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Fun on the Farm
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My nephew would love the john deere earth mover action dvd.

February 19, 2011 6:10 AM

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>I’m not giving anything up for Lent.

>Someone asked recently what everyone in a group is giving up for Lent.  It got me to thinking, and my first thought was “no.  not Catholic.”  But-I read in our church newsletter this month about not giving something up for Lent but rather giving to others for Lent. Each week we are going to set aside a paper grocery bag, and put 1 item per family member into it. Sundays when we go to church we will bring the bag to donate to the local food pantry.

We aren’t Catholic so we’ve never really done giving things up for Lent, but the act of purposely and deliberately giving to others each and every week will hopefully become something meaningful to both our children and ourselves. The kids will be choosing what they donate, and this week they want to give soup and goldfish crackers, so someone can have some lunch.

What about you?  Are you giving something up for Lent, or for other reasons?  Do you have family traditions like this? 

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>Attention all Photoworks customers!! **Important**

>Sadly, Photoworks is closing. If you have photos stored with them, they will transfer your photos to Shutterfly for FREE AND give you a $30 credit to use at Shutterfly!!

Click here to start your transfer.

I only had a few gift items stored there so my transfer took just a few minutes- but I received my code within an hour of the transfer completing tonight. 

I’m bummed about Photoworks.  I’ve had some really cool things from them and they were always the greatest quality.  I like Shutterfly too but I’m always said when businesses close.

No More Jealousy

>No More Jealousy uploads/2011/03/blog-003.jpg”>
Each week I try to bring you a fun and frugal craft that can easily be done at home with your children.
St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner so how could I not dedicate this week’s craft to such a fun holiday?!
Pot of Gold Learning
empty butter container (or yogurt, sour cream,etc)
yellow construction paper
glitter and glue
black construction paper (or whatever color you would like your pot of gold to be)
1. Use the yellow construction paper to make circles that will be your “gold coins”. Ensure you make them big enough to write on.
2. Label the “coins” with your desired learning topic (there is a list of ideas below). I labeled mine with some of the 100 high frequency words, Will’s name, and sets of shapes.
3. Cut the black construction paper to fit around the container. Cover it with glue and sprinkle glitter all over it. Definitely have your child help with this-they will love it!
4. Glue the glitter covered paper around the butter container, put your “coins” inside, and you have a pot of gold! Allow your child to reach in and pull out their golden nuggets of learning!
Educational Ideas for your “coins”
-Word names for numbers (one, two, three, etc). Have your child identify them.
-Math symbols ($,+,-, etc). Have your child tell you what function they perform (add, subtract,etc).
-Pictures of objects found in the past and present times. Have your child tell you when they are from.
-Shapes and have your child identify them.
-Upper and lowecase alphabet letters.
-Rhyming words and have your child match them.
-Pictures of solids, liquids, and gases and have your child ID them.
-Pictures of coins or bills and have your child ID them.