I e-Poll, do you?

e-Poll is a paid survey site I think my friend Jess introduced me to about 2  years ago.  They do have surveys that are lengthy but the points earned are worth it, and often times they even have questions your kids can answer (which my Busy girl LOVES).  I like cashing out for Paypal money but have been known to save up for Amazon money too.

Have you done e-Poll? What are your favorite survey sites? I love being able to earn money doing surveys when my kids are (too frequently) not sleeping well at night!
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  • I never heard about them, thanks for posting this i am going to go check it out
  • Never heard about epoll.
  • I have no clue what e-poll is really. My favorite survey site is Myview which is by invite only. I love it because if you start a survey & don't qualify they still give you 125 points. I have gotten so many gift cards in less than year that it is unreal

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