Girls Unstoppable Event 10/5: Don’t miss it!

When I was a little girl, I had so much confidence.  Somewhere along the line, I lost it.  For far too long.  Really, it’s sad I lost it at all.  So many girls do.  I look at my kids- all three of them, so FULL of confidence in their ability to learn, master and succeed at anything and everything, and, especially with my girls, I pray that they don’t lose that confidence.  Somewhere along the line, I lost my confidence, as did so many other girls (now women)– not sure how or why, but it happened.  It happens all the time.  So when I was asked to share about the Girls Unstoppable Event October 5, I had to agree. For two main reasons (and a million more):

sistersBecause these two need to be taught about self-esteem.  As do all of the other girls in our world. We need to show them what self-confidence looks like so they learn it and see it and live it.  It’s not just my two girls- it’s all of our girls.  There’s too many like me who floundered for a time (and longer) and lost that self-confidence and self-esteem.

Because at some point, I’m really good at  (fillintheblank) turned into I’m not good at, I can’t, I wish I, and other thoughts equally as non-confident happen.  For most girls.


Dove® wants to inspire women everywhere to embrace their uniqueness. Join them on Saturday, October 5 for the Girls Unstoppable Event at a Walmart near you. Bring your daughter, and create a day out of it! 

Camera Shy?

Watch an inspiring video that shows just how important it is to teach young girls about self-confidence and self-esteem. While you’re on the site, download the Dove® self-esteem discussion guide to start the conversation with your daughter.

Your Purchase Helps

Your Dove® purchase helps provide self-esteem programs for girls

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Adorable wins every time with Emmaroo’s Boutique Clothing ($100 Giveaway)

Emmaroo’s Boutique Clothing for Children  emailed me and asked if I’d be willing to do a review of some of their boutique clothing for girls.  Why yes, yes I would, I replied, my heart all aflutter.  You see, I love pants with ruffles on them.  The more ruffles the better.  Let me clarify- pants with ruffles for kids.  I’m not sure I could pull off the fabulousness of ruffle pants, but perhaps one day I will try.  Anyway, Emmaroo’s carries several fabulous and ruffly styles of boutique clothing for kids and if your little one likes to stand out in a crowd, you’re going to LOVE this site. Quality clothing by quality designers and brands!  Below, you’ll see my little one in the Navy and Yellow 2 piece tunic set- I can’t stress enough how much I love the navy and yellow together, in bold, bright hues.  It’s just adorable.

 emmaroos boutique daisy collage

When there are pants with ruffles, there’s often a coordinating or matching top that goes along with said pants.  It makes my heart go pitter pat.  But sometimes, even with my love of ruffles, I fall for things like this floral bouquet print romper that hasn’t got a ruffle but is beyond cute.  I love it.  She’ll be adorable and cool in the hot summer weather!

emmaroos boutique romper collage(Please, please ignore our floors.  They are in need of being refnished about a year ago, but we’ve not had the time!)

The watermelon dress is so soft, and so comfy to wear, that my little one wants to wear it daily.  She loves that the shorts are the same as the dress, so she can twirl and do cartwheels without anyone seeing her underwear (which is funny because 90% of the time I have to remind her to WEAR underwear!?).  My favorite thing about this dress set is the watermelon seeds.  Such a fun accent!

emmaroos boutique watermelon collage

And last…but certainly not least…the ruffliest of the ruffles…it’s twirly, it’s ruffly, it’s got a fun flower and it’s SO fun to wear.  It’s 2 pieces of polka dot adorableness!  This turquoise/white 2 piece set with a flower is fun for a playdate, a party, a picnic or a walk.  I love it.

emmaroos boutique polka dot collageAt Emmaroo’s Boutique, they strive to make shopping for children’s clothing convenient and affordable. They offer many styles and designs to suit just about any taste.

One reader will win a $100 Gift Certificate to Emmaroo’s Boutique!  

Thank you to Emmaroo’s Boutique for sending us the adorable outfits.  Opinions are my own.

We love Gymboree’s Spring line! (Giveaway)

Thanks to a gift card that Gymboree sent us to check out some of their spring line, my kids are going to by styling this Easter and through the spring.  My girls will match in adorable Growing Flowers yellow shirts with applique flowers on them, paired with a Flower Skirt.  The colors are bright, the patterns darling, and you can mix and match to your heart’s content.  This is a pull-on skirt, so she’ll want some shorts underneath if she’s bare legged.

spring 2013 gymboree girl copy 2 copyThe skirt and top are both from the Showers with Flowers line- I could have chosen the whole line, to be perfectly honest. I love it all! The cotton is so soft, and looks great dressed up with tights and party shoes or dressed down a bit, too.  I would only love these adorable skirts more if they had bloomers or built in shorts. My girls are climbers, hang upside down, and do cartwheels. They need bloomers or built in shorts in skirts!  I love that my girls like to match (at least sometimes).  With outfits like this, though, how could they say no?

spring 2013 gymboree girls flower skirts
I’m in love with plaids for my little man.  Thankfully he’s agreeable to wearing them (for now).  He’s got some super cute plaid patchwork shorts from the Baseball Champ line paired with a Tattersall Shirt. Super cute, right? I love it!

boys gymboree spring 2013He was insistent I show him with his “Spiderman” pose. So here it is.  He actually does this pose every single time I want to get a photo of him but they normally don’t make it past editing.  It’s hard to say no when he’s being such a cute little model!

spring 2013 spiderman gymboree pose

The entire Baseball Champ line is just great.  He likes it because it’s “cool” and I like it because he looks nice, well put together, but can also be rough and tumble without destroying his clothes.  Gymboree does a great job making quality clothes that are designed to last- they don’t fade, they don’t shrink, and it takes some serious effort to blow through a knee.

spring 2013 baseball gymboree

Here’s a secret: Gymboree makes some of the best underwear for kids.  Want to know why?  I mean, it’s great quality cotton and very comfortable for kids without losing shape.  But…and this is why I love it so, it’s also been the saving grace for us when the kids were kind of “between” underwear sizes.  You know what I mean, right?  Like they outgrow the tiny size but the next size up is humongous on them.  Gymboree always fits them…My little one finally outgrew her size 2t-3t “character” undies- but the next size up looks like shorts on her.  The Gymboree 2t-3t still fit her ok, and the size XS for Gymboree is definitely big but is also made well enough that she can wear them without losing her drawers.  Other brands, notsomuch.  I am quite picky about the kids underwear.  I want them to be comfortable!  Plus, they have such cute prints.

I need more gift cards to get more of these lines.  Plus the other lines.  And some basics.  Don’t even get me started on the accessories.

One of my readers will win a $75 Gift Card to Gymboree! 

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I received a gift card from Gymboree to choose some items from the spring lines.  Opinions are, as always, my own.

Egg-cellent Easter fashion and accessory finds from The Children’s Place and Tiny Tillia

This Egg-cellent Easter fashion and accessory finds post is brought to you by The Children’s Place and by Tiny Tillia.  
The Children’s Place has some of our favorite clothing and pajamas for every season- durable, stylish pieces at affordable prices
From Sunday gatherings to egg hunts, they’ll be perfectly put-together for the season in fashionable looks from The Children’s Place.  From sweet dresses and headbands for girls, to Oxford shirts and vests for boys, The Children’s Place has everything they need for a hoppy Easter.
PRICE: Accessories starting at $4.95
WHERE TO FIND IT: The Children’s Place stores nationwide;
Tiny Tillia by Avon offers great accessories for an Easter egg hunt or a charming onesie or cotton dress, Tiny Tillia has adorable Easter offerings to make their holiday much sweeter.  Look at the chick-y tutu! How darling!
PRICE: Starting at $9.99
WHERE TO FIND IT: Avon representatives;
easter items tiny tilliaI will receive a thank you item to thank me for sharing this post.  Opinions are my own.

Imagine Fashion Life for Nintendo 3DS #HGG #UbiFashionLife

imagine fashion life mannequinI have three children in my house who have a very clear sense of style all of their own.  I can choose what I like for them, but they decide what to wear with what, and assemble their own ensembles.  Which is probably why my son wore snow boots for about 14 months straight, and why my then-5-year-old wore one shoe from 2 different pairs of sneakers for a few months back in Kindergarten. I guess fashion is subjective, but it’s fun to see what people come up with.  As my kids get older, their sense of “style” is coming out more and more, and it’s just so fun to watch their personalities expressed in their clothes.  (Except for my 5 year old.  If he’s able to wear a superhero shirt everysingleday then he’s happy.  Non superhero shirtdays? He’s not happy).  Of course, I’m not really super trendy so they may or may not have just ended up like their mama.

imagine fashion life 3ds

With Imagine Fashion Life, you can create your model, and then create the looks, change the looks, be the looks, and more.  You can create an entire “line” of fashions and accessories in 3D, and then even share it with friends!  That’s what’s the most fun, I think- being able to show off your designs.  Why design something fabulous if you aren’t going to share it?  That sense of style my kids have can be turned into entire ensembles and wardrobes with this game- which is totally fun. It’s a fun game to play with your girlfriends too!

I love that there are games that let kids express creativity and don’t include violence.

Imagine®, the original Games for Girls brand, introduces the most realistic and customizable fashion design game yet for the Nintendo 3DS™ system that allows you to create whatever you dream. Chart your own path to becoming a world famous fashion designer by creating the most unique and lifelike 3D looks, developing the wardrobe of your dreams and sharing your creations with friends. Imagine Fashion Designer 3D fully leverages the Nintendo 3DS system’s features, with almost-touchable 3D designs and textures, StreetPass™ sharing, 3D camera captures and more.

Imagine Fashion Life for Nintendo 3DS is available at and Amazon for about $29.99.  It’ll make a great gift for your little fashionista this holiday season!

This is a sponsored post with Clever Girls Collective.  Opinions are my own.

Imagine Babyz for Nintendo 3DS #HGG #ImagineBabyz

imagine babyzI spent most of my evenings and weekends in high school babysitting. I loved it. I always wanted to be around kids.  Then I “grew up” and went to college- to study early childhood education, and continued to work with kids- although my babysitting times were limited to family and to families who used the child care center at Loon Mountain where I was working.  Once I graduated, I started working in child care centers and preschools…became a live in nanny, and now here I am, mom of three.  I guess you could say I kind of like kids?!  Babysitting is fun for me- and I knew I’d want to check out Imagine Babyz.  I figured it was a game made for folks like ME!

The babies in Imagine Babyz are  6-18 months old (which happens to be my favorite age range…) You can play with them, dress them, take them to the park, budget to buy them new things, travel with them, and more.  They are cute, they are interactive and they are adorable.

imagine babyz game

So, I think this game is super cute. It took a while to “get” how to play, which may deter some folks.  My daughter spent most of her time with the game changing her avatar around.  The idea is cute, and it can be fun, but for both my daughter and I, it took too long to figure out what to do  for us to really get excited about it.  I totally assumed I’d love this game because it’s got babies and I love babies.  I do like it, but it’s taken me a long time to get into it… so after a few weeks I’m still not loving it.   I think we’re going to put it away for a few months until my daughter is a bit older and try again.  It’s a game geared towards the 6-13 crowd but I think most girls at the younger end of that age range are going to be frustrated or lose interest like my daughter did.  I think with an older child who has a little more patience this might be a better game for them.

I would have loved this game as a gift when I WAS a nanny– and I’m sure there are lots of au pairs and nannies who would say the same.  How cool to have a video game of your work?

In Imagine Babyz, experience the life of a popular babysitter with incredibly lifelike 3D visual animation! Travel the world caring for babies and helping them grow, keeping both the babies and their parents happy in order to build your reputation as a babysitter and ultimately open your own dream day care business.

Imagine Babyz for 3DS is available online at ToysRUs and Amazon for about $29.99.

This is a sponsored post with Clever Girls Collective.  Opinions are my own.

The Bowtique Custom Hair Accessories Discount Code #HGG

I’ve known Jill of The Bowtique for many years now.  In fact, we’ve grown hair right along with her business growing.  That’s right- my girls were both baldies and we used Jill’s clippies since the moment there was a visible strand of hair on my oldest’s head.  As they grew more hair, we got to check out more of Jill’s gorgeous creations, and enjoy more and more of her creativity and all around awesome hair pieces.  Pretties for your princess, indeed.  (I maybe have worn some of these clips myself over the years).

easter bow from the bowtique

My oldest daughter at 9 months wearing a bow from Bowtique.

There’s clips for baldies and ribbon ponytail holders.  There’s big and small and every size in between for clips, ponys…Jill can make you a custom design or find that perfect ribbon to make a bow that matches a special outfit “just right” and she’ll do it with a smile, all while packaging your purchase in sweet colored tissue paper sealed with a sticker.  Every purchase from The Bowtique comes wrapped up like a present.

bowtique ornaments

There’s more than hair accessories for girls at The Bowtique- felt and wool holiday ornaments are a wonderful, personal gift and these are cute and affordable.  Great for a gift themselves, or an adorable tie on on top of the package! Reminds me, I need to order some for my house!  There’s also some cute new headbands for everyone’s favorite dolls – the headbands fit 15 and 18 inch dolls (I’ve tested on both).

I will be totally honest with you and tell you that we have given gifts from The Bowtique to many friends and family over the years.  These make a GREAT gift when you are invited to a party and the parent says “my child doesn’t need any more toys!” and you are left trying to figure something out.  A bow holder and a simple clip are a reasonable price and are sure to be used and enjoyed for a very long time.

Want to see some of the holiday cuteness?

candy cane headband the bowtique


 snowflake bloom felt clip the bowtique

For the little girl (or lady) who wants a little sparkle but not so much fancy in their hair, the elastic hair ties are fantabulous- and are available in glitter as well.  My daughter is so excited to wear the dark blue ones with her holiday outfit for Christmas Eve!

glitter elastic hair ties

These hair ties, I will warn you, are addictive.  I won’t ever go back to “regular” hair elastics again.  The girls and I fight over them.  I will let them have the glittery ones.  The rest are for me!

Want to order right now?  Save 15% using code NOV15 at checkout!  

One lucky reader from US or Canada will win a $50 Gift Certificate to The Bowtique! 

To enter, simply visit The Bowtique and tell me what your TWO favorite items are.

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Western Chief’s Butterfly Raingear Review & Giveaway

western chief butterfly boots raincoat umbrella

Every girl needs an adorable rain ensemble to wear when she’s out and about and it’s raining, right?  I mean, puddle jumping is fun regardless of your attire, but puddle jumping in Butterfly boots?  It just adds a little something, you know?  Thanks to Western Chief, my littlest one has a Butterfly raingear ensemble- an umbrella, a raincoat and rainboots to keep her dry- and looking super cute, whenever it’s raining.  Or whenever it isn’t, since she’s obsessed with her rainboots and has been wearing them almost nonstop since they arrived.

western chief butterfly raincoat umbrella boots

Western Chief’s raingear is PVC free. The raincoats ($36.00 ARV) are made from  a waterproof polyurethane with a moisture-absorbent lining.  The rainboots ($25.00ARV) are a 100% aterproof natural rubber boot with a full net linin, pull handles for easy on & off (which is great since the sizing starts at a toddler 5, just about when kids hit the “I do it mySELF phase…” and have a steel shank and non slip sole for safety. The umbrellas ($16.00 ARV)  are one size made from bright, colorful nylon.

western chief butterfly  boots umbrella raincoat

HelloKittyScenic-Red umbrella

Western Chief would like to send one reader their choice of a Dinosaur Umbrella, a Monster Umbrella, a Butterfly Umbrella or the Scenic Hello Kitty Umbrella (pictured above)! 


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Back to School with The Children’s Place (Giveaway)

It’s here.  BACK TO SCHOOL!  Some celebrate, others are sad, but no matter which way you feel, you’re probably going to need to do some back to school shopping.  It’s one of my favorite things to do, shopping is.  I mean, back to school shopping.  (Or let’s be really honest, I love shopping.  I said it).  I used to shop for me, and now that I have kids, I shop for them.  I like to find clothes that are well fitting, built to last, and comfortable for the kids.  I’m a big fan of matching thing, or coordinating, so they can mix and match.  The kids have so far been fairly agreeable to my suggestions. The Children’s Place is always one of the first stops on the list.
This year, I’ve tried something new.  I let the kids just choose.  I didn’t guide them, or only show them things I liked. I let them choose.  This was a big step for me and I wasn’t sure what the results would be.  I assumed someone would be crying in the corner (me) that no one wanted matchy stuff.

My little guy loves the athletic pants, and would wear his beloved ‘noisy pants’ every day, if he was allowed.  Paired with a bright orange long sleeved tshirt, I think the outfit kind of works for him, don’t you?  Please excuse his expression, there’s not much he hates less than having to model clothes for pictures.  I love this outfit because he looks great, and he’ll be comfortable in it- so no fidgeting (at least from clothes) during school!

childrens place fall fashions 2012 boys

As you can see, my littlest one is all ready for preschool in her cute little top and skirt.  The ruffly purse applique on the top looks just darling with the ruffled skirt, and she’s as happy as can be that it’s all in shades of her beloved purple.

childrens place fall fashion 2012 baby girl

Big sister is starting to look like a “big kid” and not a little girl anymore, and is all about shiny things and apparently, any color BUT pink.

childrens place fall fashions 2012 girls

I think we have 4 pairs now of these brightly colored jeggings- all with these adorable elbow-length sleeves and a vibrant shiny design on the front.  Yes, we’ve hit big kid styles, but I think she works it, don’t you?

childrens place fall fashions 2012 sparkle

My girls can’t wait to show off their new style at school!

childrens place fall fashions 2012

The Children’s Place offers so many great styles, quality construction, and affordable prices.  I’ve been so happy with our purchases over the years!  The latest looks, the hottest styles, the basics…all affordable and can make parents AND kids happy.

childrens place boys fall 2012 outfits

One reader will win a $50 gift card to The Children’s Place!


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We received some fall fashion items in to facilitate the review.  Opinions are my own.



Gigi’s Glitzy Boutique Review & Giveaway

If there’s one thing I love more than monogrammed stationary, it’s monogram shirts.  Gigi’s Glitzy Boutique sent us an embroidered shirt for each of my kids recently, with their first names monogrammed on the front.  The kids love them, I love them, we’re all happy.  The embroidery is very well done, stays put, and holds its shape.  The kids LOVE their shirts, and are always asking me if they are clean!  These make such a fun gift, especially for the kids in your life who have “too much stuff” as their parents say (guilty here), and so personal. What a fun way to express yourself.  They do have “age” themed shirts at Gigi’s  as well, but I like to order shirts a bit large so the kids can wear them longer so we did the characters instead.

Gigi’s is located right next store to us in Rhode Island, a children’s boutique offering infant, toddler, girls and boys clothing and accessories.  My favorite part?  90% of their products are priced at or below $25.00.  I don’t mind spending for quality, but it’s nice when the quality is affordable!  They specialize in custom embroidery (like the shirts they made my kids) and most of what is in their boutique is hand made by them.  They also use local vendors who sell in store.  You can shop in person or online.  I’m hoping we can make a little road trip up to Coventry, Rhode Island, so we can visit Gigi’s in person and see all they have to offer!

For local folks, Gigi’s does birthday parties- in style!  They have a kids’ salon too so you can get glam at the party!


Gigi’s has what you need for dance class, as well.  Tons of fun, unique and different items at affordable pricing!

Gigi’s would like to give one of my fabulous readers a custom shirt of their own!


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I received samples to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own.