Family Night: Disconnecting to reconnect

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Family time is different than it used to be, there’s no denying that. I remember, growing up, there was a weekly family time where everyone just relaxed and spent time together. No electronics. No distractions. Just us enjoying each other. In this modern world of technology, gadgets, and quick and easy entertainment, most families find it hard to meet up in passing. Kids have schedules that are busier than the adults (mine do at least), and lots of families find it hard to even sit down and enjoy a meal together, let alone family game night.

family game night

That’s why we’re taking things back to the basics, with family game night! Spending time together is great, but that alone isn’t good enough. We need to connect, and KFC is making it happen! KFC’s new promotion is great for making a family night come together, and you can implement it in your home too! With each purchase of a 12 piece tender meal or larger with 2 large sides, 4 biscuits and 4 sauces (complete with 2 large home-style sides and 4 biscuits), you will receive an “I Spy” game FREE! I Spy is one of the most fun games to play as a family, because it allows each and every member of your family to get excited and in on the action! All that is required is a pair of eyes and a voice to begin playing this game.


It’s hard to disconnect, I get it. There’s a chance you may miss out on seeing the latest Facebook meme first. You may not be able to respond to an inbox or email (maybe even until the next morning). You’ll do something far more important than any of these distractions, however. You’ll connect with your family. You’ll laugh at silly jokes (and in our family, things that probably wouldn’t be funny to anyone else). Your children will mesmerize you. And most importantly, you’ll establish a weekly routine that will have your children will remember for years to come!

What’s your favorite family night activity?

This is a sponsored conversation about family night. Opinions are my own. 

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  • For family night I enjoy games and other activities. Anything that helps the family laugh and enjoy our time.

  • We love playing board games together as a family. There are sooooo many laughs when we do that.

  • Serious question: Who plays chess anymore? I play it and can never find anyone who knows how to play to challenge! Going back, disconnecting so we can make a point of reconnecting with family and friends is a great idea that needs to be done as often as we can.

  • When I was a kid, Wednesday nights were “special time” and my brother and I took turns being one-on-one with either mom or dad, staying in for board games, or going out on the town. Those are some of my favorite memories so we’re trying to do that with our kids now! We have a closet FULL of board games for the toddlers.

  • What a great idea… we love family game night and normally have the whole family over, but it would be great to disconnect and spend some times just with ‘us!’

  • I think disconnecting to reconnect is a very important concept to not only keep in mind but to implement several times a week! Family time is so important and like you mentioned it’s not really practiced a lot these days.

  • I love that you do this! We have Family night every week also. And no electronics allowed! it is such a great time to come together as a family. We always have a dessert afterwards too. Our favorite games seem to go in cycles. At present the kids love Life.

  • We used to have a family board game night every week. We really need to start doing it again!

  • What a great Idea from KFC. I will have to get that. We used to play I spy all the time when my kids were home but I love that just a couple (man and woman) can also spend time disconnected. Sometimes as Bloggers we go a bit crazy with the internet. I shut it off every dinner and love it that way :)

    • Yes, we do go crazy. I make a point to SHUT my laptop for meals. and leave the phone in kitchen when we’re doing movies or games.


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