Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad Review and Giveaway Ends 6/7/11

Have you heard about the Plush Pad from Ah Goo Baby?  They have been featured on the Today Show and in several magazines.  The brand has won several awards for their innovative product.  This is a changing pad with a twist.  It has a 5/8″ thick memory foam center and beautiful fabric covering on the outside.  The memory foam piece where the baby lays is covered by an ultra soft minkee fabric which is super cozy against baby’s skin.  Because the pad rolls up, it can be used for travel, on the go or at home.  I use mine almost exclusively at home.  It now has a permanent home in my diaper changing area.  When I’m not in the nursery,  I usually change diapers on the floor or on the couch with a blanket underneath.  However, I usually find that a blanket can be too bulky and the size is just too large.  I now use the Plush Pad for quick and easy changes on the floor and I love it!   The memory foam is soft and comfortable, my baby loves it and it’s just the right size at about 2 feet square.  Plus, it just looks cute!  I can see how this pad would also work nicely for tummy time or baby classes.

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Kidlandia Kid Maps (Giveaway)

Since we’re redoing the kids’ bedrooms, I’m finding that I need to do find new decor items for their room for the walls, not just bedding and fun paint colors.  I turned to Kidlandia to let my little guy choose something special for his room- he was feeling really sad that he was moving into his own room, and out of his big sister’s bedroom, so I wanted to give him something special just for him. Kidlandia makes custom, personalized, whimsical maps for children.

What he chose, and what we ordered and LOVE, is the Radiator Springs Canvas Scroll.  Oh, how cute it is!  You can personalize it not just with your child’s name (there are other design options to choose from) but also your family surname, sibling names, friend names- so you can do a few personalized things or a LOT of them.  [click to continue…]

Wanna Win Something? Giveaway Linky!!

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Tassimo T20 Brewpot

Sidral Mundet: Apple-Flavored Soda


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Good Friends Just Click

Let’s be friends, link, click, and connect! No rules! Now just follow as many as you can on the link below and become friends- because you know, blog friends are some of the best friends you can have in life -just ask us! Leaving comments is a plus on your way to new friendships. Stumbles, Tweets, and FB Likes are a great way to show love too! [click to continue…]

BIG Savings on Strider Bikes

Strider Sports PREbike

Comes in Blue, Red and Pink

$79.00 PLUS  Free Shipping PLUS get $10 off coupon good for next purchase over $50!!

If your toddler can walk, your toddler can ride a Strider Sports PREbike. The Strider Sports PREbike teaches your child balance and coordination, developing glittering confidence. Trikes and bikes with training wheels simply can’t do this. Traditional bicycles place too much focus on learning to pedal – skimping on developing your child’s motor skills. And traditional bikes are heavy, clunky and difficult for toddlers to control. The Strider Sports PREbikeTM is the natural progression from a ride-on or push toy. Yes, bike riding becomes a easy and fun when you teach your child balance and coordination before pedaling. With NO pedals and NO training wheels, your toddler powers the Strider Sports PREbikeTM using their feet safely on the ground; allowing them to learn to balance a bike at their own pace. So ditch the tricycle and training wheels, and teach your child to ride a bike sooner and safer with a Strider Sports PREbike.

I didn’t have a balance bike before quite recently.  I wish I had gotten one sooner.  Busy has been on a bike with training wheels for 3.5 years.  Less than 2 hours on a balance bike like this and she ditched the training wheels.  Crazy, but amazing.  They are awesome- and my little guy who can’t quite pedal a bike but desperately wants big kid stuff- he feels so very COOL on his bike- with or without the pedals! 

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National Milk Mustache got milk? campaign

 By using The National Milk Mustache got milk? campaign’s new interactive section on their Facebook page – you can  create your very own milk mustache picture, watch the video about Moms, and send an e-postcard to someone you love.  You can see my Baby B <— with her Milk Mustache that I made on their wall!   (Feel free to share a link to your mustache photo you make, I love seeing other people’s pictures). Its a cute app and a fun campaign with got milk? with a very important message behind it.

I am very lucky in that all three of my children like to drink milk.  I have friends who are not so lucky and I know that at times they get very stressed out about it.  There are some foods I cannot imagine eating without milk- and what would we dunk oreos into?  Pour into cereal?

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Dollar General Match Ups

Here are a few highlights for this weeks Dollar General ad.To get the complete list of match-ups, check out Just Trying To Save Money.

Kraft BBQ Sauce $1 each
-$0.45/1 Kraft Barbecue Sauce, exp. 6-5-11 (SS 05/01/11)

=.55 each after coupon

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Kmart this week


Here are a few highlights for this weeks Kmart ad. To get the complete list of match-ups, check out Just Trying To Save Money.

Energizer MAX AA/AAA 8–10 Packs or Advanced Lithium AA/AAA 4-packs $5.99 each
-$1/1 Energizer Brand Batteries or Flashlight, exp. 6-15 (SS 05/01/11)

=$4.99 each after coupon

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Contact Us

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Here is a recap of who we contacted this week:


Blue Bunny

Borden Cheese



You can follow the contact us program daily or just check in on Sunday’s for the weekly recap!

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