Felt Heart Bunting Valentine Craft

Felt Heart Bunting

If you're looking for a fun and easy Valentine Craft this Felt Heart Bunting is perfect!  It's quick and inexpensive to make and can be made any size whether for a centerpiece, a mantle, a doorway, or other decor. Felt Heart Bunting Valentine Craft Supplies: several sheets of soft felt - I chose red with a bit of ...

Printable Minecraft Valentines


If you have a Minecraft Fan in your house- look how cute these are! Plus, they are free.  Just click this Printable Minecraft Valentines link or the Valentine image to grab yours for free 🙂   Be sure to check out our American Girl Valentines and Hipster Valentines too!

Reese’s Pieces Valentine Jar


My dad (and my husband) has always loved chocolate and peanut butter.  I remember watching ET withOUT my dad at the movies, and thinking how he'd be really excited that his fave candy, Reese's Pieces, were in a movie.  Dad's birthday's around Valentine's Day, and I can't help but always think of sweet things to ...

American Girl Valentines


Got a girl who loves her American Girl dolls?  I know both of mine do- and most of their friends! Here are some a-doll-able Valentines that they can share with all of their friends- and their dolls!! Click to download here: american-girl-valentines or click on the image of the cards. Happy Valentine's Day!     Check out our fun Hipster ...

{Free} Printable Hipster Valentines


I LOVE Valentine's Day with kids.  I've not always been so enamored with it as an adult, but with my kids? I adore it.  Je t'adore!  Me gusto mucho!   Mostly, because it's a day to celebrate friendship and get punny and funny, sweet, sappy and cute cards, plus...candy.  Or not.  Either way- here are ...

Snowflake Wreath from Paper Straws

Snowflake Wreath from Paper Straws

I just love all of the paper straws I see in the party supplies or in the baking aisle.  They come in so many patterns and colors.  I recently found these blue paper straws with snowflakes at the dollar store and thought they would make a fun craft.  The last few days have been so, ...

{2} Valentine’s Day Crafts- Votive Jars


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so why not enjoy a little Valentine’s Day themed crafting? You can make your own Valentine’s Day craft this year- themed votive jars for just pennies each, the end result being a votive holder you can use for candles or even sweet treats. Take a peek below at ...

DIY Cranberry Body Scrub: Simple Gift Idea


Listen, I love a good scrub.  Maybe too much.  Being able to make my own at home? I love it.Knowing exactly what's going into things I'm putting onto my biggest organ, my skin, and having control?  Fantastic.  So if you like to indulge in the bath/shower, or want to spoil a friend with a sweet ...

Ribbon Christmas Tree

ribbon christmas tree

I love to add something special to my gift wrapping.  Sometimes it is a simple piece of pine or berries, other times I tie a little ornament on, but this year I've made a simple Ribbon Christmas Tree for my packages.  Well, actually I made lots of them for my holiday gift giving.  They are ...

Frozen Peg Dolls Craft

frozen peg dolls vert

Sorry folks, the Frozen craze is not yet over. Clothing, toys, snacks, etc... Nope, I don't think it is going anywhere soon.     These Frozen themed peg dolls are a great way to indulge their love of Frozen in a simpler way.  Handmade gifts show that you put time and attention into just the perfect gift, even ...