Mattel’s Disney Princess Water Toys (Giveaway)

Pool or tub, water toys are a blast for little ones (and their adults, often times.  Mattel sent us  Disney Princess Swimming Ariel – Water play is a splash away with the Disney Princess Swimming ArielTurn the seashell at Ariel’s waist and then place her into the water to see her really swim.  Watch as her tail moves up and down to swim through the water just like in The Little Mermaid.

I LOVE this little Ariel.  Of course, she’s kind of my favorite princess and so that probably helps but I just love that she really does swim.  The kids get a kick out of watching her swim- although they decided from day one that Ariel needs to live in the bathtub and not go in the pool so that’s where she lives.  The shell at her waist is pretty easy to maneuver and turn to get her wound up to swim and she does move through the water by moving her tail up and down-  which honestly delights my kids every time.  We love new tub toys and are glad to add another Ariel to our lineup (we have one that her tail lights up with fish and stuff, but she doesn’t swim, so this new doll is getting far more bubble time!!) [click to continue…]

The Fox and the Hound 2-Movie Collection on BluRay DVD





I finally got to see The Fox and the Hound in its entirety.  It only took me until I was 37+ years old!  I forgot how sweet the story of friendship is in this film, and how hard I’d cried when I had seen parts of it previously (but never all of it, not sure why). The films are digitally restored and available for the first time in HD.  I don’t much care about the HD- yes, its nice, but I fell in love with Tod and Copper long before they were digitally restored and their story speaks to you with or without the new effects.

I love the bonus features for this collection. I love the interaction with the sing alongs, and, especially since I got to go to the Disney Animation Studios and Research Library during my LA trip a few months ago, I really have a whole new appreciation for the effort and talent that goes into every single second of a film like this, and it really gave me a new perspective as a viewer.  I still love the story but I can also look at parts of it and think about how long it took for someone to get that just right!  The bonus feature that speaks to the creation of this film really does a good job explaining how this film came to be but seeing the actual cells and sketches really gives a far clearer picture of what goes into these movies. [click to continue…]

Disney’s D23 Expo

Next week, thousands of Disney fans will gather in Anaheim, CA for Disney’s D23 Expo which brings the entire world of Disney under one roof, providing attendees with unprecedented access to Disney films, television and theme parks as never before.

On FRIDAY, AUGUST 19 in the Disney Channel booth, fans of all ages are invited to join Pulitzer Prize-winning humor columnist Dave Barry and noted New York Times best-selling author Ridley Pearson, Disney Publishing Worldwide co-authors of prequels to the classic Peter Pan, the “Peter and the Starcatchers” book series, along with beloved “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” characters Jake, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, for a celebration of the power of imagination and the magic of Disney storytelling. This event also includes an appearance by actor David Arquette (the voice of Skully in the hit Disney Junior series “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”) and a special announcement from The Walt Disney Company Corporate Citizenship team. There will also be a performance and meet & greet with The Never Land Pirate Band.

On SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, there will be appearances by the Handy Manny character along with the voice of Manny, Wilmer Valderrama (10:00 – 11:15 a.m.) and the Special Agent Oso character along with the voice of Oso, Sean Astin (11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.) in the Disney Channel booth.

For more information and tickets to the D23 Expo, go to For schedules, live updates, interactive features and tools, polls and much more, check out the D23 Expo mobile app at!

· SATURDAY, AUGUST 27 is “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” Day at Dodger Stadium! During the game against the Colorado Rockies, there will be special appearances by Jake and The Never Land Pirate Band. The first 10,000 kids 14 & under will receive a free pirate bandana. Game starts at 1:10 p.m. For more info and tickets, please visit

Info provided by PR.  I wish I was in California, because my kids would LOVE to meet Jake and the Neverland Pirates and I would just love to be near Disney!! 

Mars Needs Moms BluRay 3D Combo pack (Activities, a Coupon & a Giveaway)

Mars Needs Moms is a family movie about a young boy’s intergalactic adventure to find his mom who was Martian-nabbed. This Disney film is adventure packed and fun for the whole family. It is rated PG.
Mars Needs Moms features Seth Green as 9 year old Milo and Joan Cusack as his mom. The Martians have taken Milo’s mom to steal her mom-ness for their own young. Milo races against time and oxygen to save her.
The 4 Disc Blu-Ray “3D” Combo Pack will be on shelves August 9th and has a suggested retail price of $49.99US. It will also be available and a single DVD, movie download and On-Demand.
My 6 year old son really enjoyed the movie. I am sure it is one that will get watched over and over again.

As with most Disney films released on BluRay and DVD, this one doesn’t disappoint with Bonus Features!! How fun is it to be able to learn to speak like a Martian? 

I know that’s one of our favorite features…I love adding Disney films to our BluRay and DVD collection!  Plus, Joan Cusack is one of my all time favorite actresses and she’s just all kinds of awesome and I love hearing her voice “mom” throughout the movie. She’s so great anyway, but she just has this way about her that makes me laugh! [click to continue…]

“Disney Character Calls” $25 Target Gift Card Giveaway #PullUpsDisneyCalls #momsparkmedia

What happens when you are potty training/toilet learning your little one and also use Huggies® Pull-Ups®?  You get a code for a FREE congratulatory call from a Disney character for successfully using the potty!!  

Huggies® Pull-Ups® training pants and  Target® have partnered for an exclusive offer to get the word out about their new “Disney Character Calls” program to assist moms through their child’s potty training and development.  To celebrate this partnership, one of YOU will win a $25.00 Target Gift Card!! [click to continue…]

Muppets “Together Again” tshirts on (giveaway)

I LOVE the Muppets and I can’t wait for the movie to come out (November seem so very far away…)  and in the meantime, I can enjoy the favorite character friends from my childhood on this super fun t shirt I got just today from!  They had a contest for Muppet shirts and this was the winning design ‘Together Again” – its only JUST now offered online for purchase and one of you will be winning one for yourself!

Mind you, this is actually a men’s shirt but I’m not sharing this one.  No way.  I LOVE it.  I love the bold, bright colors and the way Alfonso Diaz designed the characters’ faces and colors- so fun, so funky, and so very COOL, especially for those (like me and Mr. Bargains too) who grew up watching the Muppets.  The shirt itself is super soft, and the tag is stamped on so no risk of itching.  Threadless always offers really fun and different shirts and this is no exception!  Be the first to grab one! [click to continue…]

Q&A with “Lightning McQueen” & Mattel’s Cars 2 toys (Tokyo Spinout giveaway)

After 37 years on this earth, I am someone’s hero.  Why?  Because I met LIGHTNING MCQUEEN.  Well, really, I met Owen Wilson, when I had the chance to interview him during the Cars 2 press junket on June 18th with the other mom bloggers I headed to LA with.   But he IS Lightning McQueen. 

I asked my son, what did he want to know about Lightning McQueen?  “Um, does he like wearing red car clothes all day?”  That’s what’s weighing on the mind of my 3.5 year old son.   One of the other mom bloggers’ kids wanted to know the grossest thing Lightning McQueen had ever eaten- turns out, it was some food he was served in Australia on a morning show and it sounds like it was pretty much yeast and water.  Gross.  I don’t blame him!! [click to continue…]

Some fun craft ideas in honor of Winnie the Pooh: in theaters July 15

This Pooh Cake is just the sweetest cake I’ve seen.  It looks awesome, and not complicated to me…which is key.  I may try to make it for my kids’ family birthday party.  We’ll see.  Maybe we’ll just make the cake to celebrate the movie’s release on July 15th!  Any day is a good day for cake, right? (click the link for download of instructions)

There’s some other fun stuff Disney has shared, like this Pooh Mask and these really fun Pook-a-Looz Pencil Toppers.  These are going into my idea binder for some rainy day fun this month for sure!! [click to continue…]

Q&A with Larry the Cable Guy- and Tow Mater Cupcakes (recipe)

 While in LA for the Cars 2 premiere, I had the opportunity to participate in group interviews with some of the stars, including noneother than Mater himself, Larry the Cable Guy.  Larry (Mr. The Cable Guy?) was just so down to earth, so funny, and I loved listening to him talk about Mater, about the progression from the first Cars movie to the second, and how he didn’t even get a real script for the new Cars 2 movie at all! 

When asked why Mater is so very endearing and iconic to children (and let’s be honest, people like me!): Aw, he’s just a good guy.  He’s just a fun little animated character.  He’s nice, he’s funny, you know.  Uh, everybody wants to hang around with him.  He’s a faithful friend.  You know, plus he’s funny.  He says funny things and he does fun things.  Kids like that.  Well, Adults like it too.  So I think that’s pretty much what it is.

He says funny things and he does funny things.  The basics.  Plain and simple, honest and clean (in a rusty disguise).  Mater is just pure, clean fun.  I do realize that Larry the Cable Guy may not always be this way, but you know what?  Having met him?  I feel like I met Mater.  Really and truly.  He says funny things and he does funny things…and he has a big heart.  He may not be rust covered and he may spend his mornings deciding on shirts with sleeves or no sleeves, but he’s got the heart of Mater right there.  He’s kind of awesome.    [click to continue…]