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I love soup.  I’ve had a longstanding love affair with it.  Given that we’re expecting rain this weekend, ALL weekend, I can tell you that I will be making soup at least one weekend day and letting it simmer on the stove or in my crock pot all day long.  I thought I’d share with you 21 fabulous soup recipes for Sunday Dinner which are all great for simmering or leaving in the crock pot all day!!

You’ll find some quick to cook soups in this collection, and you’ll also find some Vegan and Vegetarian options.  Some healthier, Weight Watchers Friendly options…Even paleo and gluten free!! YUMMY! I aim to please all palates!

At least I don’t have to think a lot about the meal plans this week- I can just do a whole lot of soups. I’m very intrigued by the kielbasa soup- I’ve never had kielbasa in soup but the whole family really likes kielbasa so I’m going to make that on a super busy weeknight.  Soup doesn’t have to just be for Sunday Dinner. I just like some serious comfort food on Sundays and soup just tastes like Grama’s house to me, you know?

soups for sunday dinner

I adore soup, but what do you say about soup? I was chatting with my friend, Laura, about our love of soup and she inspired me to write this silly little poem…

 Ode to Soup

Oh soup, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways….

You fill my belly

You hydrate me

You fuel my energy

So I can write more silly poems.

You feed my family

And save me work

Without you, I’d be lost.

Oh, soup, how I love thee.

You are often hot

Sometimes cold

I don’t know many who eat you I lukewarm

I can put you in my crockpot

I can toss you in a pan

I can bring you to a friend

You are so versatile

I can eat you all year round

Oh, soup, how I love thee!



What are YOUR favorite soups to make or eat?



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  • Haha super cute ode to soup! And this is awesome inspiration for me to be more creative with soups...I always end up making pumpkin soup or broccoli soup :(
  • Oh so many!! I would love to try a few of these, thanks for sharing!
  • My daughter really enjoys making soup. I am going to have to share this with her.
  • WOW1 Thanks For All The Soup Recipes Can't Wait To Try Some!
  • What an awesome list. We just love soups.
  • I love soup, especially on a cold and rainy day. That Chicken Avocado soup looks great.
  • I really love broccoli cheese soup. It's funny because I don't make it though. I need to start doing that, but maybe I'm using it as an excuse to eat out. :)
  • I love making clam chowder and navy bean soup, mm mm mm.
  • I need to try some of these! With the weather still not heating up, there are still many nights when a big bowl of hot soup is exactly what I need! - Katy
  • You love soup, have great recipes, and write funny poems! You are my kinda lady. Can't wait to try out some of these recipes.
  • I love making soup and make it at least once a week. I'm going to make some for dinner tonight!
  • i wish the rest of my family had the same fondness for soup like me. I'd make more of it if they didn't feel it was just an appetizer.
  • Yum - I love a good soup. Especially if I can make it ahead and throw it in a slow cooker! The soup pics are making me so hungry right now!
  • These soup recipes look great. I'd like to try the loaded baked potato soup.
  • Your "Ode to Soup" really had me laughing out loud! Very cute! I love, love, love soup!! My favorite is Cream of Turkey which comes from a local diner. It's amazing and I can never get my cream of turkey to taste like theirs!
  • I have to be in the mood for soup and the weather has to be right, for me. In California, soup season is nearly at an end. But, when I make it I love tortilla soup or classic chicken noodle.
  • I love all the soups. Seriously, so many! Except if they are loaded with onions or garlic, then no thank you!
  • I love soup too, warm weather or cold, it makes no difference a'tall. :) That Easy Summer Vegetable Soup you've got on the slide above looks delicious!
  • I like making clam chowder. My most favorite soup.
  • Thanks for including our Crock Pot Meatless chili recipe! This recipe is so hearty and delicious that we don't even miss the meat!
  • I love soup year round, but especially on rainy days like today. They all look delish!
  • I LOVE that you really did use "our" ode to soup! That provided some good chuckles, but it really is true. I love soup! Thanks for including some of my soup recipes in your collection!
  • Hahha I love the ode to soup. I am a huuuuge soup lover also, I could honestly eat it every day. A good soup or stew... MM MM MMMMMM!

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