Money Saving Tips for College Students

Florida is one of America’s hot spots for young people to attend college. And who can blame them? With the warm beaches, night clubs galore, and rich cultures, all without even having to leave the state. But for any college student, finding ways to live frugally will be important. With just a few tips, tricks, and insights any Florida student can find ways to save some money without having to sacrifice everything they want to experience.  Here are some money saving tips for college students!


Everyone Must Eat

For students living in the Gainesville, Florida area there are a number of great bars and eateries. And many of them are geared toward college students. For instance, the Swamp Restaurant is the area’s hottest sports bar and they offer $4 burger baskets on Mondays. Gator Tales gets 4.5 stars from and also gives it good reviews with one reply stating “Great food and great staff”. You can also purchase $10 gift certificates for only $4 each at certain online sites.

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Budget Friendly Fun

For students living near Orlando, there’s a great deal of places to have fun that won’t break the bank. Boggy Creek Airboat Rides is an awesome place to go for an adventure. For less than $27, some friends and yourself can head out to the swamps to search for gators. For a little more money you can even do a night tour that last a full hour. Other affordable fun activities near Orlando, Florida would be…

-Lake Eola Park.

-Tibet-Butler Preserve.

-Sunset Lake.

-Discovery Cove.

-AirHeads Trampoline Arena.

-Fun Spot Action Park.

Coming and Going

For students in Miami, Florida moving out of your apartment or dorm for a few months during the summer can be a hassle. And depending on where your family lives, it may be costly to haul everything, or try to pack it and fly your things home. shows what it might cost to fly home even a few extra bags.

-American Airlines: $60 for 2 bags, $150 per bag for additional luggage.

-Delta: $60 for 2 bags, $125 for 3, $200 each for 4 or more bags.

-Jet Blue: 1 bag free, 2nd bag $40, and 3 or more bags are $75 each.

One of the best money saving tips is to use self storage in Florida for your dorm or apartment items. For just a fraction of what it will cost to move it home and back, you can save yourself the hassle and the money.

More Great Tips gives a number of tips for Florida college students looking to keep money in their pockets.

-Avoid non-academic debt.

-Track your spending.

-Buy used textbooks.

-Take advantage of campus activities.

-Learn the art of cheap dates.

Learn to invest.

An article at revealed that students spent over $765 just eating off campus in one school year. A few helps they offer are to clip coupons, cook large meals and eat leftovers during the week, and ask friends to pitch in for groceries and have group meals every now and then.

Enjoying your time while going to college in Florida, or anywhere else, can be a great adventure. By implementing these money saving tips you can have fun without going broke.

Thanks to Becky W. for sharing these great tips!


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  • Money was OK in college. I lived at home, got full financial aid… ahhh the life! In reality, with so many scholarships and grants, I’m not sure why any child suffers…

  • Great Tips, my son is a freshman and college and he saved money by living at home instead of the dorms.

  • Nice pst. Money saving is very important for the college students and you have shared very useful tips for saving money. You need a money at most of the time. Thanks for this informative post.

  • Buying used textbooks is a great tip off here! Thanks for sharing!

  • I love how Jetblue is still holding on to offering free bags to flyers – it’s one of the reasons that I seek out this airline….and they have GREAT snacks!

  • My nephew will start college this fall. I will pass these great money-saving tips to him. I really like the tip about using self-storage unit for when the student has breaks & goes home. The fees for extra bags is ridiculously high! :(

  • If you are a college student these are great tips

  • It is always good to have a backup savings plan for college also.

  • Money is always tight when in collage, and these tips are great.

  • I love the storage rental idea, Most kids bring home their stuff and for those who fly my goodness. There really isn’t any point in lugging it back and forth for breaks. I always love to see family friendly free or low cost activities, I love that you included those and they are great for people in all types of family situations, I just wish the list was for Maryland, DC or Northern Virginia LOL.

  • Those are great tips. I never really thought of these factors when thinking about college costs. I need to research the area where my daughter wants to go to school.

  • That’s a great collection of money saving ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • These are some great tips! I wish I had known some of them back when I attended! I definitely got myself into a lot of debt, I am hoping that I can help my son avoid the same things!

  • I’ve never been to Florida, but now I know what to do while I’m there since I’m so frugal, LOL! Great tips, a sack lunch is such a budget saver.

  • Great tips! I remember how tight money was when I was in college.

  • I’ve heard great things about Boggy Creek Airboat Rides, I had no idea they were so affordable and had so much to offer I’m sure this would be a big hit with college kids.

  • That’s an interesting thought to get a storage unit rather than move it back and forth!

  • I almost went to a college in Florida. :)
    These are wonderful tips. I wish I would have tracked my spending while for the short time I was in college. I definitely bought used textbooks and rushed to any campus events that had free food. lol

  • Thanks! I’m headed to Orlando this fall! Great tips!

  • These are great tips and an airboat ride sounds like a lot of fun too!

  • I have a college aged daughter who is going to be getting these tips. :)

  • Great tips! Thank you!

  • Great post! There is so much to do in Fl. that costs little or nothing, not only in Orlando. A visit to some of the springs, I forget the names, can be had for little money and you can swim with the Manatees. A day visit to St. Augustine, the nations oldest city, can be as inexpensive as you want it to be, plus you get a history lesson.I agree with all of your suggestions for saving money.

  • Hoping to go back to school within the next couple of years thanks for the tips

  • What a wonderful article!!!


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