Disney’s Dream Big, Princess Comes to Life

Disney’s “Dream Big, Princess” Comes to Life

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As a child, I was surrounded by so many amazing women that helped to instill in me the strengths and values I have today, including my mother, who was a lawyer before many women were involved in law. I even gravitated towards the strong, independent Disney Princesses. Belle was the first that I ever connected with. Seeing another bookworm who was able to look beyond appearances for the person beneath the surface taught me to nurture those qualities in myself.

As an adult, the Disney Princess Belle helped me to relive some of those qualities. Belle has made the little girl in me come alive when I watch her on television or see her in the store! I look back on the lessons I learned from her and make it a point to teach my own children the same wonderful life lessons. For example, Belle has shown me repeatedly to look beyond appearances and to see people for who they really are. Those same qualities, I am working hard to nurture to my daughters and son daily. It doesn’t hurt to get reminded of myself frequently either.

Those of us who have daughters want to raise them to have good qualities and morals. In our household, this even comes down to what we buy for our daughters. The one brand that I keep bringing myself back to, again and again, are the Disney Princesses. My home has so many of these princesses, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it! Here’s why I am thrilled to have Disney Princesses in our home. I want my girls to dream big! I feel like they can do that with the Disney Princesses. I love that there is a Disney Princess out there for each girl!

  1. Rapunzel – She’s not afraid of new adventures.
  2. Tiana – She’s all about making her dreams real.
  3. Pocahontas – She goes to great lengths to respect the earth.
  4. Ariel – She is about exploring new things and the new world around her.
  5. Snow White – Teaches us how important it is to make new friends in life.
  6. Jasmine – She knows the importance of trying new things in life.
  7. Cinderella – A prime example of why no one should ever give up.
  8. Merida – She is so brave!
  9. Aurora – Thinks outside of the box and always wonders what is possible.
  10. Belle – She isn’t afraid to look past the way someone looks and into their heart.
  11. Mulan – Teaches young girls how to find their inner warrior.

Tiana has become a huge celebrity in our home. We love Tiana because she works so hard! I love those qualities and want to continue to instill them in my girls. I love telling my girls about my love for Belle! I tell them stories and we play dolls together. They play with their favorite Disney Princesses and I with mine.

As I look at the qualities that these princesses portray, I am blown away! They each have a quality that I would love my daughters to have. My daughter is already an aspiring ornithologist with a love for writing books. She wants to write bird books when she gets older, and with Disney princesses by her side, she knows that dreaming big is where it starts. Belle always had her nose stuck in a book which has taught my daughter to love reading, Cinderella knew she would one day have a better life which has taught my daughter never to give up, and Tiana made her dreams a reality, teaching my daughter that her dreams can one day become a reality just as the princesses in her Disney stories. Dreaming big  is easy with these Disney Princesses by our sides.

Disney Princesses inspired you and me as little girls and they will continue to inspire our daughters. Share with me how the Disney Princesses inspire your daughter? How will you and your daughters dream big?


I plan on continuing to inspire my girls with the Disney Princess Line! We will continue to buy them awesome Disney Princess Merchandise, watch all the wonderful Disney movies with them, and take them to the Disney Parks when we can. I encourage you to check out the Disney Princess line and all they offer. Let’s help our girls to dream even bigger than we did as little girls.



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  • I loved and still love Disney princesses as well as other characters. I don't have any daughters yet but I'm sure they will too!
  • Thank you for pointing out how heroic and strong the Princesses are! So many now think if you raise a "girly girl" you are steering them wrong! We would love you to be a brand ambassador for us where we not only promote the princess image but also support Make-A-Wish for seriously ill girls who come to Orlando and want to be a Princess!
  • All of Disney's princess inspire me. They inspired my daughters and now that they have their own daughters, they inspire them as well.
  • I was so into those Disney princesses when I was a little girl. I don't have a daughter, but I always encourage my son to dream big because I do believe that dreams do come true! :)
  • I'm almost 35 and still love my Disney princesses! I love your assessment of each Princess too!
  • The Disney princesses can really pose as great examples to young girls. Belle is my favorite princess because she is not afraid to look way beyond the looks of a person.
  • I have always loved Disney Princesses and obsessed with Disney stories.. This is such a beautiful post! Dream big is very important.
  • I love how each Disney Princess teaches a lesson in some or fashion. My favorite has always been Cinderella, but I believe my daughter's current favorite is Jasmine. :)
  • I also think that Disney princess characters are full of empowerment! Every princess has a lot of qualities we want to develop in our kids, and it is great to teach them life lessons through princess stories!
  • I love those pictures! I was totally into the Disney princesses when I was younger! Looks like she's loving it!
  • The Disney Princess were amazing women and I really loved them all. I especially loved Belle for being strong and unafraid of the world around her. I loved Princess Jasmine because she was fierce. I loved the Little Mermaid because she was rebellious and wanted to see the world.
  • Absolutely looks cute , My niece would always love Disney Princess and I bet she love this too
  • This is a great initiative! Disney is great like that. Dreaming big is all about what Disney is and I love this!
  • It's so important to impress upon girls that they can be anything. And that they should never give up their goals.
  • How darling. This is so cute!! I love princesses even now!
  • The Disney Princesses truly can teach our kids to be brave and bold! I especially love the new Princesses that my own little princess is growing up with!
  • Your little princess is so adorable! We also love Disney princesses here. I am the mom of 3 girls and we know all the princesses backwards and forwards.
  • When my daughter was little, she loved the princesses. She dressed like them all and her favorite was Tiana.
  • I'm happy that she was experienced to be a princess, that's why I really loe Disney Princessess, they're appreciating what they have.
  • It's interesting how you summed up the lessons that can be learned from each Disney princess. Some parents though do not want their kids to watch Disney films because they don't want them to think of only happy endings in life.
  • I love this so much. One of the reasons I've always loved Disney princesses the most is because of how strong they are. They really go for their dreams and never stop trying.

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