30 day photography challenge

Who wants to do the fun #30SummerDays Photography Challenge with me, and a friend or two?!  I have wanted to do a photography challenge for a while and just haven’t… I guess I needed a kick in the pants.  But then my friends at Staples were all “Brett, will you try a fun photography challenge and oh by the way, we’ll send you an awesome camera to do it with, and you can give the same to one of your awesome readers so they can do some challenges” so how could I say no? Just the kick in the pants I needed! 🙂

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Oh, and the camera I’ll be shooting this challenge with?  It’s gorgeous. Samsung’s NX300 20.3 MP SMART Microless Camera with 20-50mm lens in white. It’s got so many features and options!! This is a great DSLR alternative, in my opinion.


Samsung 20.3MP smart compact system camera in white color with 20 mm to 50 mm lens has 3.3″ touch screen AMOLED display and 2.5x optical zoom while featuring 1/6000 fast shutter, cmos sensor and HD movie mode.
Samsung 20.3MP smart compact wi-fi enabled camera in white color with 2.5x zoom and 3.3″ touch screen AMOLED display features a lens of 20 mm to 50 mm focal length. Camera has 5472 x 3648 & 1920 x 1080 image and video resolution respectively.

I took a field trip with my first grader and his classmates on Friday to a local youth museum- here is one of the shots I got on the trip- I love it.  

funky duck

Ready to shoot?  Let’s do this, you guys!! Who’s up for it?


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  • I wish I could do these and stick to them, it would be so fun!
  • What an awesome reason to get moving. I didn't see the post to give one away to your readers so I'll have to search for it!
  • I love to take pictures! How fun! Love this challenge, gives me something extra to be excited about and look forward to doing daily. And that camera looks awesome!
  • Every month I see these photo challenges and tell myself I'm going to participate! Maybe I'll actually get around to it next month...LOL!
  • I'm in! Sounds like great fun!

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