Back to school and back to fashion! #KidsGotStyle

This is the first in a series of sponsored posts about back to school must-haves.  School starts in a few weeks- which is going to mean some pretty big changes in our house.  We’ve been at the pool or tennis lessons all summer which means bathing suits and shorts/tshirts…or bathing suits and coverups.  The kids and I have been relaxing and enjoying the summer, but now that it’s August, it’s time to start getting ready for back to school and back to clothes!  This year, for the first time, my kids have very specific items on their lists for school clothes, shoes and accessories- even my littlest one.  Even my soon-to-be-first-grader has a list of must-haves and have-nots, and he’s never had a preference before.

One of my favorite parts of back to school shopping, aside from the brand new supplies that I’d organize and reorganize about 400 times before the big first day actually arrived, was picking out the outfit for the first day of school.  My mom always understood how much we each wanted that special something to wear for our first day, for the impression we’d make with teachers and classmates.

I asked my kids this morning what their MUST-HAVEs are for back to school this year.


My almost 6 year old son: 

Sharpies ( I don’t know what Sharpie markers have to do with back to school but he was insistent that I include them!)

big kid clothes

cool jeans with no buttons

Star Wars and Lego and Superman stuff

a Flat Brim Hat (I’m hoping he knows what this means, because, my friends, I do NOT!!)

plain socks like dad’s

Cool shirts for soccer and basketball

My 4 year old daughter:

Princess dress

Princess shoes


Sparkly shoes

Sparkly clothes

Care Bears underwear


My 8 year old daughter: 

Maxi dress


more dresses




skirts and leggings

new shoes

Thankfully, most, if not ALL of these items on their wish lists can be found at our beloved Target!!  My wish list for back to school is affordable stuff that they will WANT to wear that won’t sit in the drawers or on hangers without being touched.  I’m slowly embracing the fact that my kids are old enough to have their own idea of fashion and what THEY want to wear to show their style at school and it’s actually kind of fun to see them show their personalities through their wardrobe and accessories!

 Target Logo_RGB

Expect more. Pay less.


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  • My kids are specific as well. We started back to school shopping last week.
  • Such a cute photo! i love target! they have the cutest clothes and supplies!
  • We did all our Back to School shopping over the weekend with Tax Free here in Florida and the only store I went to was Target.. Yup got everyting we needed and we are done... Gotta love one stop shop...
  • LOL I love that their back to school supplies include glitter, rainbows and Superman! That's awesome.
  • How cute! You know, I am a total Sharpie fan too! ;) I'll definitely be doing a lot of shopping at Target, love getting everything we need for B2S all in one place... and at a good price!
  • I was just in there today! I love how kids can be their own person when there is so much to choose from. Both of your girls are very girly girls, it seems. :)
  • Too cute! Your kids have some great choices there. I really like the sparkles and care bear underwear choices.
  • love Target--everything in ONE PLACE!! what moe can I say--I'm not one of those people who enjoy shopping LOL--I find it to be a chore--great post thanks for sharing
  • I enjoy shopping for my boys for back to school. It's fun seeing what they like and helping them put outfits together! Who doesn't like shopping at Target?!? They have everything!
  • Target is such a great place to find just about everything you need! I have to get started on back to school shopping soon.
  • We have to make a Target run for some back to school stuff! It's hard to believe that my little guy is a preschooler already.
  • lol, a lot of princess and glittery outfits there!
  • Personally my kids love shopping at Target! They always have cute clothes and my oldest little one is starting kindergarten this year. Where does the time go?
  • Love your kids lists - those are so cute!
  • I still have 2 more weeks before I ask CJ that question! Lol. thankfully he's done his clothes shopping, and we agreed on everything! I think a flat brimmed hat is just a baseball cap - where the brim of it is not curled at all... it is perfectly flat.

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