What are you making for mom? With Mom? As a mom? Mother’s Day Giveaway

It’s the end of April, and Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away.  Back in the day, my mom and I enjoyed doing crafts together. While she’s not here to spend Mother’s Day with, I’ll carry on our tradition of crafting together with my kids- even if it’s my own Mother’s Day surprise.  It’s with that in mind that I excitedly tell you I was invited to take part in this giveaway for a HUGE get your crafting, creative, baking on prize pack- including not one but 2 Cricut Expression 2 units, and winner’s choice of either 2 5qt KitchenAid Artisan Mixers OR 2 Canon T3 DSLR Cameras!! That’s right- a set for you, a set for mom! (Or grama, sister, bff, neighbor…teacher….you get the idea).

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Edible Pirate Ships & DIY Pirate Hooks for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th and since Momondealz‘s sons are pirate fans, she decided to make some pirate crafts!

Edible Pirate Ship

Ice cream bowls
Ice cream or sherbert
2 Toothpicks and 1 Straw

1. Fill the bowl with ice cream or sherbert.
2. Put one marshmellow on each toothpick.
3. Cut the straw so that it is longer than the toothpicks. Put 2 marshmellows on the straw.
4. Insert the toothpicks and straws into the ice cream or sherbert and you have pirate ship sails!

DIY Pirate Hook:

Tin foil
Butter container, solo cup, any object that can go over your child’s hand (we used old Easter egg dying cups)
Sharp knife

1. The adult should cut a hole in the container for the hook to go in.

2. Roll up the tin foil into a long roll.

3. Insert the tin foil into the hole in the container and then shape the top of it into a hook.

Don’t forget about FREE Krispy Kreme donuts for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Summer Road Trip!!!!!! Travel Games and Ideas – Visor Clips

I am so excited to kick off our Summer Road Trip event!!!! I will be travelling with my family of 5 in a minivan packed with food and activities for a 24 hour drive to southern Florida. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you my ideas on travel activities, games and food. Anything to keep your family occupied and happy on a road trip! In addition, I will be sharing with you our favorite stops and activities during our trip! The first thing I wanted to share with you is an idea I found on Pinterest. I call these Visor Clips, and I have made one for each member of our family (babies excluded!). Each person gets to personalize their own clip, made from scrap craft paper. The paper is glued to a clothespin and attached to the visor of your car prior to leaving. As long as you

demonstrate good car behavior (you can determine what this means for your family. In my car this means: no yelling, no hitting, no pinching and being polite to others), your clip remains on the visor. If you break one of the rules, your clip is taken down and stored in the glove compartment. Each person who has a clip remaining on the visor at the next rest stop gets to either choose a treat/toy from the goody box (which I have filled with dollar store trinkets), or they get to choose a small treat from the rest stop. Whatever works for your family. All family members start fresh during the next leg of the trip and all clips are returned to the visor. I am so excited to try out this idea! Anything that turns good behavior into a game is ok with me! We have our clips all ready to go and my kids have helped me pick out trinkets for our goody box. They are super excited to start earning treats!

EASY Pennant Banner Craft & Tutorial !!

It seems like I see these adorable pennant banners everywhere I look lately. They can be made with crafting paper or fabric and are super easy to put together. There are so many uses for these banners: summer parties, birthday parties, photography, or simply used as a decoration in a child’s room.

easy pennant banner tutorial

I developed my own technique for making quick and easy banners using scrap pieces of fabric and very little sewing. Now I have the option of changing out my banners for the occassion! Supplies:

  • Scrap Fabric (I used 4 different fabrics, 1/4 yard of each)
  • 1 piece of cardboard
  • Heat N’ Bond Lite
  • 9 yards of cotton rope
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine and White Thread

1. Make a Template out of Cardboard

I simply drew a diamond

shape on a piece of cardboard by tracing 2 triangles back to back. My triangles measure 7 inches across and are 8 inches long. Once your shape is traced, just cut it out with sturdy scissors. 2. Cut Out Your Fabric and Heat N’ Bond

Use your template to cut out fabric. Each 1/4 yard of fabric will yield 2 cut outs. My banner has 7 pennants, so I cut out that many shapes from my template. Cut out the same number of pieces from your Heat N’ Bond using your template. 3. Adhere Heat N’ Bond To Your Fabric Pieces Simply use your iron to adhere the Heat N’ Bond to the BACK of your fabric pieces. Iron with the paper side up. 4. Start Assembling!


Line up your fabric pieces in the order you will place them on the rope. Take your center pennant and peel of the heat n’ bond paper. Place it on the ironing board, heat n’ bond side up. Place the center of your rope in the center of the fabric. Fold the fabric over (so you have made a triangle) and iron. Continue with all your pennants. 5. Finishing

To secure my pennants to the rope I sew a quick stitch across the top. I do this in one fell swoop, using my zipper foot, and cutting the thread after I have run through all the pennants. 6. Hang and Enjoy!!!!

What will you use your pennant banner for??????


Source: herblog.com via Leanna on Pinterest

OK.  We all know about Pinterest and most of us are addicted.  Or at the very least, have lost some time by perusing the site. It’s fun, and its awesome to see all of these wonderful, beautiful ideas….

that others can bring to fruition.


You see,


I’ve tried a lot of things from Pinterest.  I have.  I’ve been so excited, and then….

my results are not exactly…um…



let’s just say it like it is.




I can’t be the only one, can I?

The super cute soap dispensers, filled with neatly suspended legos?  Yea.  Notsomuch.  My legos sank down, the soap was murky, and my kids were all “Moooooooooooooooommmy why did you put my favorite lego blocks in the soap?”

Or the “melt in your mouth chicken” that had been repinned a bajillion times.  I followed that recipe to at “t” and yet… there was no one in my house that wanted to keep that chicken in our mouth.

The super cute wreath that I spent a few hours painstakingly cutting the old nursery curtains into strips for, so it would adorn the front door so adorably?!
Well, it IS hanging on the door.  It does adorn the door.  But adorable?  I don’t think so.  More like “at least you tried”

I love Pinterest, and I love what it offers.  But I have to be the one to say this. I have to admit my shortcomings.  Apparently, Pinterest is one.


In all seriousness, I’ve had GREAT successes with Pinterest, too.  But when I fail, I FAIL.  I guess I just don’t like to be half-failing.


But now I want to know- what do YOU fail at?

BabbaCo Review and Giveaway!

Have you heard about the Babba Box?  If your kids love crafts and projects as much as mine, you need to check this out!

Babba Box:

“Monthly subscription box for kids ages 3-6, delivered to your door filled with projects, activities, books, digital downloads and online content! It’s a theme-based box with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids!”

BabbaCo sent me a box themed “Sun, Moon and Stars“.  My kids were THRILLED to receive a fun box in the mail just for them!  This box was filled with great activities that both my 3 and 6 year old enjoyed.  Here’s what my kit had in it:

-Supplies to create a Paper-Mache Moon nightlight

-Foldable Sport Glass

-Lunar Calendar Chart

-Constellation Frame Craft Kit

-Twinkle Book

Our Experience:

Of course my kids wanted to get right on the Paper Mache craft.  It was reasonably easy to do and not as messy as I had anticipated.  It took 2 days to apply both layers of paper mache, including drying time.  My kids thought it was great fun to pop the balloon and have their very own “moon”.  Once the moon was created, we simply placed the provided electric tea light inside and they had an instant night light.  They love it!

The twinkle book and other activities have kept my kids busy for over a week.  My oldest son has taken the foldable sport glass and now carries it with him everwhere!  One feature that I really loved are all the online tools that correspond to your box.  We were able to scan a QR code provided on the box for some great downloads related to the sun, moon and stars.  They even offer a free app that teaches your little one how to play “twinkle, twinkle little star”.  How cool is that!

BabbaCo has definitey put a lot of thought into their product.  All the activities were fun and well thought out, requiring little to nothing in the way of extra materials.  Absolutely everything is included.  All activities could be completed relatively quickly and are perfect for the 3-6 year old set.  We loved our Babba Box and will definitley be using them the next time we need a cool gift idea!

How a BabbaBox Membership Works:

  1. Step 1:
    Sign up for a monthly or an annual membership with your child’s birth date.
  2. Step 2:
    A BabbaBox full of activities arrives every month (starting the following month after membership purchase); get excited to create, explore, story tell, connect and learn together!
  3. Step 3:
    Check out member exclusive digital content and downloads approved by BabbaCo experts for your BabbaBox available on our website!
  4. Step 4:
    Kids anxiously wait at the door until your next BabbaBox arrives!
  5. What’s in the box?

    4 Major components are included:


    2 to 3 projects kids do with their hands. ALL the physical materials included!


    A theme-based product where your child will engage with the world & nature.

    Story Tell

    Carefully curated books to stimulate your kids’ imaginations.


    Interactive learning with prepaid downloads approved by BabbaCo experts.


  6. Why We Love The BabbaBox!

    1. Save TIME:
      No more running around to craft and super stores to gather all the materials. Oh, and by the way, you don’t need to clutter your house with 200 googly eyes and bags of pom pom balls! Get exactly what you need in each box without the errands!
    2. Save MONEY:
      Each box has a retail value of $40-$50 plus the benefits you can’t even buy! The research, exclusive digital content, and special surprises in each box all add up to an amazing value.
    3. Save MIND SPACE:
      Our panel of experts give you the peace of mind that these activities and resources are truly enriching your kids! We do all the research and validation, so you can focus on the quality time with your children. Finally, something NOT on your to-do list!

These boxes start at a really affordable $29.99 a month.


One of our Readers will win their own BabbaCo box!!!!

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“A sample of this product was provided to help facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.”

Glad Black Bag Craft Blog Tour: turn trash to TREASURE!

The Glad Art Auction lasts from April 16th through April 26th, and there are some truly amazing works of art on there. I’m in love with the Chimpanzee art, perhaps inspired by my newfound love of chimpanzees!?  Be sure to check it out.  There are just a few days left.  Turning trash to treasure can be fun- and beautiful, in more ways than one!

Have you seen Glad’s latest campaign – The Wild Life?  So cool and so much fun!  Be sure to visit Facebook.com/Glad and watch as real life becomes the wild life with a unique family of six wildlife–each of whom inspired the Glad Black Bag art auction’s unique art.
You can create your own sharable trailers for a chance to win $25,000 and other prizes and coupons!

I love that Glad is focusing on turning trash to treasure- and in such a fun, positive way!We decided to do some recycled crafts of our own- although I remembered AFTER the recycling was picked up last weekend so we didn’t have as much material to go by as we might otherwise have, but the kids had a blast and they are always happy to use materials – any materials- that they are allowed to cut, glue or color.

Any blogger will have packing materials around- the shredded orange paper?  Straight from a box that arrived that morning!! (The extras went to preschool with my son today.  Shredded paper is all the rage in preK.)

Got some fabric scraps, bits of yarn, felt, almost-empty tubes of glitter glue? No problem! Cover the table with Glad bags and newspaper (easy clean up, although I totally forgot to grab a shot of the table with the Glad bags on it) and let the kids go to town. When tubes of glitter glue are too far down to squeeze out, I cut the ends off and the kids use paintbrushes to apply.  It’s a different way to experience the same medium, no waste, and a new way to use the same old stuff.

We do a lot of reduce, reuse, recycle in our home…it’s something we feel is very important and have worked hard to instill that importance in the kids.  We use plastic bottles to make bird feeders- and I found a really neat idea on pinterest we’re going to do in the gardens- making drip irrigation systems using plastic soda bottles.  My husband built each of the kids a small raised bed in the garden this year, and we’re working on the square foot gardening concept in those.  Each of their beds has 9 squares, so they’ll be learning a lot about watering, weeding, etc.  They helped build the boxes, which we used excess lumber from other projects on- more recycling.

What do YOU do with materials you don’t have use for anymore?  Do you donate them?  Throw them out?  Freecycle them?  Repurpose them?  This is something I want to do over the summer!

Adorable, fun, and another great way to keep trash OUT of our landfills!  Can’t you just see a whole tire “worm” for kids to climb on?

Now, in cleaning all of the craft project mess up, and also an unfortunate incident I had over the weekend….Glad Black Bags have come to my rescue.  These are my favorite trash bags!!    So strong, so flexible- and trust me- they don’t rip.  I tried.  Well, I can’t say I tried- but oh goodness me.  I better just tell you the whole story.

See, my van is perpetually dirty.  3 kids, crumbs, dirt…you know.  A mom van.  So I was cleaning it out on Saturday, but our shopvac cord didnt’ reach to the van.  So Mr. Bargains helpfully used his handy retractable extension cord to get me some power.  Being awesome like I am, I was putting things away after finishing the big clean, and…well, while retracting the cord, it kind of whacked my elbow- surprising me, and I let go.  The housing for the cord is mounted about 8 inches below a large flourescent light.

Retractable extension cords should not be mounted anywhere near lights.  Particularly when you are married to someone clumsy like me.

Glad Black Bags came to the rescue in my 3 hour cleanup that commenced immediately after this photo was taken.

I was really nervous about the cleanup- which of course, the light shattered EVERYWHERE, and since my husband’s been doing some projects, there were things out all over the place…which means glass was in eleventy million places. Glass tends to poke through bags and stuff, making the risk of cuts and glass slivers worse and worse…I did double bag the glass mess, just in case,


As you can see, Glad bags are excellent to contain any trash, any time- no matter what the materials or how much. I love them, and I’m sold.  Now if they’d only come in pink….





“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Glad Black Bag and received a Glad Black Bag product, a craft kit and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Kids Frugal Fun: Mardi Gras Masks

Every week MomonDealz shares with us a craft  that is fun, educational, and frugal. Last week was Mardi Gras, but February is referred to as Mardi Gras month so I thought the kids would love this craft-I was right, mine really had fun!

Hand & Foot Print Mardi Gras Masks

Multi-Colored Cardstock
Pencil & Glue
Popsicle Sticks (1-2 per mask created)
Decorations for the masks


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