Gnomeo & Juliet BluRay/DVD Combo Pack Giveaway

If you haven’t yet heard of Gnomeo & Juliet, the humorous twist on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of Romeo & Juliet, well, I’m not sure where you’ve been!!  It is such a cute, funny movie and has, in my opinion, succeeded in updating a timeless tale for the modern day- not that anything could replace the original.  Even Mr. S. himself has a cameo (one of my favorite parts of this film) and you don’t want to miss it!!

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FiberChoice® is encouraging ‘Choices for Better Health’

I’ve shared with you before how important fiber is in our diets- having learned this the hard way, I think its important to talk about and educate ourselves on not so fun topics like having enough fiber for our diets.   I think that many of us cringe when we hear “fiber” because we think of the nasty, gritty stuff our grandparents used to try to stir into water- but really, eating healthy foods and including foods in your daily meals that are naturally high in fiber are great ways to be sure to get enough fiber- and the supplements available to us in modern times are lightyears ahead of what was around when my poor grandparents were doing fiber supplements.  (The very thought of those canisters makes me shudder.  Oh, the textural nightmare!!)  Supplements today come in so many forms, and often have extra vitamins added in (like calcium- which is something I look for, because osteoperosis runs in my family) and they come in chewables, and powders that really do actually dissolve in water- and tolerable flavors.  Maybe not scrumptious flavors, but at least tolerable, and sometimes pretty good!!

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Bright Starts

As a seasoned mom I have learned a few tricks along the way. Whenever I run across a product, tip or trick that is going to make my life easier I make sure to file it away. I find that when my life is easier, everyone is happier and things just run smoother. Like the old saying, “if momma aint happy, aint nobody happy”. With a third baby on the way, all of which will be age 5 and under, I have no choice but to organize my life.

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Little Twig Review

I admit it.  I’m kind of addicted to baby bath products.  Not your run of the mill grocery store baby wash, but all natural super yummy smelling bath products.  There is just nothing more fun than bathing those little bodies and making them smell so sweet!  I have been dying to try Little Twig bath products ever since I was pregnant with my youngest 2 years ago.  Don’t ask me why I haven’t tried them before now.  They are fabulous.  I have to admit that I was first drawn in by the packaging.  I just love the cute little cartoon figures on the labels!

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Frugal Gardening

Thanks, Just Trying to Save Money for this great post!!! 

If you are looking for a way to save some money with out having the care of your own garden, you can always visit your local Farm. Visit PickYourOwn and search for a local farm in your area where you can tour their farm, pick your own flowers, veggies or fruit all for a very reasonable price! We live near Cincinnati and I found 3 that are within driving distance for us to visit and pick our own!

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Zoobies 3-in-1 plush pet giveaway

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my all time favorite books, and my kids love it just as much as I do.  We’ve gone through three copies of the board book edition of it in just under 6 years, and I’m guessing we’ll do at least one more before all is said and done.

Snuggling under blankets and reading books with my kids is one of my all time favorite activities- and the folks at Zoobies have found a way to combine two of my greatest loves into one adorable little package!  We received one of the Very Hungry Caterpillar Storytime Pals and I simply adore it.  Kids do, too!!

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Good Friends Just Click

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Lil’ Teammates Giveaway

We’re born and bred New England fans around here- Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Hartford Whalers (I guess reluctantly we’d do the Boston Bruins too since the beloved Whale left our state…) Boston Celtics- and, being from Connecticut, diehard UCONN Husky fans.  When I saw that Lil’ Teammates had these chunky little collectibles for our favorite teams, I was excited to check them out!

The collectibles are fun and while cute, definitely have the right stances, poses and expressions on their faces for their team, role or position!  There are even ref’s and umps!!  Aren’t they just so cute?  Great little toys with no  violence involved with moveable arms, legs and heads- the perfect size for little hands to grasp, tuck into pockets, keep in your bag for keeping your kids busy while waiting someplace! [click to continue…]