Do you know what would make for a lot of fun? Chalkboard decals.

I know, I know. We all have some kind of decals in our house at this point. Why not? So fun, and whatnot. But my friend Danielle did a post about CHALKBOARD DECALS for her girls’ room and it got me thinking- and giggling- about how that would fly at my house, in my bedroom.

stick people

Let’s just say for the sake of conversation that Person A and Queen B live in this bedroom.  You know, hypothetically and stuff.

stick people decals

Person A: Why are there weird stickers all over the wall above my pillows?

Queen B: So you can share your feelings.  Tell me what you are thinking.

Person A: What is wrong with you? I mean, WHY?  WHY?

Queen B: That’s more a question about how I’m feeling. This is more for you to share your feelings.  *smile*

stick people decals writing

Person A: *writing on the decals* There’s something wrong with you. In your head.  This is not normal.

stick people decals writing end

Queen B: *adding a decal above pillow on her side* Go honey! Share your feelings! Share, share!


Yes, I do amuse myself.  And these beautiful works of art (my drawings) are hand drawn with the mouse.  On Paint.  By me.  With my right hand.


Also, please see Danielle’s post about the chalkboard decals in a girls’ room because they are super cute and look way better than my drawings.

I mean, don’t you think this could open the lines of communication between couples everywhere? 

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