ToysRUs grants wishes early: Sponsored Video #WishinAccomplished

I am Christmas crazy. I won’t lie. I love it all.  Decorations, shopping, wrapping, carols, the spirit of giving, goodwill, smiles from strangers, well wishes…the holiday cards.  I do.  It’s genetic- my mom was Christmas crazy, and my grama before her. While I love the excitement of everything the holidays bring, I always have been aware of those who are less fortunate than I- my parents instilled that awareness in us from a very young age and we’ve worked hard to instill the awareness in our own kids- along with a desire to help others, especially at the holidays. We bake for others, we buy toys and things to donate, and we have a bake sale at Church for the Sunday School kids to raise money for a charity the kids vote on.  We keep the kids actively involved in the decisions and purchasing as well as the giving during the holidays so they can learn and see for themselves.  I think it’s one of the best gifts I can give them- to be compassionate and give to others.

So when I see that big companies are doing something to give back to others  and grants wishes– well, it warms my heart, and I want to share.  When I heard about this little surprise ToysRUs had for a bus load of kids- who thought they were going on a field trip about leaves and trees… I readily agreed to share it with you all.  This post is sponsored by Toys ‘R’ Us. It’s sweet, and it’s cute, and the kids’ reactions are just awesome.  It totally put me in the Christmas spirit- and yes, I did get some holiday music out to listen to.

toysrus surprise

Photo Credit: ToysRUs (screenshot from below video)


Please take just a few moments of time and watch this short- and sweet- video.  Chances are, it’ll warm your heart the way it did mine!

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