DIY Energizing Citrus Hand & Body Scrub

diy energizing citrus hand and body scrub

I love a nice body scrub. What I don’t like are ingredients I can’t pronounce nor easily identify.  I do love some fresh scents- and citrus is one of the scents I love best.  It’s energizing, it’s refreshing, and not to “girly” for the men in my house.  We had a Mom’s Club playdate this week and made DIY Energizing Citrus Hand & Body Scrub for all of us to bring home- super simple, and 100% customizable!  I have one of these up in the bathroom for showers, and another by the kitchen sink for hand washing- it’s been working great for keeping food odors away!

What you need:

6 cups granulated sugar

2 cups olive oil

6-8 TBSP Lemon Juice

Zest of 1 lemon

Zest of 1 orange

Lemon Extract or Essential Oil (I use Nielsen Massey Pure Lemon Extract) (To scent preference)

Orange Extract or Essential Oil (I use the Nielsen Massey Pure Orange Extract) (To scent preference)

What you do:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Put into containers.  You can be fancy or basic here- it’s up to you. These would make a cute gift in a nice little glass jar or tin with a ribbon, but will work the same in a plastic container that you already have in the house. We did mason jars because we had some.

Jenni found the Lemon Sugar Scrub Recipe on Seven Clown Circus via Pinterest– we just changed it up a bit.


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Free Recipe and Craft eBooks

cookbookIf you enjoy cooking or crafts, then you’ll love these free eBooks! This list was just updated to bring you the newest ones. Some of these are about cooking and others are about crafts. Just pick and choose which ones you like best! They’re all FREE!

Free Craft eBooks:

Free Recipe eBooks:

The Copycat Recipes are my favorite! I just love making restaurant inspired dishes at home. :) Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out the other craft projects and easy recipes I’ve posted.

Thanks Freebie Spot!

How to make a Faith Kit

A few weeks ago during the children’s message at church, the kids each received a Faith Kit.  I’d actually never seen these before but I think they are a cute idea- and my kids seem to have really made some connections and have an understanding of the different components, so I thought I’d share with  you all.  These won’t take much time at all to make and are a fun activity- for church, family, Sunday school, etc.

faith kit instructions

What you need for the kit:

Hershey Kiss- To remind us of the sweetness of God’s love

Duct Tape – To remind us that God can fix anything that is wrong or broken

Paper Clip- To remind us that God helps us to “keep it all together”

Band-Aid- God can heal our souls

Crayon- To remind us that God’s creation is colorful and varied

Penny- To remind us of the blessings that God has given

Candle- Jesus is the light of the world and will always light our way

Life Saver- Jesus is our savior


You can probably modify parts of this to tailor it to your specific needs or beliefs.  I do recommend when you do use the duct tape to stick it to itself so that it doesn’t stick to everything else in the bag.

Disney Princess Peasant Dresses for Girls and Dolls

We are surprising our children with the news of our upcoming family trip to Disney World on Christmas morning, so many gifts this year are themed around the trip….and I knew I wanted to have some Disney princess dresses for the girls to wear while down there. My problem was that the dress up stuff we have- even the really nice quality stuff, doesn’t seem like it would be very comfortable to wear walking around a park, nor would it be conducive to going on and off rides all day. So I set off to see what I could find on the internet.

That’s how I met Shannon from Nannabells on Etsy. Let me tell you, this woman is my hero (and her cousin, but we’ll meet her later). She had some darling peasant style dresses for babies (and more recently, toddlers!) on her shop site, but none in sizes that would fit my girls. Dresses that were cotton, and didn’t go down to the ankles or longer, that looked like a kid could spend all day playing in and still be- well, a kid playing all day. I sent her a message. Within hours we had all kinds of plans. I wanted dresses with doll dresses to match in the girls’ favorite princesses. She wasn’t making bigger sizes, but she was absolutely ready and willing to start!

After a little while, we decided upon a Snow White, Cinderella and Tinkerbell for my little one, and Merida, Tinkerbell and Rosetta for my older daughter. As of today, we have Snow White

snow white peasant dress

and Merida here – and you won’t see photos of these with my girls in them because they are, indeed, Christmas gifts. But I’m too in love with them NOT to share, so here you go!

merida peasant dress

Shannon even added a bit of embroidered “flair” to each of the dresses for the girls. Her seams and stitching is top notch. These dresses are made to last and they look fabulous. The dresses have a really generous elastic neck for pulling over heads to get on and off, which makes things a lot easier for the girls. The sashes are such a fun accent but the dresses look amazing without them, too- and they are not attached in any way.

Shannon’s cousin, Jaime, from Sew Every Whim, makes her own custom 18 inch dolls in her shop (they are darling, check them out!) and was also the one to make the doll dresses to match my girls’ dresses. The dresses are not identical but I think that works out perfectly- they look the same, but the girls should have *something* extra, right? Like the appliques or embroidery, each is a beautiful embellishment for the girls’ dress.

merida 18 inch doll dress

With the Snow White doll dress, the applique is the same, but if you look closely, the doll’s dress has a polka dot ribbon on the sleeves. A tiny difference, that makes the dress stand out a bit. The doll dresses have a nice generous elastic so that you can slide the dresses on the dolls with ease. My 3 year old will need help with these (she needs help with dressing her dolls) but my 7 year old will love this. Velcro closures always get snagged on things and annoy us all.

snow white 18 inch doll dress

Here are all of the dresses together (and I WILL update with pics of the girls after Christmas!)


Shannon and Jaime are both SO talented, and work quickly- I’d recommend them in a heartbeat (and already have a new order pending…Minnie Mouse, Rapunzel and Jessie have been added to the list of dresses they can do) and what a FUN way to let your princess be a princess at Disney – or at the playground- in comfort and style! I’m sure they are able to even more styles and designs- just ask!

merida dress for girls with 18 inch matching doll dress

snow white peasant dress with matching doll dress

Nannabells’ dresses range from $35-$50 depending on the size/design/ruffles/applique on the dresses, if there is an applique added there is a $5-$8 charge depending on the size/detail of the applique.

Sew Every Whim’s doll dresses range from $20-$25 again depending on the design/ruffle/applique on the dress.

What kind of dress would you like to see next?


I did receive a discount on the dresses I ordered from Shannon and Jaime, and wasn’t obligated to post about them- but I am so head over heels in love with these dresses and supporting women’s businesses I just HAD to share!




Holiday Crafting with Berries

I was invited to a crafting event with Driscoll’s Berries a few weeks ago. Due to timing and distance, I wasn’t able to attend, but I was invited to participate in the program in a cyber kind of way- I received coupons and a gift card to purchase supplies to make my craft at home instead of at the event.

driscolls berry tree

I had plans to make a beautiful fruit tree centerpiece for our kitchen, with 3 trees situated on a foil plate. My 5 year old was heartset on helping me and so I modified my plans for a 5 year old to help and we ended up with 1 blueberry tree on a foil plate. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s sweet, it’s simple, and we feel like it’s very festive. I think it’s beautiful, and so does my son!

driscolls berries craft supplies

Using foods for decor can be fun- edible centerpieces on the table add a fun ambience. It’s also a space saver! AND it smells great- especially with berries.

making driscolls berry tree

I think we’re going to do this again on the 15th for my mother in law’s family holiday party- with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. It’s a fun way to add some more fruit in, and definitely something different! I think we will cover the “trees” in foil first – I don’t want to eat off of styrofoam.

driscolls berry holiday decor

So how did we do?



DIY Advent Calendars

I purchased advent calendars for my older 2 kids- but I’m struggling for my 3 year old.  She’s not old enough for the LEGO advent calendars, and I set out to poke around and find some DIY advent calendars that we can make this week for her.  I figured someone else might be looking too…so I’m sharing some of what I found.  Let me know if you make any- and how it turned out!

This Countdown Calendar from Multiples and More is great- it’s not specific to advent so you can use it for anything you are counting down to!

This Matchbox Advent Calendar from Cute as a Fox looks really, really fun and festive too!

This Activity Advent Calendar idea from A Year with Mom and Dad is quite simple (and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t screw it up…)

I already LOVE Maileg, my kids play with our Matchbox Mice daily…and this Santa Advent Calendar is simply divine.  I love it.

I kind of think I want to do a version of the Muffin Pan Advent Calendar– just not sure what to put INTO it. I was thinking a few pieces of a puzzle each day?!

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Thrifty Ninja’s Christmas Tree Advent Calendar is super cute too- and would be so festive on the mantle!

She did a Party Cup Advent Calendar last year, too that looks simple and affordable.

I stumbled on this tutorial for a Grinch Advent Calendar and now I’m seriously debating if I have the skills to replicate this. I’m in LOVE.  The Grinch is one of my all time favorite books- and I love the over the door shoe pouches for the Advent Calendar!

If only I could crochet, this Crochet Advent Calendar would be darling too!

My friend Mary decided to wrap up each of the 24 Christmas books her children already own and let them open one each day to read before bed. That’s simple- and free (except for wrapping paper).

My grama used to make us advent calendars with Hershey Kisses– a simple strip of ribbon and a hot glue gun made for a quick, inexpensive and easy advent calendar.  I bet you could do it with some green foam board and make it like a tree- and how cute would it be with all of the different flavors they have now!?  These were made back in the day when kisses came in silver foil wrappers only (so long ago?!)

What do you use for advent calendars in your family? Please share!

Edible Pirate Ships & DIY Pirate Hooks for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th and since Momondealz‘s sons are pirate fans, she decided to make some pirate crafts!

Edible Pirate Ship

Ice cream bowls
Ice cream or sherbert
2 Toothpicks and 1 Straw

1. Fill the bowl with ice cream or sherbert.
2. Put one marshmellow on each toothpick.
3. Cut the straw so that it is longer than the toothpicks. Put 2 marshmellows on the straw.
4. Insert the toothpicks and straws into the ice cream or sherbert and you have pirate ship sails!

DIY Pirate Hook:

Tin foil
Butter container, solo cup, any object that can go over your child’s hand (we used old Easter egg dying cups)
Sharp knife

1. The adult should cut a hole in the container for the hook to go in.

2. Roll up the tin foil into a long roll.

3. Insert the tin foil into the hole in the container and then shape the top of it into a hook.

Don’t forget about FREE Krispy Kreme donuts for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Kids Frugal Fun-Family Hand Print Art

family hand print art

Each week Momondealz bring us  a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. My boys are growing so quickly and I just love hand print art so this week I decided to make Family Hand Print Art using corkboard and the kids’ hands.

Just a side note, Momondealz said she laminates as much as she can when doing games such as this-it really helps preserve the pieces!

Family Hand Print Art

Cork board
Paint Brushes

1. Paint the entire front side of your cork board pieces and allow to dry (just to be safe we let them dry overnight).

2. Paint the hands of everyone in the family (Will LOVED painting his Daddy’s hands) and have them leave their handprints on the cork board.

3. Hot glue ribbon to the back of the boards and hang!

Summer Road Trip!! – Rice Rattle for Infants

It’s somewhat easy to occupy a toddler or older child in the car, but what in the world do you do with a 1 year old?  They certainly don’t want to sit in a car all day long, especially after they have just discovered how to cruise along furniture!  I came up with the idea of a rice rattle.  I was inspired by our post last year on colored rice.  You can check out our tutorial here.  We colored plain white rice in a rainbow of colors and the kids absolutely loved it!


  • Color rice in a variety of colors, using the above tuturial
  • Layer the colored rice in an empty, clean and dry plastic bottle
  • I also placed small knick knacks and shiny objects throughout (leggos, bright beads, coins, etc…)
  • Glue the lid on using a strong adhesive or epoxy
  • Let lid dry and give to your little one to shake and explore while they are sitting in the car

We tried this out on our little one and he loved it!  The rice makes a super fun sound when he shakes it and he is enthralled with the little “treasures” inside.  If you are looking for a fun car activity for a baby this is a simple, cheap and enteraining one!

Summer Road Trip – Paint Chip Color Match Activity

You may have seen his cute craft floating around pinterest. I saw this craft while searching for some busy bag activities for my 3 year old and HAD to try it. It’s cute, educational, easy to make and free! Supplies:

    • Paint Sticks
    • Paint Chips from your local hardware store (I chose primary colors in bright shades)
    • Clothespins (I would avoid clothespins from the dollar store. I found that these broke almost immediately).
  • Strong glue or Mod Podge

Directions: Cut out pieces from the paint chips to fit onto the paint stick (4-6 per stick) and some smaller strips to fit onto a clothespin. Use glue to attach the paint chip pieces to the paint sticks and the clothespins. That’s it! My little guy loves attaching the clothespin to the corresponding color on the stick. This is a great road trip activity. The pieces easily fit into a bag and they don’t make a mess in my car. Try it out, you’ll love it!