Whole Foods Market The Season of Giving

I love to shop at Whole Foods so when an opportunity came up to attend a holiday blogger event at my local Whole Foods Market, I jumped on it.  There is something about shopping at WFM that makes me forget it is a chore.  I love the prepared foods, the samples and the friendly staff.   Anyways, back to the event.   I did not know what to expect but I was greeted by some familiar faces and tables of food to sample.  They had desserts, cheeses, meats, stuffed mushrooms and a couple of vegan choices.  I also was able to meet some local bloggers and other friends of Whole Foods.


So, as I sampled delicious foods and checked out so many great gift ideas I asked what was expected of the bloggers after the event.  I was told that they expected nothing, not a post or shout out.  The event was set up to get local blogger to meet.  That is a pretty cool idea.

I spent most of my evening talking to a couple that runs a local homeless shelter.  They had so many wonderful things to say about the generosity of Whole Foods Market.  They provide the shelter with all sorts of foods including fresh fruit and items that some of their clients have never been exposed to such as star fruit.  It is so good to know that a store that I am loyal to is aware of the community needs and steps up to make people’s lives better.

Another great thing about Whole Foods Market is you can order your entire holiday meal from them.  Just click HERE and find the store nearest you and start shopping.  This will be handy for me this year because hosting Christmas has been sprung on me very  last minute.  Whole Foods  will have you covered with everything from mix and match appetizers and soups to complete ham dinner packages.  Order your mashed potatoes or black forest cake and pick them up in store.  Anything I have ever sampled from Whole Foods has been delicious.


So Check them out online or head over to you local Whole Foods Market.  If you have any questions

ask their knowledgeable staff and don’t forget to pick up a box of their tasty truffles!


About the author: I am a plant-based mom, wife, educator and blogger.

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  • We go to Whole Foods sometimes; most of their selections are too pricey for us. Sounds like you had a great time; I love tasting samples too.

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