Our bathroom remodel (introduction)

When we bought our home just over 7 years ago, we knew the only full bath needed to be redone.  Outdated, poor quality product covering a cast iron tub and tiles from 1946 that were likely not in great condition-we knew whenever we did the bathroom, it would be an enourmous job.  After years of putting it off, we decided this was our year.  Here are some before and during demolition photos of our bathroom remodel.


The tile on our walls and tub surround was put up in 1946, using wooden lath, metal screening, and cement “which is also called “mud” and then the tile- its very thick and a huge pain to get off.

In early July, we started demolition.  Hours and hours and days and days of hard work with no air conditioning.  Mostly done by my husband.

New subfloor and plumbing!

The old tub was the last thing to go!

About 10 days ago, right when September started, we were once again able to shower indoors.  Our summer shower?  Bless my husband for his scaffolding- and for thinking to use the utility sink in the basement to run hot water to the “shower” area.

That’s just drying puddles on the patio. Promise.

This project has been the inspiration for many tears, a good amount of blood shed (mine) and excessive amounts of take-out dinners.  It’s been a long, hot, sweaty road to get to where we are today, but it’s been worth it.  We have a bathroom we love and most importantly, can function to its potential for a family of 5.

I will be sharing some reviews from Lullaby Paints, Delta Faucets, American StandardMoen and ClosetMaid in the next several weeks, so be sure to stay tuned.

Have you ever gutted a room?  There’s always so many surprises!



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  • We are planning to renovate our bathroom this summer too! That outside shower is a wicked idea!!
  • I love you outdoor shower!
  • I just did a bathroom update, but it reallys needs a gut and redo. The problem is that we really need to move the wall out and make my daughters room smaller, but that requires a contractor.
  • Our bathroom needs remodeling...A lot of work...
  • Wow well at least it will be all worth it in the end.
  • Entered the evitaminmarket or $50 Target giveaway [email protected]
  • I remember when I remodeled my bathroom with the old cast iron tub! Getting that tub out was so hard! But after you get this bathroom remodeled you will just love taking a bath or shower! But I hope it does not get too expensive!
    • We do it all ourselves, Karen- so we keep costs (a little) down. Still pricey no matter what, but that first shower? AMAZING
  • Oh yay I have been waiting to read all about this!!! Excited to see how it turned out! Your outdoor shower is the best!!!
  • Wow, what a project!!!! You are a far more patient wife than I am! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

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