5 Things I Never Thought I’d Say

There are many phrases parents don’t expect to utter until they have children….here are a few of my current faves!  Parenting sure is fun sometimes!

1. Please don’t cut the cat’s hair…your sister’s hair… the dog’s hair…mommy’s hair….

2. Please don’t put stickers on your penis.

3.Please don’t feed the cat waffles.

4. Please don’t feed the baby the dog’s food.

5. Please don’t lick the lobster tank.

lobster tank

Photo credit: http://www.swwilson.com/stainless_steel_pan


Got any of your own?


Here’s a little Friday Fun: Zombie Proofing Your Home

Sometimes, you have to change gears and have a little fun.  If you have ever watched Sci-Fi on TV or in the movies, you’ve probably thought a few times about a zombie apocalypse.  I know I have.  Have YOU ever thought about it?  Would you be prepared for one?

I bring you (well, our friends at Home Security are bringing you) the Ultimate Guide To Zombie Proofing Your Home (And Staying Alive)
Ultimate Guide To Zombie Proofing Your Home (And Staying Alive)

Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important (Giveaway)

Fun songs, engaging characters, silly names, themes of friendship and a whole lot of silly make for a GREAT package in Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important Book and CD combo!  This was an instant hit with all three kids- and passed the reading aloud test with Mr. Bargains.  The stars were aligned when this book and cd were created.  The humor speaks to all ages and its really just plain fun to read the story aloud or listen to the music in the car!!  Its hard to not want to find out more about Chicken Joe who is actually  a cat!!

Chicken Joe, the cat who sleeps in the hen house, is happily dreaming about rock and roll. A rooster’s raucous crow wakes him up way too early. Everyone on the farm knows today is a special day, but in his sleepy morning haze, Chicken Joe can’t remember just what it is. Even Joe’s best friend, a city dog named Miss Kitty, won’t tell him. Find out why this is Chicken Joe’s big day in Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important, the latest book-and-CD release from The Secret Mountain (September 6, 2011).   [click to continue…]