My Plant Based Weekly Meals with Recipe

Quick and Easy Home Fries plus plant based weekly meals


One of the first questions asked when people learn that I am plant based is, “What do you eat?”  It is almost a hard question to answer because there are so many things I eat.  I decided to keep track of what I ate for a week.  Here are the results, all plant based, not all healthy.  🙂


Breakfast at Whole Foods Market

  • Vegan Scone
  • fruit cup
  • coffee

Lunch: Ruby Tuesday salad bar

Dinner: Popcorn and wine 🙂


Breakfast: Nugo bar, coffee

Lunch: Brown rice, Dal and sauteed greens

Dinner: Coconut Bacon BLT


Breakfast: Nugo bar, coffee

Lunch: Coconut Bacon BLT

Dinner: Moe’s Close Talker salad with Tofu


Breakfast: Nugo bar, coffee

Lunch: Coconut Bacon BLT

Dinner: Cereal with Almond Milk


Breakfast: Nugo bar, coffee

Lunch: Subway 6 inch Veggie Delite no cheese

Dinner: Home Fries, sauteed kale and steamed broccoli


Breakfast: Nugo bar, coffee, mango

Lunch: Peanut butter sandwich

Dinner: Indian Takeout Appetizers and Naan


Breakfast: Toast with Peanut Butter

Lunch: Moe’s Burrito Bowl with tofu

Dinner: Roasted Veggie and Hummus wrap with sweet potato fries

Snacks: Popcorn, carrots, baked chips, mango, tortilla chips dipped in Toffuti sour cream

My son is a very adventurous eater.  There are very few things that he does not like.  One food he balks at is baked potatoes, it is something about the texture.  Recently he tried home fries and really liked them.    Last week when we went shopping he picked out a couple of potatoes for me to cook up.  Here is what I made.

Homes Fries

3 Russet Potatoes washed

1 onion sliced

2 cloves of garlic

Earth Balance buttery spread

Ground pepper

smoked paprika


Wash the potatoes and cut up into bite size pieces.  Place is a microwave safe bowl.  Add desired amount of pepper, paprika and salt.  Top with about 2 tablespoons of Earth Balance.  Cover and microwave for 3 to 5 minutes.  The potatoes should begin to get tender but not too soft.

Meanwhile saute the sliced onion and garlic in a pan with a tablespoon of Earth Balance.  When the onions begin to brown, remove the mixture from the pan.  Add another tablespoon of buttery spread and place the potatoes in the pan.  Pack them down with a spatula and let cook for about 5 minutes on medium heat.  Then flip them over and cook again for about 5 minutes.  Add the onion/garlic mix and cook for an additional 3 minutes.    Taste and add more salt if needed.

We had ours with sauteed kale and steamed broccoli.  It was a quick, healthy and delicious meal.

home fries and greens

What is your favorite potato recipe?

About the author: I am a plant-based mom, wife, educator and blogger.

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  • This looks really good, thanks for sharing!!
  • This sounds like such a healthy meal plan - I am going to try to make my family eat more fruits and veggies and reduce the amount of red meat that we eat.
  • I shouldn't have the potatoes (too many carbs and fats, bad for diabetic), but the rest looks interesting. Kale is very good for the body and onion and garlic is the first mainstay in our home.
  • a good mix of textures and tastes!
  • Mmmm...I love fried potatoes...thinly sliced and fried. Great with kale.
  • Fixed for supper last night. They were so good. My gang loved them.
  • It is hard to say one, I love potatoes!
  • Love these. These look so yummy! Thanks for sharing with us
  • Nice Recipes. Im glad i came to know about such great recipes. Thanks for sharing!
  • Thanks for sharing - but is that enough food for you? Seems like so little.....
    • Hi MD and thanks for asking. I average around 1400-1500 calories a day. That includes snacks that I did not list each day. This amount allows me to maintain my weight. Occasionally on a Friday or Saturday I got a bit over that amount.
  • Yum
  • Looks great. THanks for sharing.
  • It is so exciting to find other "plant-based" bloggers out there! I am vegan and have been for almost 2 years. And I love to slice potatoes, put some vegetarian baked beans on top, then top that with Daiya vegan cheese. I bake them in the oven for 15-20 and serve them (eat them) like potato skins. It is delicious!
    • That sounds delicious to me and I'm NOT plant based (Gayle is) -- I want to try that recipe!
    • Hi Kelly~ That sounds really fun! What is your blog? ~Gayle

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