DIY Upcycled Duct Tape Headband Holder #Craft

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Both of my girls love headbands.  One wears all the time, the other wears them for 10 minutes and I find them all over my house.  Headbands are fun, funky, sweet- they can kind of bring a lot to the “outfit party” so to speak.  The problem? We haven’t found a good way to store our headbands.


What you need:

Duct tape (have fun with the color, print, design, etc!)

Empty (and clean) bread crumbs container- or any cylindrical shaped container

What you do:

I did the lid first, just for practice.  Cover the lid with the duct tape, being sure to overlap the “lip” of the lid so the design is all over.


Wrap the container/canister in the duct tape.  You can do alternating patterns if you want to have some fun, but we’re pretty basic around here.

I have been storing extra little clips and braiding elastics inside the container along with a hairbrush- now I know I can find those things when the girls want fancy hair- and they are out of sight and not cluttering the dresser!!

What do you use to store headbands?


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  • What a really cute idea this is!! This would be great for all of my granddaughter’s hair things to be in one spot!!! SO NEED TO MAKE THIS!! And I love the duct tape they have now with all of the cute designs. What will they come up with next?? LOL

  • I am so inspired! I saw a great Duck tape display in Costco last week and wondered what I could make with all the beautiful options…this is a great one!

  • Very creative and cute. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • What a fun and practical project! We so need a solution for this in our house – my daughters have at least two dozen hairbands.

  • It is amazing all that you can do with duct tape now. They make it in such fun colors and prints, too. We always used to say if it’s broken get out the duct tape, but now you can create something useful with just duct tape. Thanks for these simple tips and idea.

  • what a great way to oragise heabands

    • Miraculously the kids have kept them all neat for days now!

  • what a great idea! I will be making this soon!

  • Wow, who would have thought headbands from dct tape, we just store my daughters headband in a drawer

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

    • Sorry I meant headband holder from duct tape….then again with the pretty tapes they have now you can probably make headbands too, LOL

  • OMG!! How cute is this!!! My granddaughter has sooooo many headbands and this is such a great way to store them. I am not a very crafty person but I can so do this!! Thanks for the info.

  • OMG! This is genius! I’m always looking for frugal and fun ways to do things in my house! I actually don’t wear head bands anymore, but if I have a daughter I’m sure she will be wearing them at least for a little while!

  • How cute is that! My daughter could make this herself.. I think I’ll get some duct tape next time we’re at Walmart, and she can design her own. Maybe she’ll actually be able to find her headbands from now on! lol

    • They have so many kinds of duct tape!! PS I found some cute patterns at Pep Boys!! of all places that was 50% off.


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