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If you and your family enjoy camping then you know that as soon as the weather gets nice you (and your kids!) start to get the itch to go out and camp. Well, if it’s still not camping weather where you are then here are some ideas to help the family prepare brought to us by The Centsible Family!

Pretend and Play Camp SetPretend Camp Indoors!
Some of the best times with the kids can be enjoyed right in your living room. Simply create a fort or pop a tent like the Campfire Kids Wilderness Tent and snuggle in for some fun! Create your own fake campfire with Campfire Kids Campfire and “cook” S’mores with Campfire Kids Roasting Sticks. Turn off the lights and shut the shades and let the kids turn on their Campfire Kids Lantern for that campout feeling! You can even find an entire pretend camping set Pretend and Play Camp Set for all your living room camping gear!

S is for SmoresRead Camping Books
One of my favorite things to do is find camping books for the girls and slip them in Easter Baskets or Christmas Stockings so by the time we start camping they are ready for some adventures. We also keep only camping books in our camper to read to them while we are camping…a great way to spend quality time together. Here are some examples that we have:

Camping Play SetCamping Toys
Another way to build the excitement for summer is camping toys such as Mighty World Hiking and Camping orLEGO DUPLO® LEGOVille Caravan 5655! Perfect for birthday gifts or special events like pre-school graduation, etc.

So until the time comes for your first camping trip you and your family can still enjoy the special family time whether inside or simply reading/playing together. And that’s what it’s all about.

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  • Now that our 3 kids are getting older, we're excited to start planning our first family camping trip soon. These would make great ways to get the kids ready!
  • What a great idea for rainy days!!
  • Fun ideas!

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