Get the action shots you want with Fast Camera app from iTunes

I love the convenience of a camera on my phone. I won’t lie.  I love it so much that I made the (very hard for me) decision to leave my DSLR and lenses home when we went to Disney in January so that I could have less weight to carry in my bag and also to have less worry about something happening.  I don’t have the pictures I may have had with my DSLR but I’m happy with the decision.  My only problem is that there are many photos that probably could have been great had the camera responded quicker- it’s hard to get good action shots with a phone camera. I was excited to learn about the Fast Camera app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices-  a way to get a succession of shots with a quick touch and the abililty to set the resolution of the pics? Yes, please. I’d hoped to have the code for the download ($1.99 in iTunes) before the kids’ last day of basketball but that didn’t work out so I haven’t had a cool place to get some action shots yet.  I will, though- and I’m looking forward to having this app for softball and t-ball games coming up in the spring.

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It’s pretty neat- you can set how many photos you want the app to take at once- 10, 100, even up to 800 – its up to you.  Then you save what you like and delete the rest.  Your memory on your device isn’t used up until you decide how many photos you want to save.   Easy, peasy. In the age of the smartphone, we need more apps like this!  I’m fairly certain I won’t ever do 800 pics at once but you never know.  Never say never.

You can also set the camera to go off on a delay so you can get yourself into the photos as well.  There are several timer options to make it work for you.  FOr those of us who don’t have a fancy camera or simply don’t want to lug one around wherever we go, this app opens up a lot of new photography doors!

The app works with rear and front facing camera options- which kind of makes the options endless for shooting.  I think the kids will have a ton of fun with this with their friends doing silly pictures of themselves!

I like this app for what it can do and the simplicity of use. For the times when my hands are full and I don’t want or can’t bring my big camera, having this app opens up a lot of new opportunities to get some of the shots I missed time after time at Disney.  I can’t wait to play around with it even more!

The question is, what will you take photos of first? I think this Fast Camera app is a fabulous one and sells for only $1.99 on iTunes!





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  • Thanks! I also love my camera phone and often leave my DSLR at home. I'll be checking this out since i'm always looking for ways to improve camera phone pics.
  • That sounds so cool! I am always taking pictures and this sounds great. I love that you can set it to take several pictures at a time and it doesn't take up room until you decide which ones to keep. I have to give this one a try!
  • I am a photographer, but I do love the simplicity of being able to take a quick snapshot on my phone when I am out and about. An anpp that allows me to adjust my resolution sounds right up my alley!
  • I want this. I take pics on my phone all the time.
    • Let me know how you like it, Gayle!

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