Britax B-READY Stroller with Second Seat (Review) #Giveaway

britax b ready 2012

I wore all three of my kids more than I used a stroller, but I'm finding that more and more, as we venture to places that involve walking for long periods of time- like zoos, amusement parks, etc, that I'm wanting what a stroller offers- a place for the kids to get some rest, chill ...

Have you signed up for SHOPCADE? Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


As if the Pinterest craze wasn't enough (has Pinterest cost anyone else a lot of money in craft supplies?  Well spent money but still!) now there's SHOPCADE- which lets you put togetherare like your personal store- Whenever someone purchases from your store you get CASH added to your account! It is kind-of like an affiliate ...

Happiness- are you happy? What makes you happy? 12 Layers of Happiness campaign

Frosted Mini Spooners are you happy quiz

Happiness expert and best-selling author Dan Baker thinks there are 12 qualities in happiness.  The folks at MOM Brands  thinks that this fits nicely with the 12 layers of deliciousness in each of their  Frosted Mini Spooners.  They've even created a fun Facebook quiz that can tell us how happy we are! Take the quiz- find out ... Are ...

Kids Shoes…a vent and a way to save


All three of my kids just had growth spurts.  I don't even have to see how much they start eating to know a spurt is coming- I can tell simply by how many times they trip in a day.  All of them have a spurt in foot growth FIRST and then eat everything in my ...

Avengers BluRay Trailer Debut!

avengers blu ray

I brought my husband to see The Avengers at the theater- we LOVED it.  So much fun!  Marvel's THE AVENGERS is Available September 25th on Blu-ray Combo Pack! Here's a trailer sneak peek!  

The Amazing SpiderMan Prize Pack Giveaway

spiderman toys

We hear a lot about Spiderman in our house.  Spiderman, Spidey, Black Spiderman, Peter's a common theme to any conversation with my soon-to-be 5 year old son and his friends (We literally just got home from his best friend's Spiderman themed birthday party...including a trip to a make your own stuffed animal place...and the ...