What are your favorite apps?

I have my phone…and my iPad, and we have an iTouch, but we’re kind of lacking in apps.  I mean, I have the important ones (email, Facebook, Words with Friends) but clearly I’m missing many.  So what are your faves?  Have you found any super cool apps you love? I asked friends and readers and here’s what they suggested, along with some of my faves.

My Fitness Pal– Yes, folks, once again This Mama Loves Her Bargains for sweets and junk food and it’s time to get busy…at the gym.  I’m hoping that THIS app will help keep me on track, especially since I have friends holding me accountable.  If you would like to also be held accountable, please feel free to leave me your MFP link.  I haven’t YET downloaded it but when I do I’ll update with my link.

This flashlight app would be really, really cool for when the power goes out- which in my town, happens all too frequently…and last year, for many, many days twice in just a few months’ time.  Don’t worry, there’s a flashlight app for Apple users too!

Audio Memos– an app that lets you record lectures, interviews, etc.

Bump App- If you and I want to share a contact or pic or something, I open up bump and select it. Then we fist bump and it transfers to your device (Thank you Julie for this, I will be bumping with you shortly…)

Photos- Smartseed, Awesome Photo- I know there are others- many even let you edit and/or enhance photos.  What have you tried? What do you love?

Color Note which is a phone post-its app (Thank you Christie for THIS new addiction)

Zedge for ringers and wallpapers

My Cycle (menstruation/fertility) & Womanlog (mens/fertility)

 Songza and Sound Hound


Zello – makes your device a walkie-talkie!

Grocery Gadgets
If you ever need help with your android, there’s an android forum where you can ask questions and get answers.


About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • These are my favorites.. These are all free apps that I have on my android - most available for iphone also AirDroid - connect phone to your computer wirelessly and move things back and forth. You actually see your phone content on the computer Flipboard - choose what you want on your flipboard (here is example of some of the things on mine).. news, facebook,twitter,instagram,sports, women's health, Google+ Assistant - I love this app. You design your assistant and they talk to you. Your assistant will tell you jokes, make phone calls, add things to your calendar, find places on map, and so much more. Gas Buddy - Find the lowest gas prices in your area or anywhere else. News Republic - Alerts you with the top news. Pocket - The pocket holds your favorite links for you in one place. Endomondo - fitness app that tracks your walks/runs with GPS - works with Earndit site online where you earn points/ gifts for your fitness. Nexercise - another fitness app that is part of a community. You can earn gift cards and other items by using this app there you have it. my favorites
  • Yeah! Fist Bump that! :) I am still exploring and discovering apps. I paid $10 for Pages (kinda pricey) for word processing. It's pretty good but still isn't like having WORD or something! :) LOL I need that Zello walkie talkie thing - over and out! :)
  • I use some of these, and I also frequently use social apps like Instagram and Facebook. None of my Twitter apps are working at the moment so I need to find a new one!

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