Vick’s Behind Ear Thermometer Supports Baby Buggy Charity #BehindEar

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Vick's Behind Ear Thermometer #BehindEar Baby Buggy CharityWhat do ears, baby buggies and the name “Seinfeld” have in common?  Well, that’s easy- Vick’s has a new Behind Ear Thermometer and in conjunction with it’s release they are supporting a charity program- none other than Jessica Seinfeld’s Baby Buggy Charity.  You can help support this effort, and it won’t take but a moment of your time.

What IS the Behind Ear Thermometer?

Easy, Gentle and PreciseGet a fast, accurate temperature reading, with just a touchThe new Vicks® Behind Ear Thermometer (V980) takes the guesswork out of measuring for fever,restoring confidence to parents and peace of mind in just one second. This first of its kind thermometer letsyou get a quick temperature reading from behind your child’s ear, close to the carotid artery, which is theideal external site to measure temperature. This site is ideal because it is naturally protected from draftsand perspiration. Clinically proven accurate, this innovative thermometer is an easy and reliable tool helpingparents know when fever is getting better or worse.

The Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer requires only agentle, 1-second touch – no swiping across the skin is involved. Simply place in the hollow behind yourchild’s ear with a gentle touch, press the start button, and release after you hear the 1-second “beep.

Vick's Behind Ear Baby BuggyWant to support this endeavour?  It’s really quite simple- it takes just a second, and you just need to share this video.  That’s it.  One click from you and  you can help support a family in need.  For each “share” of this  video, a Vicks Behind Ear thermometer will be donated to Baby Buggy, helping families in need obtain essential baby products. Pretty cool, right?  Totally something we can all do, so won’t you join me and “share” the video?

You can also support this effort with any of the following- feel free to borrow, modify if you like, and share, share share!!

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  • Take 1 sec to share this video! For each share, a Vicks #BehindEar Thermometer will be donated to a family in need!
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  • Today’s good deed takes 1 sec. Click: & share the video to donate a Vicks #BehindEar Thermometer to a family in need

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  • They sure have came up with great ideas to aid in ill children.

  • Sounds like a great thermometer…. I’m always looking for anything that makes life a little easier. Thanks!

  • Thanks for this review, I have been looking for a thermometer that was much more user friendly than the one in the ears or the normal ones.. I will go out and see if I can find this one!

  • Thanks for trying this out. I have wondered how this worked from a users perspective.

  • One second touch – nice! I sure could have used this when mine were babies.

  • I love the idea of a BEHIND the ear thermometer! How great, especially when it’s shared by multiple kids and you no longer have to buy those covers like you do for the usual ear thermometers.

  • Anyone with babies/toddlers probably needs one of these. Too bad they didn’t have one when my son was younger…Thanks for the review!

  • shared!

  • Wish we’d had these thermometers when my boys were babes!

  • this would be great for my 2 great nephews!

  • Wow so easy and yet so fast. Come a long when from when mine were little. You had to fight with them just to take their temp. and then I wonder how accurate it really was after them being so upset. Thanks for the review.

  • What a great idea!

  • Just shared! Thanks for the info… such an easy way to help!

  • Very cool! And something any of us can do!


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