Why video baby monitors are a great idea

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One of the first baby purchases we made was a baby monitor.  When we were expecting our first, I couldn’t justify (or so I thought) getting one of the new-to-market  video baby monitors– we had a small house and I was going to be home full time.  Little did I know how many times I”d need a visual check on my babies before feeling assured they were OK. In retrospect, the video monitor would have been one of the smartest purchase we made.  Don’t worry….we got one for kid 2, and gave to a friend when we thought we’d be waiting several years before having another baby….and then found out we were expecting very soon after….so monitor #3 was purchased. (If you think about the math?? We could have gotten the top of the line monitor from the get go and saved a lot of money!) So why are video baby monitors a great idea?

Video monitors give parents a lot of peace of mind.  You can see where your baby is in their crib, what they are doing, and have that visual check so many of us want and need to feel assured.  It’s not that they can ever take the place of physically checking on your baby, but if your kids are light sleepers like ours- well, any movement in their room could wake them (and we did not ever keep a “silent” house). And, if they are fussing in the middle of the night, you can see if maybe they are sitting up and crying, or just kind of complaining in their sleep.  When you are outside, maybe gardening, or pushing a sibling on the swings?  You can also see what the baby’s doing, so you know if you have to stop what you are doing to head inside or just let them settle back down.

As baby gets older, you can also see if they are maybe awake because they are cold, and kicked off blankets… or maybe they’ve been sick.  It’s just one more way parents can keep an eye on their little ones.  We used a baby monitor until well into our youngest daughters’ third year- I felt better having it in the house  and knowing I could check on her anytime, even if the big kids and I were outside playing soccer or even in the pool.

On a funnier note, you can also see what your kids are “up” to- so if your kids share a room and not staying in bed, you can do what we did more than once and say “Hey! Get back in bed!” They have NO IDEA how you know they aren’t in bed, and it’s kind of funny to watch their reactions. (This can also provide a lot of entertainment for parents.  Just sayin’)

Parents can also communicate TO the kids’ rooms where the monitor is- which is a really nice feature- you can let your little one know you are coming, or if you need, say, a new diaper, medicine or something, you can let the other adult know in your house and they can reply with questions, etc.

VTech first made its market debut in 1976 and since then has become one of the top three competitors for cordless communication in the United States. VTech is introducing a new line in their Safe & Sound® baby monitor series, the VM333.

The VM333 many features that will allow parents to closely monitor their babies and infants without having to enter their bedroom repeatedly. The VM333 provides a camera with full range of motion and a built in high video resolution and sound quality for up to 1,000 feet away, providing flexibility and reliability as mom or dad moves about the home.

Parents can lay their babies down to sleep with a peace of mind because the VM333 has a 2.8 inch video screen and 2x’s zooming capability so parents can observe any movements, big or small! Parents can also take advantage of the intercom system which will allow you to give comforting words to your child without entering the room.

I love this monitoring system. Easy to set up, easy to use — and even if we don’t directly need a baby monitor anymore, we will be passing this along to a family who doesn’t have one.  I’ll also be recommending it to others who may ask for recommendations.  This monitor system offer so many features- the option for multiple cameras (up to 4 per parent unit) which means you can keep an eye on all of your children at once- there’s also the camera’s flexibility- you can zoom in up to 2x, and also move the camera head to get just the angle you would like.  The advancements in video baby monitors since we had our first one years ago is truly amazing!!  The visuals are very clear (in real life, I can’t seem to get my camera to get a shot of how clear it is) AND-  the sound quality is excellent.  Worth every penny for peace of mind for parents!

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  • I didn't realize that V-tech made baby monitors, but it makes sense. They have such quality products. Based on that, I would trust them, as well.
  • I have a video baby monitor although I just got it recently. I've been using it for my 2.5 year old (we were using a regular monitor still before that) and will be using it for my new baby when she comes as well. I love being able to see if they are crying because the covers are off, their arm is stuck or they just woke up for another reason.

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