Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket Review

What can I say about Aden and Anais Swaddlers, other than GORGEOUS. I fell in love with the design of these swaddle blankets when I saw them online, but when I actually received them in the mail, OH MY! My pregnant little heart went pitter patter. These swaddlers took my breath away, starting with the beautiful packaging. Just look at them! The fabrics are delicious and the patterns are modern and adorable. The swaddlers are sized extra large (47″x47″), much larger than the ones found at chain stores. As you can see, I was even able to swaddle my 2 year old (who thought this was great fun!). aden and anais swaddler blankets

I personally feel that there is no better secret to pass on to a new mother than the art of swaddling. My husband became a “baby burrito expert” with our first child. He just loves wrapping those little ones up nice and tight. Not only do babies LOVE begin swaddled, but I find that they are less fussy, sleep better and feel more secure. My baby’s are swaddled for at least a couple of months during the day, and much longer for night time. I always find that my babies outgrow the classic swaddler almost immediately. The standard swaddling blanket is really only intended to fit the newest of newborns. I have even been known to sew 2 blankets together to make a larger swaddler, but the dimensions are never quite right.

Weekly Weigh In #NSNATION

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Are you on a weight loss journey? How are you doing?

With Mother’s Day and my birthday just 2 days apart, I had a 1.4 lb gain last week (which honestly should have been more, I wasn’t really good about staying on program and it was sheer luck that kept that number from being higher)- we went out to eat twice and there was a Carvel ice cream cake…a weakness (ok really, what sweets aren’t a weakness????).  So I deserved to gain, and knew that this week would be better.

I also have a renewed motivation to stick with my program.  If you didn’t read earlier this week, I was invited to fly out to Los Angeles and attend the red carpet Hollywood premiere of Cars 2 in about 3 weeks- which means I have about 3 weeks to drop as much weight as possible.  Talk about renewed motivation- holy moly!!  I didn’t realize how “meh” I’d become about this until I realized just how excited I was to see how much I can lose before I board that plane to LA on June 15th.  So, we’ll see how I do. 

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Kissaluvs Antibacterial Wetbag (Giveaway- THREE winners!!)

Kissaluvs has some fun new products coming out and I”m one of the first to try them.  The first thing we’ll be sharing with you is the new antibacterial wetbags.   Regardless of if you use cloth diapers or not, wetbags are something I can’t imagine living without.  Anything damp, wet or just moist can go into a wetbag- not just diapers.  They just happen to be marvelous FOR diapers.  (I myself have used wetbags for bathing suits, soiled clothing, toiletries, and a makeup bag in addition to diapers!!)

The Kissaluvs wetbags come in 3 prints- bold, bright and fun.  They sent me Spring Circles and I love the look!! These are definitely smaller than most wetbags I’ve had- or have- but I’m ok wtih that- my littlest one is 21 months old and we’re not needing as many diapers on outings, and she’s begun to use the potty anyway so its likely we’ll be bringing trainers and/or underwear for her sooner than later, which take up  less space than diapers.  These are a compact 10×13 size bag with a zipper closure (which is key, in my experience, with any wetbag!!).

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Kids Frugal Fun- Bird Feeders

Thanks to Momondealz for bringing this post to us!
Each week I bring you a fun, educational, and frugal craft that you can complete with your child. Since warmer weather is finally here and bird families are everywhere, I thought this would perfect. Will loves seeing birds at our hummingbird feeder and now hopefully we can attract more varities!
Large piece of Cardboard
Peanut Butter
Bird Seed or Sunflower Seeds
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Online shopping with Bing #CleverShopping


 Thank you to BING for sponsoring my writing today. To learn more about BING Shopping Rewards, click here. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

I love shopping.  Obviously, or I’d probably not have a blog with “bargains” in the name, right?  Going shoppnig in person isn’t always easy for me- three kids ages 5 and under doesn’t make for a calm, soothing, nor relaxing shopping experience much of the time.  Shopping online allows me to browse when I’ve got the time, and I can always come back to it- but I can also take time to find what I want at the best price, which is something you really cannot always do in stores.

Navigating the internet to find the best deal isn’t always the quickest way to shop, and there are so many different deal sites and coupon sites that it can be kind of overwhelming (which I guess can be an argument to shop in brick and mortar stores!?).  I don’t mind.  I find it a challenge, a game.

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Exederm Review

If you’ve ever had a child that suffers from eczema, dermatitis or sensitive skin then you know the importance of good bath and body products.  I have found that this is no easy feat.  We have been through countless bottles of “sensitive” and “gentle”  baby cleansers, but most of them are still too drying and can aggravate rough dry patches of skin.

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Scruble Cube

You already know how much I love  word games.  I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to play with me so we can do all of these games together!  A new game I got to try is Scruble Cube– its kind of Scrabble meets the Rubik’s Cube, and its a pretty neat concept.

The makers of this game promise that if you can spell ‘cat’ you can play.  I think this is true for those who are older than 5 who can spell cat- my 5 year old has tried to play but gets a bit overwhelmed with all of the letters going in different directions (mind you, the packaging clearly says 8+ and I agree with that age recommendation) but she wanted to play so we tried.  I like that you can play with or without someone else (which for me usually means without, because as I’ve told you before, my husband won’t do word games with me…)

Another thing I like love about this game is that there are almost limitless word combinations- so it’ll never be the same twice, and never get boring (well, I guess if you don’t like word games you could get bored, but if you don’t like word games, I’ll guess you aren’t going to read about them and won’t be reading this anyway!!).  The small size of this cube makes this a very easy to transport game that you can take just about anywhere- and without losing valuable space in a bag or carryon.

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Eating at restaurants with young children

Do you know that when we go out to eat, we almost always bring our three kids?  Yes, we do.  I think it is important to bring them to places and get them used to what is expected in certain establishments, and setting some expectations. 

I’m not saying I expect them to be prim and proper and full of perfect manners- I’m just saying that I do my best to set the “table” for success.  So far, I think it’s working- I’ve had people comment on more than one occasion how well behaved our children were at the table.  Makes me all proud.  (And no, they are NOT always perfect, far from it!!)

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Free cup of coffee at Waffle House

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Looking for more ways to save? Check out these other great printable coupons!

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Rainbow Rice (Tutorial)

Are you looking for a super fun, quick and easy craft to do with your kids this summer?  I ran across this idea on Homemade Serenity.  Since the weather is getting nice and we are able to move our craft projects outdoors, I thought I would get brave and try out something with liquid watercolors.  This Rainbow Rice  coloring activity was right up my alley.  Not only is it quick enough to keep the attention of my 2 year and 5 year old, but they will be able to play with it later in a sand table or large tupperware container.

rainbow rice watercolors

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