Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab: Creepy, Gooey fun for everyone!

Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab
is creepy, gooey, scary EDIBLE fun for everyone!  I looked at this toy and was all “um, iew?” but the kids?  Holy moly.  What is THAT, mom?  Can we play with it? Can we make it?  What can it do? Does it make boogers? Mom can we eat the boogers?

Right.  Kids+ Gross=Happy Children.

I almost forgot.

Truth be told, the creepy, gross stuff you are making is kind of like candy.  So don’t worry,  your kids aren’t really going to ingest slugs nor slimy snails.  They may be on a sugar high, but chances are they will have a TON of fun creating the stuff to give them the sugar high!

The tricky thing about the Doctor Dreadful line is that it encourages kids to concoct things, to measure, to experiment- to see what you can make with different ingredients. You know, kind of sneaking in a little taste of how cool science is and can be.  Plus, it’ll keep the kids busy for at least a full morning or three which, with school vacation coming up next week after Christmas, may be just the thing you want to add under the tree!!  Jenni’s oldest son has actually been asking away for this toy – I kind of like to think he saw it here and thought it was super cool. It’s a really cool thing to the 5 and up crowd!!

Your children will love creating disgustingly yummy concoctions with the Doctor Dreadful zombie lab. The kit comes with all the ingredients for treats such as zombie barf and bubbling brains. Every nauseating recipe is edible, assuming your kids can find someone to try one.

This is a great toy, and has lots of fun in store for any little kid ages 5 and up.  You can find it in the US, Canada and Mexico.

A sample of this product was sent to us in exchange for the post.  Opinions are our own.

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  • OMG!! I love this doctor dreadfull zombie lab!! I love the barf and the skin and the brains and everything. I am so happy my brotheer bought that for me!! THANKS I LOVE YOU!!
  • Great toy for kids but wait...I would love playing with this and I'm over 50!

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