10 Things You Should Donate that Will be Useful to Others

10 Things You Should Donate that Will be Useful to Others

We all know donating to the needy is something we should do. Helping the less fortunate is the right thing to do- only more often than not people donate things that are not really useful to those in need. With a little forethought, you can donate great things that truly help those in need. Here are ten things you should donate.

10 Things You Should Donate from This Mama Loves

Foods that do not require cooking. Food drives are great but they often bring in items that are not so practical for many of the families receiving the donations. Homeless families often find it hard to prepare foods they receive. By donating foods that do not need to be cooked or even need a can opener you are giving these families a helping hand. Pull tab canned goods are a great option.


Gently used clothing can go a long way when donating to the right place. skip the Goodwill and donate your gently used clothing items to the local homeless shelter. Many homeless shelters are looking for business casual wear to help those in need land a new job and start a new life.

Care items for babies and children are often overlooked when we make donations. Diapers, formula, and easy to carry items to help keep young children entertained are always in high demand.

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Feminine care products are always in high demand. Even if not my preferred brand, if I catch a great sale or promotion and have a coupon, I’ll spend a few dollars and take advantage of the deal. It’s an easy way to help others, and doesn’t have to cost a large amount of money.

Household items and furnishings will help a family rebuild their lives after homelessness or disaster. The character sheets your child’s outgrown? They can be put to great use. Towels are a great thing to donate especially to animal shelters!

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Leftover materials from your home remodel. Did you get a new faucet but the old one is still good? Donating items like this to Habitat for Humanity will help them build homes for needy families.


Emergency preparedness items are always needed after disasters. Donations of water, emergency radios, flashlights, and batteries can help communities bounce back after a natural disaster.


Makeup and toiletries are always needed. From shampoo to toilet paper being fresh and clean is vital to scoring a new job and rebuilding your life. Likewise, makeup is vital for women looking to make a good impression going back into the the workforce. A little confidence goes a long way.

Your old bikes and biking gear can mean a world of a difference to someone looking for a job. Transportation can eat up funds quickly leaving families with nothing left after a day of job hunting or getting back and forth during those first few weeks at a new job to even pay for food. A bike becomes free transportation. Many kids outgrow bikes far before they have a lot of use on their frames- donating a gently used bike can mean the difference between having a bike and not having one at all for a child who’s family is struggling.


Your old car is great to donate to charity. Skip the scrap yard and get a tax deduction for helping others with your old car. We donated our 20+ year old old Camry to the Alzheimer’s Association last year. There are many places you can choose from to benefit from your vehicle donation. I remember many years ago my parents donating their Bronco II to the Special Olympics!


Do you have any more things you should donate to add to our list? 


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