Come meet American Girl’s newest Historical Characters

Meet Cecile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner.  They are here, in my house, and they are beautiful.  These two lovely girls are the newest Historical Characters by American Girl, and they are unique in that this is the first time the company has introduced 2 historical characters at the same time.  They are available for preorder now and will be in stores and online on August 30th.  There are Charity Balls being held in celebration of the girls’ arrival in several cities, and they have inspired Harry Connick Jr. to write a song that his daughter has sung, the sales of which go to benefit the Ellis Marsalis Music Center in New Orleans.  Part of the proceeds from the Balls will be going to the center as well.

The girls are from New Orleans circa 1853, friends despite their differences, and each comes with a book introducing them and their story, plus there are 4 more books that share the tale of these two friends who overcome so much to save their families, friends, and beloved city of New Orleans.  

We’ve had the “Meet Cecile” and “Meet Marie-Grace” books for a week now and have been reading a few pages together each night, my Busy girl and me.  She’s enthralled.  I’m enthralled.  I love that we’re meeting the characters together.

The dolls themselves arrived here today.  They come so well packaged, American Girl really takes care to prevent any kind of damage to their hairstyles (netting- which does stretch so it can be put back on), foam wrapped around their boots to protect them from being damaged or marred in transit, and around the dolls’ necks.  These 18 inch dolls are made for play, and made to last.  I can’t wait to get a doll brush and style their hair and change their clothes!

Removing the dolls from the boxes was quick and simple, and I’m glad to say, replacing them into their boxes was just as simple.  The dolls are stunning- but that’s part of the American Girl “thing” so not a surprise.  I absolutely love Cecile’s ringlets, and could immediately imagine her mama tying rags around her hair to set the curls.  Marie-Grace has long, wavy hair that has pretty braids keeping the front and sides away from her face.  Her hair just seems to cascade down her back.

The dresses for both girls are beautifully made, and look exactly as I would imagine they should look for the 1850’s.  They both have white pantalettes underneath their dresses, with leather-like boots on their feet over white stockings.  Marie-Grace has two tone boots and Cecile has black.

If you are near an American Girl store, there are celebration events coming August 30th to welcome Cecile and Marie-Grace into the American Girl family, so mark your calendars and head over!! I am hoping I can get up there with my girl, and our new girls!!

Thank you so much to American Girl for sending Cecile and Marie-Grace to us.  While we received samples to facilitate this review, opinions expressed within are, as always, our own.

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  • Those dolls are just gorgeous. I love their hair! Is it weird that I want one for myself???
  • WOW - you're so lucky to have rec'd these for your little girl! I'm going to try to start getting an AG collection together so that I have it ready for my Grandaughter when she's old enough - she's only 18 months old now.... Hope your Daughter has fun w/these, what a lucky little girl!

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