UPS My Choice- My newest addiction

Oh, do I have a fun new FREE service for you guys.  UPS My Choice- my friend Heather introduced me and I am hooked.  Not only can you track packages you know are coming your way- but you get an email when someone sends you a package through UPS!!  This is a huge tool for bloggers to have but for online shopping afficionados or anyone who just likes to keep track of things, this is a fantastic service.  I love it.  Plus, I can just log in on my account and see what is scheduled to ship, what’s in transit, where it is, and what’s due to be delivered (in 4 hour time windows!!) and when it is delivered.  LOVE.
If you do sign up, let me know what you think!  I hope they make an app for this soon!!

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  • I signed up a while ago it is pretty handy.
  • Yep, love being able to track those packages, another way to get a little of the stress out of your life.
  • this is a good thing to use!:) Thanks for sharing!

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