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Are you on a weight loss journey? How are you doing?

At long last, here are my 2 friends from Nutrisystem- Pound (#10 lb bear) and Commitment (#20 lb bear) – with a nice big water bottle that is never far from reach – unless its being washed, and then I have another one close by.  Pound and Commitment are ready for a new friend and I need to get back on track and stay focused with my goals!! 
Last week, I just realized, my post stayed stuck in draft mode and never went live.  It wasn’t pretty. I gained 2 lbs.  So this week that meant I had to work really hard not to just get back on track but to get those gained pounds OFF of me!! 
I wasn’t perfect- had some stuff going on and as usual- when I get upset or unhappy I turn to junky foods.  Although in typing this, I’m realizing that obviously I didn’t turn quite so much to junk as I’d thought, because when I stepped on the scale this morning, 

I was DOWN 2.4 from last week.  Which means I’ve lost 25.7 lbs total.  I have a long way to go, but I FEEL like I’m healthier and setting this example for my kids will hopefully make an impression on them.   

I’m kind of excited- maybe silly to you- but there’s a new breakfast item coming soon for Nutrisystem- Southern Style Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy! They have also added Butterscotch Pudding in the snacks section- yum! 

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  • You are doing amazing! I am so proud of u!
  • Good for you!!! I'm doing NSNation, too...only in Week 3, but I'm happy, all the way around! Congrats and good luck!!!

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