perfect complement to the dress itself.

I’m seeing that these dresses are sold out online so if you see them in your local store, GRAB THEM.  There are still several other costumes still available like the Dinosaur, the Princess, the Skeleton (cute not scary), the Sunflower and the Peapod.  They are also on sale!

What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year? 

Thanks to The Children’s Place for the costumes!  Opinions are my own of course!

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