One-Epic-Nano-Pro Hair Dryer Review

I am notorious for my hair dryer purchasing.  I always buy a dryer that I think has great power and features, only to end up replacing it within a year.  I think I currently own 5 hair dryers and I don’t like any of them.  I jumped at the chance to try out the Epic Nano Pro Hair Dryer from One.  Just look at these great features!:


Epic Pro Dryer

  • Ergonomically designed for optimum balance and comfort
  • Ionic Intel™ system generates positive or negative ionic output suitable for multiple styling needs
  • Ceramic Spheres purify the outgoing airflow, removing carbon dioxide, and activate water molecules to replenish moisture into the hair shaft and minimize damage
  • Lightweight powerful AC motor
  • Cool shot button for style setting
  • Double walled body provides shock resistance
  • Professional length, extra durable cord ideal for the salon environment
  • Variable speed and temperature settings
  • 1875 Watts

“Nano Pro Dryer: Ergonomically designed for optimum balance and comfort, and including a professional length, durable cord ideal for  the salon setting, Epic blow dryers are lightweight, yet powerful, delivering up to 1875 watts of power. Featuring a cool shot button for style setting, as well as a double-walled body for shock resistance, these dryers combine ONE’s signature Ionic Intel System with variable heat and temperature settings to deliver versatile styles. Developed with ceramic spheres that remove pollutants to purify outgoing airflow and activate water molecules to replenish moisture into the hair shaft, Nano Pro Dryers create soft, silky hair styles with incredible body.”

Nicki Minaj has been all over the tri-state area promoting her new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded with her hairstylist Terence Davidson. Looking to add some lift and volume to your pin-straight locks? Terence Davidson says when you’re doing your hair at home, it’s all about the tools – ONE tools.


GET THE LOOK: Adding lift and volume that will last throughout the day is simple if done right. Starting with damp hair, mist strands with a thermal-protecting anti-breakage spray, like the Davines MELU Shield. Then dry each section with a natural bristle brush and angle the blow dryer down towards the floor. “I love the Epic Nano Pro Dryer because it has Ionic Intel. I can decide if I want to smooth the hair shaft or add volume!,” says Davidson. “For this step I recommend the negative ion setting because it closes the hair follicles and smoothes the hair shaft.”

Once hair is completely dry, set the front pieces in large pin curls while you tend to the rest of the hair. Using a straightener with negative ionic output to lock in moisture and eliminate static and frizz, like the Slim Epic Flat Iron, take small sections and pass the straightener through the hair until the desired straightness is achieved.

Release the front pieces and with the Epic Nano Pro Dryer set to positive, apply a root-boosting hairspray to the roots, like Philip B’s Self Adjusting Hair Spray to help add body and shine and dry the front sections to lift the hair at the roots. Pass the straightener through the hair once more to smooth and finish.


My Experience:

I have never purchased a high end dryer before and I must say that the difference is outstanding!  The dryer felt great in my hand and was easy to handle.  The ergonomic features made this hair dryer really easy to manipulate.  I loved the extra long durable cord, 8 feet long!!  This is great for when I need to move around in the bathroom or take my dryer to a hotel that may not have a convenient outlet.  The “Ionic Intel” feature was really great.  It made my hair feel thicker and smoother.  The cool shot feature was also really nice for setting my look after it was styled without adding unnecessary heat.  With 3 kids in tow I don’t get to dry my hair everyday.  I found that this hair dryer worked so great at styling my hair, that the results easily lasted for 2 days.

This Hair Dryer retails for $240 and can be purchased at


“A sample of this product was provided to help facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.”

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • This sounds like a really fast effective hair dryer! I am using an old hair dryer, and I need to get a dryer for my hair like this! I noticed it has a high watt speed! Very effective in getting my hair to dry fast!
  • I"m reviewing the same hair dryer and am IN LOVE! I totally agree, and the cord? OH MY! Not only is it long, but it's nice and thick... super quality.
  • isn't it funny how different the quality is? i'm never going back! to think of all the money i have wasted over the years on cheap dryers and i could have just purchased one!

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