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Thank you to DDP Yoga for sending me their DVD and book set to try out.  If you haven’t seen the amazing transformation video of Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran, you have to check it out.  He went from being told that he would never walk unassisted to being able to run again.  He credits his transformation to DDP Yoga.  After watching the video I knew I needed to try this program.



For all of you wrestling fans, DDP Yoga is instructed by Diamond Dave Page, former 3-time WCW World Champion Professional Wrestler.  He is a motivating and funny instructor. After a wrestling related injury Diamond Dave started treating his injury with yoga.  He then returned to wrestling and is using what he learned during his injury to help others.  DDP Yoga is for everyone.

I recently finished week 3 of the program and I feel great. I have high energy and feel more flexible already. I chose to do the advanced level but it also came with a schedule for beginner and intermediate.  Each workout is typically about 30 minutes long and has modifications so that everyone can go at their own pace.  Diamond Dave is encouraging, enthusiastic and entertaining.  I really have been enjoying this program and I like that I can pick up right where I left off if I get a bit off schedule.

About DDP Yoga


DDP Yoga is not traditional yoga, it’s a hybrid workout that incorporates some traditional yoga movements and adds dynamic resistance, active breathing techniques and power movements to make for a more challenging and results oriented workout.
The main benefits are body fat loss, lean muscle growth, and improved cardio levels all without placing undue stress on the joints. A valid comparison to yoga is they both provide increased flexibility and core strengthening.
It is currently used by professional football players, professional as well as amateur wrestlers, MMA fighters, and regular everyday people who want to perform at optimum levels and want to place themselves in the best position to see career and life changing results and improve their quality of life.
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The DDP Yoga program was provided to me to facilitated this  review.  All opinions are my own.

About the author: I am a plant-based mom, wife, educator and blogger.

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  • I like Yoga and this sounds like a great product. Sure would love to be able to try it for review but I need to get in better shape before I can even begin doing Yoga again.
    • Linda~ You could do it now! That video shows that everyone can give it a try!
  • sounds like a great program. I have never tried yoga before.
  • Sounds great. I would like to start doing yoga. I have my kids signed up for a class already!
    • I love yoga...I wish I could get out to classes more often but doing it at home is great too.
  • Sounds like an awesome workout. Right now I do 40 minutes of Pilates every couple of days, but I do need to add some more to my routine - this may be just what I need.

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