10(ish) things you probably don’t know about me #DunkinMugUp

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These 10 things you probably don't know about is part of a sponsored conversation via Dunkin Donuts.  Opinions are my own. Ready? Here's more about me than you ever wanted to know! 1. I have 2 tattoos. Mickey Mouse holding flowers and a pink starfish. 2. I went to summer camp on an island in the middle of ...

Five things I love #DunkinMugUp

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Happy Valentine's Day, my friends!! I can't believe it's this far into 2014. Where does the time go? With the day of love coming tomorrow, it seemed kind of appropriate to talk about things I love. So without further ado, here are 5 things that I love. #1 My family- they are my heart, and nothing matters ...

New Year, New Mugs, New Resolutions #DunkinMugUp

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So up until this morning, I was going to be all kinds of light hearted and silly in this post.  Happy 2014! Mugs up to a New Year and new resolutions to be healthier (and mine, specifically, to have moments...moments of exercise, of calm, of solitude, living in the moment). And then I went to the ...

What’s your favorite holiday coffee? Merry Mugmas! #DunkinMugUp


For those of you who don't already know, Christmas is a BIG DEAL in my home....really, in my extended family.  When I say Christmas, I really mean the entire time between Thanksgiving week's beginning and the end of New Year's Day.  There's a lot of sappy and emotional stuff, of course, but I'll save that ...

I moustache you how you prefer your coffee! #DunkinMugUp


I moustache you how you prefer your coffee?  There are so many ways to enjoy your coffee- and a moustache to go along with them all!   Maybe you like it all serious, just your coffee, and no frills. Just like this no-frills 'stache   Or perhaps... you like A WHOLE LOT OF EXTRA CAFFEEINE       You know, the extra boost ...

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours #DunkinMugUp


  Happy Fall, my friends.  Happy October! I can't even believe it's October already, largely in part due to my denial and also because it's 75 degrees here in Connecticut today.  The only surefire signs that fall is here are the sounds of the leaves rustling on the trees as they get drier and drier, and the lovely ...

We are UNJUNKING Halloween this year! #GetUnreal

unreal candy

We recently received a huge box of chocolate deliciousness in the mail from Unreal Candy.  As much as the fat girl in me wanted to hoard that chocolate and share with no one, I had a mission....to have a little part-ay and introduce some friends to the wonderfully chocolate deliciousness that is Unreal candy. What IS ...

Dunkin Donuts “Mug Up” Promotion

dunkin donuts mug up promotion

Coffee.  I love it.  Even if I don't love the taste, I need it in the morning.  My wake me up.  My pick me up.  My kids know, you don't mess with mommy until she has coffee.  None of the three kids sleeps through the night on a regular basis so it's been many years ...

FREE Donuts at Dunkin Donuts 6/3

National Donut Day 6/3/11

In honor of National Donut Day, Dunkin Donuts is offering FREE Donuts with any beverage purchase. This offer is valid tomorrow June 3rd! Thanks Stretching Your Budget! [ad#glam between posts]