We went to Barbie Princess (and Prince) Charm School- and loved it!

In celebration of the new Barbie Charm School movie on DVD (which is apparently something THIS mama has to purchase, I’ve been told), we had a little party here at the house to celebrate.  Our date got changed a few times courtesy of Tropical Storm Irene, so there weren’t as many kids here, but we had a wonderful party!  Enjoying time with Blair, Delancey and Hadley made the Charm School much more fun!

Every did a great job with the may I, please, thank you and using their napkins from their laps!  The children were gracious and delighted to attend the party in fancy clothes, they adored the fancy sandwiches and snacks, and the girls who brought a door prize home were over the moon to have such a gorgeous new Barbie friend!  This was kind of a fun excuse to celebrate being back at school, and being back with electricity since many people in our area were out for a week or more from Irene.  

One of my favorite parts of our party kit was the placemats.  We’re still using ours now- the kids LOVE being able to see where each piece of flatware is supposed to go, and they’ve made a game of being the most polite at dinner.  (Mind you, once the meal ends, they are back to normal, lest you think I’m telling you my children have turned perfect…).  They have made setting the table for dinner into a really fun game for all three of my kids, and they even want to set the table for breakfast and lunch now!    The Barbie Charm School site has all kinds of wonderful downloads, printables, activities, games and charm school suggestions for you to have your OWN charm school party, or you can just use for fun anytime!!

I have to say I did make this a Barbie Princess and Prince Charm School party, since I do have a 4 year old son- he LOVED his prince crown, and a quick word or 2 with a sharpie marker turned his princess placemant into a prince one.  Its nice to let all of the kids participate.

This Barbie Charm School Tea Party was sponsored by One2One Network

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  • Nice to hear we aren't the only ones still teaching table manners these days!

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