Felt Parrot Puppet Craft: Mak from The Wild Life

Felt Parrot Puppet Craft~ Mak From The Wild Life

This felt parrot puppet craft inspired by Mak, a character from The Wild Life, in theaters September 9 is sponsored by Lionsgate.

Mak inspired Felt Parrot Puppet Craft from This Mama Loves

The Wild Life is coming to a theatre near you, and it is sure to be a fun animated time for kids of all ages. In The Wild Life you will meet a parrot named Mak, an outgoing bird who lives with his animal friends in paradise. However, Mak can’t stop dreaming about discovering the world around him. When a terrible storm hits the island, Makand his friends find a strange creature on the beach. Who is it? You will have to head to the movie to find out! But while you wait, why not make your own Mak the Parrot hand puppet? Making one is easy, and no sewing is required. Here is how to make your own!


Felt Parrot Puppet Craft~ Mak From The Wild Life

Supplies needed:

Red, green, yellow, white, blue, orange, black craft felt
Hot glue, glue gun



1. Begin by cutting out the body of the parrot. You will need two pieces of red felt for this step, as you will need to cut out two pieces to act as the back and front of the parrot. To create the body, create a simple rectangle that curves into a circle for the head. If easier, you can make a pattern on paper before hand and trace onto the felt. Cut out the two body pieces and set aside.

2. To craft the face of your parrot, cut out two large white circles and two small black circles to form the eyes.

3. A simple beak can be created by cutting out curved triangles in both black and yellow. The top of the head tuffs can be created by making simple elongated ovals in various colors.

4. Now you want to focus on the wings. Take various colors of felt and cut them out into fan shapes. Scallop the edges of each fan to create a feathered effect. With each color, cut a smaller fan so they are able to be layered. Use 3-4 colors creating the fans and layering them to get the wing effect.

5. A simple heart in yellow finishes the body of the parrot. Cut the point of your heart flat to make it fit to the body.

6. Start assembling your pieces as shown. Hot glue is perfect for holding the layers together.
7. Once the front of your parrot is assembled, add glue to the perimeter of the body and glue it to the identical body piece. Just remember to keep the bottom of the body open as this is where your hand will go.

8. When the pieces are thoroughly dry, you can use your felt parrot puppet craft! Just slip it over the hand to start your fun, and bring it along when you go to see The Wild Life in theaters September 9!

Before you head to the movies, check out the trailer!

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