Skylanders Craft: Skylanders Battlecast Card Holder

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When my son found out that there were specially marked boxes of General Mills cereal that contained  Skylanders Battlecast cards including one exclusive card in each, he was determined that we clear out every store within a 10-mile radius.  Your Skylanders fan will love finding exclusive cards like Sonic Boom, Trigger Happy, Prism Break,and Hot Head in these specially marked boxes! My guy loves Skylanders and has been so excited for the Battlecast game, so finding out that some of his favorite breakfast cereals have Skylanders cards was a happy day.


My son likes to keep his toys organized, especially cards- they are so easy to misplace or bend, so we decided we should make a fun Skylanders Battlecast Card Holder so he knows where the cards are and that they are safe from the puppy…or the little sister.

Skylanders Craft: Skylanders Battlecast Card Holder- This Mama Loves

Skylanders Craft: Skylanders Battlecast Card Holder

My son is up about 5 minutes after I wake up, no matter how early it is, so it is the perfect time to embrace some mother-son time while everyone else sleeps. To make it even more fun and enjoyable to give us a way to connect we started playing Battlecast after we finish up a big bowl of Golden Grahams or Reese’s Puffs. We even found a cool way to keep the cards handy by creating a fun and easy card holder with a few craft supplies.  You just grab the app on your mobile phone and the Battlecast cards work with it- scan your physical cards with the device camera to add them to your digital deck and also collect digital cards within the game.

skylanders battlecast app


Craft foam

Hot glue


skylanders battlecast supplies



We started by just folding a rectangle piece of craft foam in half.

Run hot glue up each side and press the two sides together firmly until glue sets-30-45 seconds- a heavy book works great too.

skylanders battlecast glue

Next, cut Skylander Elements to decorate your card holder- we cut out life, fire, and air element symbols to give it some flair.

skylanders battlecast elements

Hot glue each piece to your cardholder.

battlecast element cards
Make breakfast more special for your and your kids by making Skylanders Battlecast and General Mills Cereal part of your morning routine together! Specially marked Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams, Honey Nut Cheerios and Reese’s Puffs include the character cards – on shelves of major retailers nationwide through September 2016.

battlecast cards

Watch this awesome video and get some other great ideas how to make General Mills and Skylanders Battle cast a fun start to your day! Have you started playing Battlecast?


Check out General Mills Cereal on all their social channels for more info!



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  • How neat! Creating bonding moments and enjoying delicious cereal.General Mills is onto something!
  • This looks like a really cool craft for kids. I know my girls have a few Skylander's game pieces hanging around.
  • My kids are going to love this Skylanders Craft. I am always looking for fun rainy day activities.
  • My friends little ones are obsessed with Skylanders. I will have to get the supplies to do this craft with them when they come over this weekend.
  • Very cute idea for any type of card collector! My girls aren't into card collecting but they sure love arts and crafts ideas!
  • My son hasn't discovered this game yet, but I am sure that is not far off. Looks like a really fun game!
  • How fun! I love this craft! I bet the kids really love it, too! I don't think my kids have played this game. I will show it to them.
  • I've never played this but know from card games how challenging it can be to hold all of your cards. This is a cute idea.
  • That's such a great idea. My daughters have been collecting these as well. That would be great for any card collector!
  • My son loves Skylanders. I didn't know there was a game he could play on my phone. I wonder if General Mills will be carrying the cards here in Canada.
    • Oh, I don't know! I think it's a pretty new game :)
  • O that's a good idea! I didn't know Skylander cards were available. I thought it was just Pokémon. :)
  • My neighbor's son is all about Skylanders and actually had some of these cards when I saw him the other day! I had no idea where they came from! I'll have to show his mom this holder craft because his cards were everywhere...
  • I love the cardholder. My son goes back and forth between Skylander and Pokemon. I like the idea of making them each unique!
  • How fun! That is such a cute craft. I honestly had no idea that there WAS a Skylanders card game. Very cool!
  • This is so adorable and fun! My nephew loves Skylanders so I know he would love this craft. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

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