Family Vacation Plans in Missouri #VisitM

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I realized the other day that I’ve never been to Missouri.  You might be thinking “well, that’s not so strange” but it kind of is, since one of my sisters lived there and was married there.  I also have friends there- some “real life” and some blogging friends, and I’d love to visit with them and connect in person.  Missouri also seems to be a very family friendly place to visit.  I was quite pleasantly surprised at just how much there is to do, even on a tight budget!

We love to explore when we travel.  We are not sit on the beach and sun ourselves kind of people, although anyone who knows me knows I did my fair share in high school and college.  We like to get out and explore, see and do what there is to find.  Hiking famous trails?  Yes, please.  Water activities?  Absolutely.  Animals? Of course! My husband and kids would be happy to just go fishing in a new spot daily- I’m fine with fishing, and I do enjoy it, I just don’t like to touch the worms.  Or the fish.  I guess I like to cast and reel the line in.  There’s apparently thousands of great hunting and fishing spots in Missouri.  Who knew? (Probably people in Missouri knew, I do realize that).

If we were to make a trip out to Missouri, I think we’d probably spend a week- a few days to chill and visit friends…and a few days just exploring.

Exploring Day 1:

Ever heard of a float trip? Me either.  Or rather, I hadn’t until today. I Bing’ed it and I want to go tomorrow. it. We’d do this on day 1.

Visit Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home.  My kids love the books and they love the show.  It would be a “must do” for us.

Exploring Day 2:

Visit St. Louis Zoo (it’s FREE!)

Visit Grant’s Farm

Exploring Day 3: See where the “Wild West Began;”  visit St. Joseph and Independence, Mo.

Exploring Day 4: Professional Sports Game (season dependent) and kid museum visit!

Definitely see “the Arch” and enjoy some barbecue!!

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