My House Rules for 2014

Happy New Year’s Eve, my friends. I can’t believe that 2013 is coming to a close! Our year was full of ups and downs as each year has been, but nothing overly exciting.  Which is a good thing. Many of our friends had some devastating  years and for them, I hope 2014 brings a quieter year full of peace and healing.  2014 will bring changes in our lives, that’s for sure- we’ve been purging and organizing like crazy this past week and I think we’re finally ready to start saving towards our next big change- adding on to our home so that we aren’t pushing the seams of this house to the limit like we are now. Of course, no planning or discussion happens in this house without coffee.  Especially in the early hours of the day (any before noon).  I’m not sure I can function anymore without coffee in hand in the morning hours!

This post about our house rules is brought to you by our friends at Lunchbox.  Opinions are my own. 

Big Taste in a Little Cup

Your favorite “good to the last drop” coffee is now available without ever leaving your home. All new Maxwell House Café Collection Single Serve Cups are easy to use and the perfect pick me up in the morning. You can find these new single-serve cups at Walmart for an everyday low price!


…and that size is LARGE!

House Rule: The best cup of coffee is one that’s on the house.

Maxwell House rules will help you get back to coffee basics. Visit to create your own house rule on the Maxwell House magnet board. Please share the link they give you so we can all see!! It’s fun to make them. I’m actually going to print ours and hang it on the fridge later today (It needs to be cleaned first)

 So tell me, what are YOUR House Rules?


6 Ways to Go Green in 2014: Sponsored Video

This post and video with ways to go green in 2014 are sponsored by Tetra Pak.

Everyone’s making New Year’s resolutions to go green in 2014. It might seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be! Take baby steps – make small changes – and you’ll be going green in no time. Follow these 6 tips to get started!

1. Start using reusable bags — even if you just make one trip to the grocery store each week, the number of plastic bags you use adds up fast! No need to spend a fortune replacing them, though, just pick up a reusable bag or two each trip. I’ve found some for as little as $.25 a piece!


2. Waste less and become Carton Smart with Tetra Pak! If you haven’t started using cartons yet, now’s the time. Cartons have a longer shelf life than cans, and they stack together easily in your pantry. Cartons are resealable, so you serve your family at dinner time and then use them again later – you can’t do that with cans!

3. Hang your clothes out to dry. Weather permitting, hang your clothes out to dry instead of using the dryer. This will save a ton on your electricity bill, too!

4. Change your lightbulbs. If everyone in the US replaced just one regular lightbulb with a newer, compact fluorescent bulbs, the pollution reduction would be equal to removing one million cars from the road.

5. Use cloth diapers! By the time you potty train your child, you will have changed upwards of 6,000 diapers – adding tons of waste to landfills each year.

6. Adjust your thermostat. Even if you just move your thermostat one or two degrees higher in the summer, and one or two lower in the winter, you’ll save more than 10% on your energy use (and bill!) each month. Investing in a programmable thermostat isn’t a bad idea, either.

10 Ways to Save on Electric Bills

That’s right, my friends.  You can save money on your electric bills.  There are a lot of things you can do that don’t take  a lot of effort, but can really make a big impact when that bill comes through! This post with 10 ways to save on electric bills is brought to you by our friends at Suave.


1. Turn DOWN your heat.  I know, I know, I like being warm too.  But by lowering the thermostat just a few degrees, your savings will start adding up fast.  My kids are used to having an extra layer on during cold months.  Besides, this is a good reason to snuggle up on the couch with a soft blanket!

2. Get insulated curtains.  They’ll keep the warm in and the cold OUT.

3. When the sun is shining, open the curtains.  Let that light in so it can help warm the house! An added bonus of this is that you can have a brighter house for a bit.  That always brightens my mood :)

4. Wash laundry in cold water, not warm.  Most fabrics don’t need it, and I promise you, most anything you wash can’t feel the difference.

5. Exercise OUTside.  Oh, yes, it’s cold.  But going for a walk outside doesn’t cost a penny of electricity

6. Charge your devices in the car.  I’m totally serious.  Rarely do we charge things in an outlet here at our house, and we haven’t for years! We charge as we drive- no electricty used.

7. If you aren’t using it, unplug it or turn the power strip off.  The TV and game systems, BluRay, etc are all on a power strip.  No one uses them during the day, so they are off most of the time.  We’re not using them, so why pay for them to be on?!

8. Cook once, eat twice.  Roasting a chicken?  Buy a larger one and cook it- the next day, shred the leftovers for a chicken salad with some bread.  No cooking (less clean up too) and no electricity used!

9. After you use your oven, leave the door ajar to warm up your kitchen.  Shutting it just wastes what you heated already!

10. Buy any 3 Suave® products and get $5 off your utility bill!


How do you do this?

  1. Buy any 3 Suave products at Walmart
  2. Snap a photo of your receipt, and email it to Go to for details and instructions.
  3. Receive $5 to pay towards your water, hear, or electric bill.

What are your tips to save on electric bills?

Personalizing Holiday Memories #PCHoliday

This is a sponsored post with Provide Commerce and the Social Media Chicks. All opinions are my own.

Christmas is such a special time of year for so many of us.  There are so many memories wrapped up in the whole idea of the holidays.  Personalizing holiday memories is one way to give those memories another element, and this year, we turned to Personal Creations to add some personal touches to gifts.  We did some items for others, like special ornaments for the kids, relating to their current interests.  We also chose an Advent calendar which can double as a gift “stocking” of sorts- that will be filled for my brother in law’s kids with some Christmas surprises for them.  It’s a double gift!


Disney “Through the Years” Tree is a Collectible item.  It’s a keepsake- it’s gorgeous, and the kids will love it and want to touch and play with it.  Don’t let them.  Teach them to look and not touch so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.  My family LOVES Disney.  We had our first official family vacation in January of this year TO Disney World.  This tree just seemed like such a wonderful gift to give the family to me. It’s special and will only be out at the holidays, so we can enjoy it and see it each year when we decorate the house.  It’s got so very many of our beloved Disney friends on the tree, topped by Santa Mickey flying his sleigh with Rudolph Pluto flying high.


With 4 lively levels of rotating movement on this spectacular tabletop tree, the Disney Express seems to “climb” ever higher, brilliantly lit by 20 LED lights. At the very top, Mickey is at the reins of a Pluto and reindeer drawn sleigh that rotates around Cinderella’s magic castle. A medley of 8 Christmas carols makes the festivities complete. Hand crafted of resin with a handsome mahogany base, this breathtaking tree captures 10 unique holiday scenes, starring over 50 sculpted, hand-painted Disney characters from your favorite movies, including Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi and more. We artfully engrave the brass plaque with any message on 1 line, up to 22 characters. Measures 16″H. UL listed. Includes standard AC adapter. Uses 3 AA batteries (not included). Item cannot be gift boxed.


Santa Mickey flies high about Disney Through the Years Tree.  This is my favorite part of the whole tree.


The train doesn’t move on the top tier of the tree- but as you can see, it surrounds Cinderella’s Castle and welcomes so many of the original Disney friends.

The princesses are dancing with their princes around Cinderella’s coach…


Daisy and Donald are greeting guests happily


Dumbo and Bambi are hanging out while the Disney Express train goes round and round the bottom layers of the tree. It’s Disney magic in your living room!


And the last piece that makes this so wonderful is the brass name plate with our name on it.

How do you and your family go about personalizing holiday memories?  Who would you give this Disney Through the Years Tree to? 


Ready to personalize your own Christmas creations? Personal Creations is offering my readers 20% off of all of your purchases through the end of December. Click here to start shopping at Personal Creations and the 20% will be applied in your shopping cart.

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How to Save Money on Contact Lenses

Many people often choose glasses over contact lenses because of the cost. Glasses are generally cheaper than contact lenses and last longer. However, some people choose contact lenses over glasses for aesthetic reasons. Unfortunately, the lifespan of contact lenses is rather slim, if you do not know a few pointers that will help you to extend their life. This post about how to save money on contact lenses is brought to you by our friends at 1800Contacts.


Tips to Extending the Life of Contact Lenses

1. Use a Contact Cleaning Solution- Although contact-cleaning solution is rather expensive, it can help to keep your contacts clean and prolong their use. Use an ample amount each time you clean your contacts to ensure a thorough cleaning.

2. Avoid Wearing Them to Bed- Contacts are not supposed to be worn while you sleep. Make sure you have a proper storage container to put them in when you go to bed. You could also add in some cleaning solution before you go to bed. They can stay in the cleaning solution overnight.

3. Wear Them Longer- You can (often) wear your contacts longer than the recommended time. Often contact lens manufacturers will state that they should be replaced every month. This is not necessarily true, especially if you have been taking care of them correctly. Use the contact lenses until they are no longer comfortable to wear, and then replace them with a new pair.

4. Insurance Coverage- Some employee benefits include contact lens coverage. Make sure to check to see if your employer offers this and you are eligible. Having your contacts covered by an insurance company will save you a bundle.

5. Choose Hard Contacts- You can really save money by choosing hard contacts over the soft ones. However, some people cannot adjust to the feel of the hard contacts and it is all about comfort. Try one pair of hard contacts for a while to see if these are comfortable enough for you to wear. If they are not, migrate over to the soft contact lens.

The above tips will help you to save on the cost and replacement of contact lenses. You can also check for discounts or savings on the purchase of contact lenses to help you save even more.  We usually order my husband’s contact lenses from 1800Contacts. Why 1800 Contacts?  That’s easy!


– Free shipping on all orders over $50
– Price Match Guarantee to beat any price by 2%
– Coupon code page with coupons for (many do not know of this page – not advertised on site)
– FREE apps for Android and iPhone including extremely convenient reordering and the option to upload a picture of your prescription
– All orders placed through the free apps qualify for free shipping and 5% off
– Often advertise exclusive sales to their Facebook fans in addition to annual contact lens giveaways

Decoration Ideas for a Busy Family

Family life can be hectic, there’s no doubt about it. Nowadays, everyone is on the go. When it comes to decorating your house you can’t just select what might be the most aesthetically pleasing, you also need options that will make your life easier. Here are a few decoration ideas to consider from our friends at

Decorating Equipment On House Plans

Decorate for Functionality

One of the best ways to make life easier is to add things that make your room look nice while serving a function. Select the room you and your family exit through every day on your way to work or school. Coat racks can look classy and prevent kids from having to rush back to their room for their jacket. If you have the wall space for it, also consider shelving with hooks. This will allow you to keep your coats and other important items you take with you when you leave the house near the door. There won’t be any scrambling around looking for necessities if each is in its place. Bulletin boards have an old-school appeal about them, and are a fun convenient way of leaving your family important reminders if you find yourselves coming and going at different times.

Decorate for Organization

Storage is always needed, but you can find options that also improve the look of your room. For instance, storage ottomans are becoming quite popular. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s easy to find one that fits your space and compliments your decor.

Don’t just purchase plastic bins you’ll stuff into your garage, as there are plenty of decorative boxes to choose from. And baskets with lids can suit just about any living space without looking out of place while they keep important items from getting lost. Either label them or make a mental note of what you’ll keep in each basket. These elements will help you avoid clutter, which is key to any environment looking nice.

Open Spaces

Cramped quarters don’t look good and aren’t functional. The last thing you need is to struggle as you navigate around your own house. If you have a limited area to work with, corner desks and bookcases always look nice, and they take up less room than other options. Being in the corner of the room also guarantees they won’t be in your way. And speaking of keeping things out of the way, consider high traffic areas before rearranging your furniture. Leave a clear pathway to other rooms, and don’t place your couch across from your kitchen doorway. Consider hanging shelves above your furniture as they can provide a clean look without taking up any additional floor space. If you have a piece of furniture that’s higher than your window, don’t place it in front of it. Not only do you not want to block the light, but curtains will hang awkwardly, and the area won’t look right. You don’t have to pick form over function, you can have both with just a bit of planning.

On Kittens, Catbearding and Cat Litter #ClubFreshStep

If you haven’t met them yet, we have two new family members in our house.  They are brother and sister, born in early June of this year, and their names are Rosabeth (named by our 4 year old) and Lloyd (as in LEGO Ninjago Lloyd). We recently got some Fresh Step  cat litter to try with them at Sam’s Club.  We’ve never actually had two cats before and, well, the um…litter needs are much greater now than they were with our other cats.   Pleasant?  No.  Necessary? Yes.
I haven’t ever gotten cat litter at a club store before.  In case you are wondering, it’s heavy.  So plan accordingly.  The Fresh Step has a cool handle on it that makes it easier to carry, but it doesn’t actually make it lighter.  You’re still going to be lifting 42 lbs of cat litter.  I am pretty happy with the packaging, because it was a bag and I can toss it right into the recycling bin when we’re done with it (and of course, AFTER I enter my paw points!) With the boxes we’ve gotten previously, there’s the breaking down of the box and we’ve never had any kind of rewards points from buying litter- that’s a sweet bonus!  We always got what was on sale and never had any issues with the litter box odor or anything before. with either of our other cats.  Now? With 2?  So totally not the case.
When the kittens are happy, they let us snuggle with them and play.  I’ve tried to do some catbearding with them, although with my big head (ha!) and their little tiny heads, we look a bit silly… I guess that’s what catbearding is all about!?
That’s me with Rosie (Rosabeth) above.  She’s not really keen on adults holding her- although she lets the girls tote her around in baskets and carry her around all day.  She’s our feisty little peanut who’s always getting stuck in unfortunate places.  She’s good for laughs and really likes to chase the vacuum hose.
Lloyd’s a pensive little kitty.  This was as beard-y as he was going to get.  Or is.  We’ve tried many times.  You can almost see his eyes pleading to please, bring me to a less crazy house.  Almost. He’s actually my little love bug.  Once the kids go to bed, he’ll come snuggle with us- but if YOU ever try to pick him up or snuggle him first?  He’ll bolt.  He’s all about doing things on his terms.
I’m happy we’ve discovered Fresh Step– with our small house and no dedicated laundry room, the cats’ litter box has to live in our breezeway, so we don’t want things to be getting stinky in there.  We use the breezeway 99% of the time going in and out of the house and we don’t need people thinking we’re a stinky cat family. Fresh Step has carbon and borax in it to help absorb odors naturally- and essential oils to add a fresher scent.
fresh step at home#shop

Essential oils have been found to stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria, as well as inhibit mold growth.  Both paw-activated and moisture-activated, essential oils eliminate odors on contact, “blooming” to create a shield against bad odors.  Certain components of essential oils bind with malodors to create a new, larger molecule with no odor—essentially neutralizing bad smells as well as airborne bacterial odors.

 Head to Fresh Step before October 31st to get DOUBLE paw points on your purchase!  When you go to redeem your points, choose Sam’s Club in the drop down menu and enter your code.  That’s it.  Easy, peasy.

Why we like Fresh Step litter #cbias #clubfreshstep #sponsored

Have you been doing any catbearding? I’d love to see your pics!!  
Check out my cat litter shopping trip pictures.

No one leaves the lights on anymore (#Giveaway 5 winners)

Last month, I introduced you to the awesome that is the Lutron Occupancy Sensor Switch.  I also introduced you to my um…lack of attention to details at times…and you all got an inside look into the mess I made of things.  Happily, I have an amazing and talented husband who’s able to fix things for me.  And who also happens to be furloughed so he can spend time doing electrical work and installations of the afore-mentioned light sensor switch even when life is super hectic for our family….


“I participated in a campaign about light sensors on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Lutron. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

So.  We have 2 Lutron switches  installed now.  One (shown in video below) is a “regular” single pole switch.  We have it set to turn on automatically when someone enters a room and to turn itself off automatically when no one is in the room.  We’re guessing we’ll be taking a nice vacation by the time the kids leave home, having installed it in the basement.  Why?  Well, 2/3 of our kids are afraid of the dark.  3/3 of our kids are not really all that into turning lights off.  We don’t have a walk-in pantry so most of the pantry foods are in the basement.  Our chest freezer is in the basement.  The kids like to help. See where I’m going with this?

The 2 that are scared, just like their mama did as a kid, grab what they need and BOLT up the stairs.  There’s just no time to turn a light off when you feel like the boogie man is down there with you, you know?  You need to be in and out of that room FAST.  The other, well, that one just isn’t into details like lights on and off, I suppose.

My husband, I think, surprised himself the most.  He’s somewhat of a skeptic and wasn’t really sure we’d like this light sensor switch, nor that we’d want to install more. Well, we’ve just finished remodeling our breezeway and it’s included approximately 10000 trips up and down the basement stairs, usually with arms full of things going both up and down the basement stairs.  Not having to hit that light switch on or off has been awesome for my hubby.  It’s nice for me too because while I’m very diligent about turning lights off, the basement is the one place I do sometimes forget.

You can totally set these sensor switches to go off when it’s daylight or after so many minutes- but really? This is the best use for us in this house.  We want to get another 3 way sensor switch for the upstairs hallway- that way when the kids get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, have a bad dream or aren’t feeling well, they’ll have light to see.  Or we parents can have light to get to them quicker if we hear them and something’s wrong.  It’s light but not in their bedrooms and it’s a GREAT middle ground.

Lutron-survey-infographic FNL (2)

I have a special offer for my readers: 

  • 25% off Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensor dimmers and switches on PLUS one free Claro single-gang wallplate ($4.90 suggested list price) with each qualifying item.
  • Promo Code: wholeftthelightson
  • Code expiration date: Sunday, Oct. 31, 2013 

FIVE of my readers each will win either a Maestro Occupancy Sensor C.L. dimmer or a Maestro Occupancy Sensor Switch from Lutron!

How to install stair gates

This is a guest post from Ryan, dad of 2 and owner of Safe Nest Babyproofing Atlanta.  He’s written this article about how to install stair gates for my readers.

One of the most common questions I get as a professional babyproofer is about how to install stair gates. Once the excitement of a child starting to crawl passes, the dread starts to set in: we need to babyproof the house! The first place most parents look is to the stairs. The danger of a child crawling to the top of the stairs unnoticed and tumbling down is obvious, but properly installing a stair gate can seem difficult. Many parents put it off or call me for help.

When shopping for a baby gate, the first thing to look for is a brand that is a certified member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). These brands agree to adhere to a minimum set of standards. Usually a JPMA label similar to this will be found somewhere on the product packaging:


The next thing you need to know before purchasing a gate is how wide your stair opening is. Most gates have some way of adjusting for width to fit the average staircase, but if your staircase is especially wide you may need to purchase an extension kit. Measure from wall to wall and look for a gate designed to fit that width or one that has extensions available.

There are two main types of gates available: hardware-mounted and pressure-mounted. Hardware-mounted gates attach to the wall using screws and are normally the most secure way of mounting a gate. Pressure-mounted work by applying pressure in an outwards direction on both sides, squeezing the gate between two walls.


Hardware-mounted gate utilizing baluster post kit


Pressure-mounted gate

Knowing the two main types of gates, you next need to consider where the gate will be placed. Pressure-mounted gates should never be used at the top of a staircase because they tend to loosen over time as they are opened and closed, and the pressure holding them in place will decrease. A child could then push, pull, or shake the gate, causing it to dislodge and tumble down the steps taking the child with it and possibly causing serious injury. The other main reason not to use pressure-mounted gates at the top of stairs is that many of them have a metal bar that runs across the floor to connect the two sides of the gate. This bar is usually about an inch in height, just enough to catch your foot as you step over it causing you (and your child if they are in your arms) to fall down the stairs. Because of these two main reasons, I will never install a pressure-mounted gate at the top of the stairs. Unfortunately while the JPMA recommends not using pressure-mounted gates at the tops of stairs, their guidelines for gate manufacturer members do not outlaw it, and so some JPMA-approved gates will advertise that they are for top-of-stair use.  So where can you safely install a pressure-mounted gate? The bottom of a staircase is OK as long as it’s placed at the ground level or no higher than the first step, but I still prefer using a hardware-mounted gate as much as possible. The best place to use pressure-mounted gates is in doorways to either contain a child in a room or keep them out of a room. Lastly, never use an accordion-style gate or one with V-shaped or diamond-shaped openings. There have been several recalls on this style of gate due to the risk of a baby getting their head entrapped in these openings. In addition, older children have been able to use these openings as a foot- or handhold to climb up and over the gate.

So now you know you should always use a hardware-mounted gate that screws into a strong surface for the top of a staircase. In most homes this means you need to locate a wood stud behind the drywall. If you have an electronic stud finder, this should be easy; if not, here’s a tip: Drywall is attached to the studs using metal screws. Locate the general area of a stud by knocking on the drywall until you find a solid (not hollow) sounding area. Then take a strong magnet and slowly run it in a sweeping motion up and down where you think the stud is. When the magnet encounters a metal nail, it will stick! Mark that spot and then go up or down from there trying to find another one. If you find two or more that line up vertically, that will be close to the center of your stud.

In a perfect world you will have two studs located directly across from each other to mount into, but that’s not usually the case. So then what do you do? Many of the better gate manufacturers offer gates that can mount on an angle allowing you to have the hinge side and the latch sides offset by several inches and still work properly. Just be careful that when installing on an angle you don’t allow the gate to overhang the steps at all, leaving a gap that the child could get under.

hardware-mounted-gate-installed-on-angleHardware-mounted gate installed on an angle


But what do you do if you have a wooden baluster post instead of drywall on one or both sides? Well, sometimes this can actually be easier than installing into drywall, as you don’t need to locate the studs. Assuming the baluster is sturdy, you can often drill directly into the flat surface at the top and bottom of the baluster and hang the gate from that. But many people don’t want to damage their baluster by drilling holes in it, or perhaps the area where a bracket needs to mount is rounded. You can buy special kits that clamp around the baluster, to which you then attach the gate brackets. The nice thing about using these kits is that while they can add cost to the installation, in a few years when you take them down there is no damage left behind to fix!

The last thing to think about when installing the gate is, which direction do you want it to open? Gates always need to swing away from the staircase, never into the stairwell, but you can usually choose whether the hinge is on the right or left side. I always try to have them open with the flow of traffic. For example if going up the stairs you always turn to the right when reaching the top, then you would want the hinge on the left side.

One final bit of advice for after you have installed the gate: Use it properly. Never climb over the gate rather than opening it to go through. For one thing, you may catch your foot trying to do this, leading to serious injury to you or your child if they are in your arms. Secondly, your child watches everything you do; by climbing over a gate, you are teaching them that is an appropriate use. They may try to climb over it themselves one day.

If you are still unsure about the best child safety gate for your situation or would rather have an expert help you with the installation, I recommend contacting the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS), of which I am a member, to find a professional childproofer in your area. Their website is

 Be sure to like Safe Nest Babyproofing on Facebook for great tips!

No compensation was received for this post- a Ryan is a friend’s husband and we both thought this article would be beneficial to my readers.

 Photo Credits: Cardinal Gates (with permission)

New Wave Enviro Litter Free Lunch

New Wave Enviro sent me a Litter Free Lunch kit and some Seriously Save Stainless Steel Food containers to try out.  We are always trying to find ways to make less waste and be kind to the environment.  These products are BPA-free, litter free and stylish too.  I received the bag in swirls with green piping, it also is available in a blue pattern and a solid light brown.

Litter Free Lunch Kit and Seriously Safe Stainless Steel

About Litter Free Lunch Kit

This kit has an insulated shell, four BpA-free airtight food containers (2 small, 1 medium and 1 large) and a 15oz BpA-free bottle – everything you need to pack a fresh, healthy lunch.

Bottles are dishwasher safe. Bag can be washed in a washing machine.

2 small containers: 3.75” x 2.25” x 1-3/8” deep

Medium container: 5.25” x 3.75” x 1-3/8” deep

Large container: 5.25” x 3.75” x 2.75” deep

Bottle: 2.25” x 2.25” x 6.5”Litter Free Lunch Kit

There is enough room for a salad, a sandwich and a couple of sides.  The containers are air tight but easy to open and close, even for the little guys.  I love that the box in insulated because I often forget to pop my lunch in the fridge when I get to work.  Seriously Safe Stainless Steel food containers

About Seriously Safe Stainless Steel Food Containers

100% 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel. A non-leaching product – no chemical, no toxins, no taste. Resistant to stains and corrosion. Durable and rugged – designed for everyday use. Go ahead and throw them in your bag – they won’t open until you open them! 6” x 4.5” x 2-3/8” deep

You can find all of the New Wave Enviro products online or try their Store Locator.

All of these products make weekdays lunch prep so much easier and I feel great not using dozens of plastic bags each month.

These products were provided to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

What great uses would you have for there products?