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I used to have one of the “traditional” cell phone plans with a major service provider.  I was delighted when we signed on with my husband’s 15% employee discount available to us.  What did I get for that?  Well, I got unlimited night and weekend calling, and voice mail. 250 minutes to use otherwise before I had extra charges incurred. No texting.  No data. The discount covered taxes and that’s about it.  Being a blogger, I really needed a phone to be able to get online so that I could use social media when I was at events or doing campaigns for clients.  That’s hard to do without data. We didn’t have the money to pay for a plan with data from any traditional cell phone plans and needed other options.

That’s when my friend Leandrea told me about Straight Talk.  Once I grasped what she was saying, and to be honest, she had to repeat herself a few times, I was sold. I had always (wrongfully) assumed that no-contract phones were for people who had no credit or less than stellar credit.

So why ditch other cell phone plans for Straight Talk? For me it was a no brainer.  I could get the same popular smartphones with the same coverage for a huge discounted price.  With no commitment, except when I chose to commit to.  (I pay 12 months at a time, because it offers an extra savings by doing that, so it drops the price a bit lower even).

Unlimited Cell Phone Plans: Straight Talk

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Same nationwide coverage as on America’s largest and most dependable networks

This was HUGE for me. We live in an area that has dead spots (and they have decreased since we moved here 9 years ago but there are 2 spots remaining in town that no providers have service.)  They are small but they are there.  I wanted to be certain that my phone would work anywhere I need it to since I’m the primary caregiver, being home full time, and need to be reached at any time.

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Get up to 8x more high speed data than other $45 no-contract plans

With the $45 30-day plan you get Unlimited* nationwide talk, text and data (high speed data for the first 2.5 GB of data use)
• Easily check your balance and service end date at http://bit.ly/R3DoyT
Straight Talk is available exclusively at Walmart, Walmart.com and StraightTalk.com

You can even BYOP (Bring your own phone)

With Straight Talk, you can use almost ANY phone.  You can purchase one of the many Straight Talk ready smartphones or Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) to Straight Talk. I’ve had an iPhone of one kind or another for 2 years on this plan, and couldn’t be happier about the service. I honestly don’t remember what I had before my iPhones- I’ve had an iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and currently, a hot pink iPhone 5c.

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Switching to Straight Talk Wireless is so simple

This is even easier than before. Got a smartphone and don’t want to pay the rates of other cell phone plans? Simply bring your phone and buy a new SIM or network activation code (on CDMA) to get started with unlimited talk, text and data for $45 a month.

Half the Cost

This is the big one for me.  Straight Talk is half the cost.  $45 a month for Unlimited talk, text and data.  You aren’t bound to a contract, no termination fees, nothing.  Just service and pretty much any phone you want to use.

I don’t know what you pay for cellular service in your house. I can tell you that most people I’ve talked to seem to pay $90 or more for their plans for just one person and have not spoken with anyone who pays less than $160 for 2 people in a house.  That may be regional, but I talk with a lot of people about their cell phone service. I like to spend smart.  I don’t want to pay $90 or $100 for service when I can get the equivalent for half of that.  I’d rather use that other $45 a month to have some fun, go on a date with my husband, pay down our mortgage principal- but not give it to a huge company!

The hardest part for me has been deciding WHICH phone I’d like to use.  I can’t wait to see what’s coming next for Straight Talk.

So I have a question for you- what kind of cell phone plan do you use?  Have you considered switching to an unlimited cell phone plan like Straight Talk?



This is a partnered post as part of my participation in the Straight Talk Testers program.  Opinions are my own. 

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • I have heard alot of great things about Straight Talk. Great info to know!
  • We almost switched to SmartTalk when we moved to Idaho. We didn't want to deal with a contract phone company like we had back in Kansas. It was a nightmare. Horrible service; always dropping calls and was almost $100 for LIMITED talk and text for the husband and me. We didn't go through with it simply because the husband's dad's work gives them a HUGE MONGO HUGE discount on cell phone service for the entire family; so we got on with his account. But if we didn't have that option; we'd be with Straight talk for certain. It's the most affordable plan outside of his dad's discounted plan that they offer in our area. 
  • We have been considering this type of thing for a while. Seems to be a better deal.
  • This is a great deal for families. As my younger ones get older we may have to switch to the straight talk plans
  • I'm pretty happy with the service I'm using so I don't see myself switching. However, if I do this sounds like the way to go.

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