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This review of the Samsung WB200 Camera, one of the Samsung Smart Cameras, has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.
samsung wb200 wifi hybrid touchscreen camera

The Samsung WB200 Camera is a smart camera, in many ways. It’s got a hybrid touch screen, so you can use the shutter button to snap those memories or you can touch the screen (which my kids prefer to do). It’s an affordable camera that’s most definitely family-friendly, and comes with a lot of bells and whistles for the approx. $179 price tag. These little cameras let you email photos direct from the camera, share on social networks or upload to storage clouds. You can grab close-ups, action shots, panoramic views and more with the 18x zoom lens. This 14.2 megapixel camera has built-in BSI CMOS Sensor to capture images in low-light situations. It also comes with optimal image stabilization- which means all ages can get some fabulous shots regardless of how still they can hold the camera. You can even control your camera with your smartphone and capture the entire family in a special moment!
Things I love about this camera:
Long zoom– I don’t have to carry anything but the tiny little camera that can (almost) fit in my pocket. The lenses are built right in. Do you know how convenient this is? I love it. Less room for user error (I’m good at user error). We were on a field trip to Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT this past week and check out the shots I got from many feet away.
samsung wb200 zoom feature
This little guy just stared right at me, like he was asking me to take his picture!
samsung wb200  close up

Low Light Photography No fiddling around with settings on my “big” camera and missing out on moments I want to capture. That’s one thing that compact system cameras have over DSLR- with the built in, powerful zoom lenses and strong and powerful setting detection, the camera does the work for me. (Does that sound lazy? I don’t mean to sound lazy)! I’m focusing on the pool fun since we’ve finally had warm enough weather to use our pool but I’ll be sharing more photos from this camera as the summer progresses, don’t worry!
samsung wb200 low light photo

Wireless Cameras/Smart Cameras– You can share photos FROM YOUR CAMERA. Not by removing the card and using a card reader, not by a USB cord…but with Wi-Fi. Isn’t that just marvelously marvelous? I love it. So cool. Maybe I’ve been under a rock but I find this just fantastic. Family, be warned, this mama loves sharing photos and this mama has a new camera that shares direct!! Prepare your inboxes!

The price. I got this camera WITH a 3 year extended warranty for $210.57. It’s got features galore and did I mention it’s got that wi-fi so you can share right from the camera (Maybe once or 4 times, right?) plus it has a sleek look and a small size so it’ll go anywhere you go.
samsung wb200 action shot
I wish I’d gotten a better shot of her FROM this jump, but none were great shots (she was making a weird face) so we did a second take sans goggles!
samsung wb200 cannonball action shot

Things I don’t like about this camera:
The color. White is pretty but I fear for how long it will look pretty and not dingy. Perhaps pink will come out next. But really, that’s also part of what I love about this camera, is that it IS white, because I’ve had black, black, and black cameras for my entire life. The white is fun and refreshing.

Check out my shopping trip for this camera at our local Walmart store:

Shopping for Samsung WB200 Camera at Walmart

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  • Great post on the camera! I have really enjoyed using mine excited to finally have a camera that I like better than my iPhone!
  • I love that point and shoots are making a comeback, and they're way more advanced than they used to be!
  • Holey Guacamole I love the pool jump shot!
  • Those turtle and frog shots are amazing! The action shot is great too, so clear!
  • Sounds like an awesome camera. I like the way you can share right from the camera!
  • Wow, those pool shots are amazing! I didn't think point and shoot could be so good! I can't wait to check this one out :)
  • Love the camera shots Brett! A fun portable camera is always needed for those moments that you can't or don't want to drag along the DSLR.
  • Great picture quality! Thanks for sharing
  • I think I could actually take a decent pic with this camera, because so far I haven't taken any in the cameras I've used!
  • What fun shots! I purchased a Sony not to long ago but this one sounds like a great camera.
  • I love my camera, too.. soo glad to see that others enjoy the simple settings of this amazing camera and I loved your frog picture.. I'm not a frog person but that one was super cool Thanks for sharing and OH the pic where she jumps in is priceless, LOVE the "Action" shot.. it's super cool
    • I'm not super into frogs either but this guy was cool. He was all chill and "I'm not going to come jump near you, lady with the nice white camera" so I knew he was cool.
  • You got some great shots - thanks for the overview of this camera! It's nice that it's so portable and still takes good photos.
  • looks like fun..can't wait to get mine!!!
    • Let me know how you like it Rebecca. It's fun!
  • Thanks for the review! I've been wanting a new camera and I'll be checking this one out. I've heard so many good things about it...

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